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Thursday, November 3, 2011

plan ahead and a WINNER!!!

I know you're all too excited to wait, so the winner of the PlanetGear Breast Cancer Awareness sunglasses are...


Comment #13, Jill Conyers @ Life...As I see It!

Congrats, you have 48 hours to respond with your shipping info, and I'm emailing you now!

and now for a plan ahead breakfast tip that we are going to try this week:
Steel Cut Oats in the freezer? Yep, sounds a bit crazy but if you prepare your steel cut oats with water, once cooked split into one-serving portions and freeze, you'll have breakfast all week long! Awesome, right? Saves you time AND money, plus you'll be having a super nutritious breakfast that's sure to keep you satisfied until lunch! Want some variety each day? Try adding canned pumpkin and a dash of cinnamon. Mashed banana and peanut butter. Nutella. Fresh fruits. Flax seed. Dark chocolate chips. See, the possibilities are endless and you won't be stressing about what to prepare for breakfast, it'll already be ready for you.

My Workouts: they have been awesome and I'm totally feeling a bit more confident about this half marathon. I am enjoying running in these great temps that are in the 60's! Yay! FINALLY! Yesterday I went for a quick, 2 mile run(at a 9:40 pace, so I was happy!) and then came home to Jillian's 6 week 6 pack level 2! I am changing things up a bit because I don't wanna get bored with my routine. I like change! Now that I have been increasing distance and I only run outdoors, I keep changing my mind about which is better...sidewalk or street? Obviously the sidewalk is a safer option, but I'm wondering if the uneven areas are what could be causing my hip pain?? I'd love to know your thoughts...


Elle said...

Congrats to Jill - those glasses are going to look aweseom on her!

I don't like to run on the sidewalk - rather run on the street and for me it is concrete vs asphalt AND the uneven sidewalks. I do think that aggravates my hips on longer runs.

I wish I liked SCO - I know they are convenient but just don't care for them.

misszippy said...

First--thank you for your most awesome comment today on my blog! Put a smile on my face.

Second--I thought I was already following you, but now I realize I wasn't. Fixed!

Third--Either concrete or macadam is fine. There's an urban myth that concrete is harder on your body. The truth is the way you land determines how much impact goes through your body, not the surface.

Have a great evening!

Katie @ Will Race for Carbs said...

I love that idea because Steel cut oatmeal takes forever to make! How much pumpkin do you put in. Glad the running is going well!

jillconyers said...

Thank you Marissa!

Love the idea of Freezer Steel Cut Oats. I have so little in the morning during the week I usually stick to a quick smoothie. I'm going to try this idea. Thanks!

I feel the difference when I run on the concrete v. asphalt and I prefer the streets.

When is your half mary?

The Mommy Miles said...

hmmm....steel cut oats in the freezer??? okay, I'm on it!

fancy nancy said...

What a great idea about the oats in the freezer!!! I'm definitely going to try this out since I have a tiny amount of time in the morning and would love some warm oats on these cold mornings!!

I used to only run on the sidewalk. I trained for Boston doing just that but I did feel after that that it lead to a back and shin issue. I run mostly on the road now unless it is a really trafficy area. It helps too because it is more like what I will run during a race.