Friday, August 28, 2015



I started the local workouts in August 2013 with one thing in mind...TO HELP WOMEN 
and we've been going strong every since. 
 We meet four days a week for workouts that are NEW each day/week!  
Always changing so the body and mind are never bored with our workouts...
after all, exercise should be FUN!
We dance, sing, laugh, cry...and talk-about struggles, successes...everything!

We also participate in local races and events in our community. 
We are a group of women that inspire, encourage and lift each other up during our workouts.  We are always setting new goals for ourselves as individuals and as a group!  We have completed several half marathons, many 10K and 5K events plus so much more!  
The important thing is that we are never alone...
I did it for years BY MYSELF and it's more fun together so why not?! 
I offer support and guidance throughout your journey to the healthiest YOU!
We are like a family and we'd love to have YOU  
All ages, fitness levels and sizes...we welcome ALL!

Our purpose is to CHANGE LIVES 
and to help ALL women and children feel strong and healthy!
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