Wednesday, April 30, 2014

helpful tips!

We all fight different battles and obstacles when it comes to improving our health.  
It is SO important to know that it's okay to fail as long as we get back up.
We can't quit after having a bad day, week or month.  We have to keep on truckin'...

My every day battle is emotional eating.  I tend to eat for pleasure rather than fuel.  I will disregard what the body needs and focus on what I WANT at that time and it usually ends very bad.  I must consciously get myself in check before I spiral out of control which I was famous for doing for so many years of my life...

These days I MUST pay close attention to portion control...
It is my weakness.
I taste good food and I want more and more...
Growing up I can remember eating slice after slice of bread as a snack :(  YES a snack.  

This is where my degree plays a huge factor for me.
When I stop and think about portion sizes, the way certain foods are processed through our bodies then I'm able to make better, healthier decisions.  

I have to stop myself from thinking about the pleasure I get from food and more about the science and what I know is true about food as fuel. 
What our bodies NEED vs. what I WANT...there's a big difference.  
This feeling of pleasure from food doesn't just go away, I have to think about it EVERY day as I wake up and choose to better my health.  It will not get easier, but it will always be worth those positive decisions.  Always.  

Also, I try and cook ONLY the serving for a family of four unless I'm meal prepping for the week.
This helps prevent overeating since there's only enough for my family of four when we sit down at the dinner table.  
It is a rule that we eat on small plates as well as keep plenty of color meaning different food groups in each of our meals.  THIS rule is so important for us because my plate used to be small portion of protein, lots of starch and more starch...very little veggies or fruit.  Sad but true.  
Often times I will look around and see people eating 2-3 times the recommended portion size.  
I do not pass judgement at all because that was me and how can we pass judgement or blame when people are thrown information every day about what is healthy vs. not healthy.  The diets, the pills, the false sense of what is true when it comes to getting healthy and losing weight.  We all want that quick fix so it often sounds like a better option than hard work and slow progress.  

BUT we must remember that slow progress IS progress- that is what matters most.  

When I taught health, the children honestly did not know a healthy food or how to build a healthy plate.  I find it sad that we teach A,B,C's and 1,2,3's but there's no value on healthy eating and exercise.  Where's the testing that's done in class on heart health and the benefits of exercise?  I sure didn't learn about it and most of today's youth do not either.  Of course there's amazing physical education and health teachers out there, but the time in their classrooms are so limited and classes are so large that it becomes VERY difficult to reach most of these children.  It MUST be encouraged and seen at home as well as in the classrooms.  
It is one of the main reasons I became certified in K-12 PE and Health.  

Our children want to be healthy, they want to learn how to take care of themselves so they can run, be active and play with their friends.  As a child I used excuse after excuse for my lack of exercise and every day I see children doing the same as I once did.  Can you blame them?  They don't want to be singled out in front of their peers for being overweight, unhealthy or laughed at because they can't finish the mile.  Growing up is hard enough, so we must all make sure that our children know HOW to take care of themselves physically and emotionally.  It is SO important.  

This helpful activity from FiberOne may help you and your family celebrate EACH healthy decision made as a family...

I am amazed at how much my kids absorb when it comes to health.  
They ask questions.  
We talk about new fruits and veggies and they will often try them before we've even asked...
As a girl growing up overweight for so long, this makes me proud because I feel like we're educating them from our mistakes.  So history does NOT repeat itself through our kids.

As a child I was so big on seconds, worried about my next serving before I had finished the first.  
And these habits will continue and only worsen over time.  
When I lived on my own I noticed these traits which is scary because nobody is there to stop you from over consumption.  Yikes.  

Since most of my eating was done in private, not being able to stop myself was such a vulnerable feeling so I'd eat, feel ashamed and then felt like a failure which brought on more eating.  It was like a vicious cycle that would repeat itself over and over again until I found my strength within to fight back and STOP IT from taking over my life.  

Sunday, April 27, 2014


It's the only title that seemed appropriate since I just found out that my Move It Momma's WON the Macaroni Kid-League City/Clear Lake Gold Daisy Award for 
Best Mommy Run Business/Workout group, read about it here
I'd say that I won since it is my business but I owe it ALL to these ladies...

They show up every day ready to change their lives.  Ready to live healthy for themselves, their families and one another!  They push hard, they set goals and exceed them, they lean on each other for support, they look to me for hope and I offer all that I can.

My heart and soul is left in our workouts each day.

I work hard for me, for them and for the girl I used to be-the one that ALWAYS gave up on herself because it was all she knew.  
Not these ladies though, NO WAY.  They are fighters...
We are all different ages, shapes and sizes but we will always welcome YOU with open arms.
It's not about first or last, fastest or fittest...

It's about getting back up after being knocked down time and time again.
It is about finding strength within ourselves when we lose hope.
It is about putting ourselves first, our health first while still doing so much for our families.
It's about setting the example for our children, family and friends who seem afraid to seek change.
It is about showing our children why healthy eating and exercise are SO important!
It is about believing in ourselves and one another.
We are stronger together and will NEVER QUIT
Whatever life throws our way, we fight back together...hand in hand, burpee after burpee!  Ha!

This group has turned into my dream come true.
All I want is for women to feel strong, healthy and not feel threatened when trying to change their life and start or continue their journey.  
MORE than I dreamed it would be because of them, not me.
All that I do is share my knowledge, passion, story, struggles and triumphs with them and listen to theirs as well.  
We all struggle and that's the beauty of this group.  
We SHARE the bad stuff too...
We don't hide behind it or try to be something that we're not.
We have issues with food, we talk about it.
We have insecurities when we look into the mirror, 
we discuss it.
We keep quitting on ourselves and making excuses but don't know why, we put it out there!

We have ALL felt defeated at some time in our lives and pushing through it and rising above is SO much easier with the right support and encouragement!

I am nobody special...

Just a girl who was overweight most of her life.  
I hid my emotions in food and it showed.  
I changed my life slowly by finding people that believed in me and by finally believing in myself.  
The road has had its bumps but EVERY struggle is worth it knowing that it led me to the place I am today.  
Helping other women do the same...
What greater job can there be?
 While my dreams are SO big for this group, this is simply incredible...
to be recognized for sharing my passion with others.
That is what I do.
I am proud, honored, amazed and happy :)  TRULY HAPPY

Some of these ladies have been with me day in and out from the beginning, others pop in when things settle down at home, and then we have new Momma's joining us each week!
There is NO greater gift than the gift of sharing our passion with others.
All those years of defeat and failure...failed diet attempts 1,2,3 and so on...
It is ALL worth it when I look into the eyes of these Momma's,
when I see sweat dripping off of their chin but they shout to me "I will never quit"
when I see them look around and feel confident knowing they are NOT alone on this journey...
THAT is all that I need to keep doing what I am doing!

Thank you to my readers (that's YOU!!) for your love, support and kind words throughout this journey...
It ALL started with this blog!
I mean I did name them the Move It Momma's :)
For some reason you all see hope in me, through my experiences and words and that means so much to me every day.
If I can be a tiny part of your journey or inspire you in some way then I've done more than I set out to do...I always told myself if I could change ONE life then I'd be forever grateful and it seems as though I am doing more than that...much, much more than that and I am WOW!...
just WOW!
While I never imagined that studying Exercise and Health in college would bring me to leading the Move It Mommas, it feels SO right.  Like it was meant for me :) and while I do miss teaching Physical Education and Health to children and miss working with patients in cardiac heart is with these women.  The women of our community that need a place to feel NO judgement, just encouragement.  
I hope I can be that for many more...

Ok back to business...
Quick, easy and HEALTHY foods to get you through this week:

Steamed artichoke drizzled in Trader Joes Red Wine and Olive Oil Vinaigrette!
Simple and AMAZINGLY delicious.  Tender and juicy and my four year old LOVED it!  
Pour 1 cup water into pot, bring water to a boil.  Cut sharp edges off of leaves and place whole artichoke into water, cover and steam/simmer until leaves are tender.  Drain water and drizzle with dressing of choice-not too much :)
Don't forget about the artichoke heart in the center-delicious!!!  

Effortless breakfast today:
2 caramel rice cakes, one topped with 1 tbs PB and other topped with 1 tbs Neuftchael cheese and both sprinkled with cinnamon and served with a clementine!  
Where's the excuse on time consuming here??!  and look at that painted toe and flip flop!  

...another simple and delicious breakfast in a rush!
5oz Trader Joes Plain Nonfat Greek yogurt-there's is by far best in texture and taste topped with frozen berry medley, Trader Joes High Fiber O's and High Fiber cereal sprinkled in there for added crunch!  Both from Trader Joes and taste amazing :)

Breakfast idea #3:
Oats topped with sprinkled cinnamon and sliced banana
This was the breakfast requested by my boys this weekend!  If they see YOU eating things like this, they'll be curious and eventually ask for the same...Shhhh, you gotta trust me on this one!

Dinner at my mom's over the weekend:
Trader Joes whole wheat pizza crust, turkey pepperonis, Organic Tuscano sauce (trader joes) and low fat Mozzarella, steamed edamamme and baked green beans!  Delicious!

It is SO important to watch portions more than anything.
In my former days, I could turn any health dish into a not-so-healthy dish 
just by simply over eating.  Sad truth.
Keep in mind to BALANCE all of your foods, making sure there's protein and veggies with most of your meals, if not all.  
I look for color on our plates, we use ONLY smaller-appetizer size plates vs. large dinner plates because our eyes play tricks on us.  We use larger plates-we most of the time have larger portions and that becomes an issue depending on your calorie consumption for that day or meal.  
If I'm still hungry after eating, I drink a glass of water.
My food hasn't digested properly, leaving me "thinking" I'm hungry but chances are after a glass of water, I feel fuller and my food will then settle.  
I used to love eating until bloated, full and feeling like my pants needed to be unbuttoned...
that is NOT realistic.
We should not eat until we are sick.  That was my biggest problem.  Always feeling like the meal wasn't enough...I had to keep eating and eating.  A few hours would pass and I'd eat again.  
I was confused.
I ate for pleasure rather than FUEL.
I had to change my mind in order to change my life.  It is about giving my body key nutrients, not about satisfaction, emotions and pleasure.  

It is a conscious decision I make each day when I wake up!  I must choose to live healthy, take care of myself, my family and my Move It Mommas EVERY day and I hope you will too :)  

Friday, April 25, 2014


When you hear that healthy living is a lifestyle, it may sound silly or unrealistic but truth is...
it is the ONLY way 
I wasn't given a gift of a new life, I created a new path for my life :)

Not through surgery, pills, a promising infomercial or fad diet...

I often reflect on the girl I used to be because that was my life.  
I lived it each day.
I was responsible for making it healthy and positive 
or unhealthy and destructive...
we have that choice EVERY day.  

Allow me to take you on an emotional journey of a life forever changed by ME.
I had to get sick of it.
Fed up with this life in order to seek lasting change.
I had to get angry for all of the times I quit on ME.
...after I did that, the change would begin to transform my life.  

Left 2007, Right 2014

The pictures below is why I plead with each of you to teach your children the right way.  
Help them if they seem to over eat, or lack the motivation to get outside to play and be active. Show them that exercise and healthy eating is fun and makes us feel good.  
Lead by example.  
It is SO important.  It is their life.

This was me in 6th grade.
Of course I have happy memories at this age.  I had plenty of good friends and fun times but on the inside...very self-conscious and unsure about myself.  Always jealous of the pretty girls, never wanting to dress out in PE and based my moods and happiness on FOOD.  I ate a lot while my mom was at work, ate a lot when nobody else was watching and instead of feeling and dealing with my emotions, I ate right through them...
I can recall so many times opening a brand new bag of chips only to look down while watching TV to find that bag practically empty yet I'd keep eating.  Makes me ANGRY looking back...
I lacked confidence in myself which held me back from so many activities and I regret that.  

Sophomore year of college, 1999
I loved living on my own, near friends and we had so many fun times.  
BUT living on my own I was also responsible for the foods I brought into my apartment so why did I always gravitate to the junk food?  I could classify cereal as unhealthy because rather than pouring the cereal with milk and be done I'd pour and eat, pour again and eat again...until the box was GONE.  
I would eat until I felt sick...
Who eats until they are sick?

a "selfie" in 2001.

How do I break the cycle?
I had a decision to make.
The time was now because I was finding myself trapped.  
My days were filled with overeating, fast food, alcohol and cigarettes.
YES it was that bad.  

I look at these pictures and can see right through myself, I hurt for her.  

Yes we had countless good times, college was some of the BEST years of my life but it is often clouded by pain and sadness when I see pictures like this.  Instead of remembering these fun moments with my friends, I am drawn to me.  I don't even remember me THIS heavy.  I was always the life of the party, there to make you laugh and help ensure a good time but I'd leave feeling empty and depressed...that's no way to live.  

I very fondly remember being a prisoner to fast food.
I would finish a late, fun night with friends and drive through the nearest restaurant alone, eat in the car and cry myself to sleep feeling like a total failure.  
I did all of this YET never did anything about it.  
If we WANT change, WE MUST GO OUT AND GET IT and WORK HARD FOR IT not just talk about it or feel sorry for ourselves.  That gets us nowhere.  Excuses get us nowhere.  
For those that know me, they probably never realized my weight and health because they loved me for ME.  
That means so much to me but when I look at pictures like these, 
it drives me.  
It pushes me and makes me want to seek change for ALL.  
I want to help as many people in this world as I can.  
I want them to feel good, to have confidence and feel strong.  
Women are strong, we are meant to reach goals, exceed expectations and LIVE LIFE.  

I close my eyes at night and wonder why I lived life that way for so long?  
Why was I afraid to change?
Why did I fear failure?

Pick yourself up and stop feeling sorry, stop fearing failure and change...
When I see pictures like these I realize that CHANGE MUST BE FOREVER.

While after having kids, I gained a bit and allowed myself to get comfortable, I haven't gone back to this dark place I was in for so long.  Not at all.
And that brings a smile to my face and pride in my heart.  
It feels good to not give up on ourselves.  It feels good to do something all on our own, no handouts just hard work and dedication.  

I fight my emotional issues with food EVERY day and there's not a day that goes by that I don't wake up with a choice.  We always have a choice.  
To keep reaching for that CHANGE or to fall back to that unhappy place?
I must celebrate and praise myself for each day that I choose CHANGE.  I can always improve, always gain strength and work on my health...always!  It is a gift and I have worked SO hard to give myself the greatest gift of LIVING life with my beautiful family, friends and Move It Momma's...what can be better than that? 

This journey has made me STRONG.  
And I WILL get stronger as times goes by, as I reach and exceed more goals that I set for myself.  
I have the passion in my heart to help all those women that need a cheerleader on this bumpy road.  The times that are tough are the days I love most.  Those are the days that make me FEEL how far I've come.  These pictures are a visual of how far I've come since my trip bridesmaid dress shopping trip in 2001 feeling like I wanted to crawl into a hole and never return.  

I chose to LIVE.  I chose to make that CHANGE FOREVER.  I choose it EVERY DAY.
In my workouts every day I push for those overweight and obese children teens and adults, I push for those that are physically unable to exercise or run, I push for those that always doubted me, 
I push for ME and I WILL NEVER QUIT!

And in true Move It Momma fashion,
After getting sappy let's talk FOOD!  Healthy, easy and delicious food!

Move It Momma crock pot tenderloin
You'll Need:
1lb pork tenderloin
1 package low sodium brown gravy mix
1 cup water
1/2 yellow onion-sliced
1 clove garlic

Set crock pot to Low 8 hours, dump dry low sodium brown gravy mix and 1 cup water onto pork tenderloin in crock pot-I used liners for easy clean up :)
Add onion and garlic and cover!
For lunch we served over a little brown rice and veggies.  For dinner just slice and serve with fresh string beans.  
For my sons I made them a sandwich with this meat inside!  They LOVED it and served with fruit!

Post-workout last week I used some leftover sirloin steak bites that my husband made on the grill with string beans and 1/2 c brown rice
Simple, delicious and fuels me with protein, vegetables and starch.  

His and Hers breakfast wraps and oranges :)
Just an example of how preparation is SO important!
Eggs were made in the oven at 400 for 25 minutes in a Pyrex. Fluff and enjoy and store the rest away in plastic containers!
Warm quinoa tortillas that I posted on here last week, one slice Boar's Head low sodium turkey breast, scrambled egg/egg white mixture and an orange.  Took 5 minutes and it was delicious!
My husband wraps these up to bring on the go for work too!  They taste great especially when you toast the rolled up wrap in a convection for 10 minutes on 400!  YUMMMM!  

This CHANGE wouldn't stick for me if I didn't keep things interesting!  I change foods up, turn leftovers into an entirely different meal and only allow myself ONE portion.  My goals are THAT important to me.  I have come too far to give up and doubt myself all over again.  

Monday, April 21, 2014

the FIRE

There are times in life where we find it, can't get enough of it and keep it lit 
while other times...
It fades and we must FIGHT to keep it going.

For me it's a decision.
We can't make excuses for why that FIRE wants to go out.  
We can't pretend that our health will fix itself overnight.  
That FIRE takes work.  
It takes determination.  A LOT of determination.  
We must accept our struggles for what they are and deal with them in a positive way.  
Fight FIRE with FIRE so to speak...
Things get tough, you fight back.  The harder the times, the harder we push.  

We each fight our own FIRE.  
For some the workouts come easy and the food is hard work, while others depend on eating right and the exercise is tough.  Maybe it's both that are hard to maintain in this world full of stresses, obligations and ups and downs.  
I fight my fire each day.
Some days are easy while others are so hard.  SO hard.  
It's those HARD days that keep me strong.  Keep me fighting and keep me reaching.  
If it wasn't for the hard days, this fight would be less meaningful and powerful.  
I wake up just like some of you, tired and worn out.  Ready to stop reaching for a goal that seems too far out of reach.  But where would I be if I quit fighting?  Back in that slump that was trying to take over my life for so many years?  Hiding and not living the life I pictured in my mind but was too afraid to seek?  

Although we have times of stress, struggles and doubt we must still find a way to light it up!!!
Finding people that can help keep it lit works well.
We depend on one another and when the group is off, then we are all off.
We are better together...
Today we ran for Boston.  
It was amazing and emotional.
I have women of all ages and fitness levels but we all are striving, fighting to keep that FIRE.

We can't live life looking at the road ahead, however long or far away it may be. We must put ourselves in that race every day. Our goals will be different and we should never compare one persons road to another...

we ALL have challenges, but one thing stays the same- THE FIRE! 

This tortilla find is SO good ;) 
Found them at Randall's and they taste great for eggs, turkey wraps and fajitas! 
Only 60 calories and 6 carbs 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Refuse to Quit!

This expresses SUCH truth, doesn't it?

Somewhere down our path, we must REFUSE TO QUIT!  It can't be an option any longer.  
We fight back and we NEVER QUIT...something I want to spread across the globe! 

The journey for me started back in 2001 and it had many ups and downs.

2001: It was my 21st birthday and I was living the college life :)
Drinking, smoking and staying up until sunrise most nights!  
I had friends galore and was the life of the party...but behind closed doors?
A very different story.
I was miserable inside.
I was coating the feelings of doubt and failure with food.
I would hide this behavior in my little, one bedroom apartment.
It worked well because nobody could see me crumbling apart.
The fun night with friends always ended with a whip into the nearest drive-thru, shoveling the food into my mouth so quickly and then a deep depression filled with guilt, tears and falling asleep only to repeat this pattern the next day...

Fast forward to 2009:
I had met the man of my dreams, he was my best friend but things definitely took a downward turn with my eating.
When I met him in 2002 I had lost weight, was teaching aerobics and working at the local gym.  
I only worried about myself but that was easy.  Cooking for one.  Never eating out and being surrounded by all of the temptation.  It worked for ME.
But then he and I started going to dinner, cooking together and pretty much living together...
I was seeing my former ways come creeping back and it scared me.  

Obviously not enough fear to scare me straight because this was in 2009 after the birth of our second son...
And to think I felt fairly "thin" in this picture...YIKES!
My husband and I both were in a dark place with our health.  How would be bounce back AGAIN?

In 2011, my husband started running after a doctor's appointment that scared his straight.  He lost 100lbs and looked INCREDIBLE.  A new man.  We were eating right and exercising and running A LOT.  

Obviously my food intake was still being hidden when he was away.  My weight in this picture is a reflection of that :(  
Our first half marathon in 2012. 
I HATED this race.  I felt defeated and all those years of doubt and failure came creeping back with each mile.  I had allowed myself to QUIT.  Quit reaching and hoping...I quit believing.  

April 2012, it was time to take control AGAIN.  
I'd look at pictures and see that former, fat girl who had disappeared for a while.  Why did I let her come back into my life and take control?  The million dollar question, isn't it?  

In 2013, I had found that fighter AGAIN!
She was back and ready for business so what to do to ensure I wouldn't fall back and quit again? 
Well that's the thing-there is no definite way of knowing but the key is the REFUSE TO QUIT!
I was losing weight again but this time I needed to do something bigger, fight harder and help others do it too...

It would take a while but the birth of the Move It Mommas would be coming soon...
January 2013...a HUGE milestone day for me.  
I ran a local 5K with my husband.  
It was to symbolize commitment to a healthy lifestyle.
But more than anything it was the was a reflection of where I was going to go and that I will strive to NEVER GO BACK!  

My first half marathon after changing my eating habits for GOOD :)
It felt amazing!  No obstacle too large and I made that race mine...
It felt incredible to not feel defeated but to feel STRONG and BEAUTIFUL.  

Each mile, each race is tough.  
If it wasn't hard, it wouldn't be a true reflection of where we started...

January 2014 and I did it again!  Conquered the race I had feared and allowed to defeat me back in 2012...NOT THIS TIME :)
I made it mine!  I had emotional miles and thoughts on where it all began for me.  How I had bumps that I gave credit where it wasn't deserved.  I let those bumps in my journey control me, my foods were in control and I am for the first time, healthy!  100% healthy because of the foods I use to nourish my body, the workouts I push through and the people in my life that make me who I am today!

That smile says a thousand words and emotions...

We must be proud of who we are.  The struggles and all.  
I think the women that are inspired by me can find something to relate to, in me.  
In the past year I have gone from a size 10 to a 4!  WOWZA!  It's not the clothes, or the weight it's about how I FEEL.  Healthy FEELS good and I think it's important to remember that it should be our true FEEL HEALTHY.  

Of course healthy looks good and is a reflection of our hard work and determination.  But I wouldn't trade the way I feel each day for ANYTHING in this world.  

I want my family to experience this same feeling every day.

I work hard for that feeling.
Each pound I have lost is from hard work- no cutting corners.  No magic pill, no doctors appointments...JUST HARD WORK.  That matters.  It counts for something and is part of who I am today-a fighter.  I do not sell ANYTHING on the market in terms of weight loss pills, supplements because I believe that we must sell the feeling!  And I do not judge those that do, it's just not for me.  I'd rather focus on THE FEELING of wanting good health, wanting a healthy heart that will perform for years to come, the feeling of walking into a room with confidence, the feeling of being strong when someone or something is trying to knock us down.  That FEELING is worth fighting for and is what gives me the strength to keep pushing forward and gives me the strength to push and strengthen my beautiful Move It Mommas every day.  

I know that feeling is worth it and is far better than those feelings of defeat and fear.  Better than the feelings if guilt I'd feel after consuming 3 times the daily calorie limit of fast food and processed cookies and crackers.  

Once I'd start eating those foods, I couldn't stop.

Almost as if the light switch would go on and never shut off. And that cycle would continue and find its way into my life far too often.
I REFUSE TO QUIT and I hope you do too :)
Today and every day make yourself worth it.  
Pushing ourselves hard often proves what we're made of.  The strength and beauty within.  

Monday, April 14, 2014

throwing in the towel?

that is an easier option, isn't it?
I guess it CAN be if we allow it.
The part that I've had to wrap my head and heart around is that we can no longer allow it.
It must be a decision we make as soon as we open our eyes on a new day...

You have two choices,
let it win and defeat you 
jump up and conquer the day knowing you are in control of decisions you make throughout the day

Easy ways to take on the day in a positive way?
Take it in 30 min increments.  Sounds a bit silly but it may work!
Make a healthy choice for breakfast-30min later focus on that great choice, make another healthy choice to park further from the office bldg or store-30min later you realize that you've made two, positive choices for the day...and keep going!
Small, healthy habits go a LONG way.
For me, I celebrate each positive choice.
Every one of them because they matter to ME.
It is a HUGE deal for me to incorporate protein into my breakfast.  Why?  
A. Because it's good for you.  
B. Because my breakfast used to include carbohydrates and little else.
SO I celebrate that :)
I celebrate the fact that I used to dread walking the track for a mile and I now look forward to crossing the finish line of 5K's and half marathons :) that's something to celebrate AND
this helps me to stay positive and not focus on how far I have to go.
Those milestone moments will come in time, but the every day stuff...that happens often enough to keep me on track and focused every week.

Have a bad day?
Great.  Take that bad day and move forward instead of dwelling.
I used to love dwelling on the past.  Letting my past mistakes and defeats push me to more failure. But how is that a way to live?
It's NOT.

As I've said a million times before.  I have the degree and knowledge of how to take care of our bodies, our minds and our hearts BUT that only goes so far in life...

Life's big moments are the ones where we really discover our potential.  We discover how great we really are and how we are worth fighting for!  I didn't find these moments through studying exercise physiology and health education in was learned through life's ups and downs.  Throughout my weight loss, gain, loss and gain again.  That yo-yo that was my life. 
It was found through hard work and dedication...and NEVER QUITTING. 

I have realized that without believing I can do it, the science doesn't matter.  
I could try a million diets and weight loss programs but without believing I could do it, 
it was simply going through the motions only to fall short months later.
Who wants that?

Our first Saturday group was phenomenal and my own Momma even came for a good butt kicking!
Yay!  SO proud of these ladies for SHOWING UP.
That's half the battle and they conquered it on Saturday :)

Give yourself a little pat on the back for each time you attempt something that is meant to better your health.  It matters.  WE ALL MATTER so go and fight for yours TODAY!

Friday, April 11, 2014


Last night I found myself in complete meltdown mode over my son's baseball game...
EEEK, yes.
My 7 year olds Little League Baseball game.
Pathetic, right?

          My two, handsome and healthy boys
My 7 year old is quite the hitter and a great first baseman.  He's a shy guy and has come so far since his days in t-ball!  We are proud of EVERYTHING that he does.  EVERY thing!  Our four year old NEVER meets a stranger but looks up to his big brother so much.  They are our life.
We wake up every day thinking of ways to make their lives the best they can be and how we can teach them about respecting others, helping others, being healthy and living life to the fullest.  

They are beyond great kids and while I could go on and on about how darn incredible they are, I need to talk about me and my competitive behavior last night :(
I am team mom which with our league means we usually run the dugout, get the kids ready to bat, control their behavior and make sure things stay orderly throughout the game.  The chaos reminds me of teaching PE so of course I volunteer every season!  Ha!  
Last night my son was doing great and made an out playing 1st!  
I was SO proud, yelling from the dugout!  
He went up the bat and struck out.  That's okay, it happens.  
Second at bat...
strikes out again.
Now while this is not a big deal and seriously petty when we look at life as a whole but at the moment, I was getting frustrated.  
I'm always honest...
In my defense (ha, if I have one?), he's usually knocking the ball to the fence!  A great ballplayer and he knows it.  
Why was I SO frustrated?  He wasn't trying.
I could see the look in his eyes.  And as mom's we make excuses to place the blame on was the machine, he was too far from the plate, and blah blah blah!  
Fact was, he wasn't "in" it.  
But for me, it was so much more than that.

As a child, teen and young adult...I was very fond and fabulous at quitting EVERYTHING that I started.  I would feel defeated and BOOM! give up.  
I was great at this technique when it came to healthy eating, losing weight, exercise and sports. You name it, I failed at it and then quit.
Guess quitting was always easier.  
We never want to admit failure and sometimes it's easier to blame others and move on.  
Oh that was me.  
My weight was my dad's fault for leaving.  My weight was because my parents were divorced and I always felt inferior to my friends who's parents were happily married...ya know, they had "normal" families.  I wasn't great at soccer because I was heavy and I definitely couldn't run in PE because of some awful issue that was a lie that I made up on my way to school that day.  I couldn't exercise because my back hurt, stomach hurt or had a bad toe....oh the list goes on and on.  
It's shameful and makes me cry but I am sharing because I want people to see just how weak I had allowed myself to become.  I formed my own, little web of shame and lived there comfortably for years.  I NEVER want that for my children...EVER.  

Every day since changing my life it is a struggle to bury that old self deep within and never find her again.  I am strong.  I don't let excuses rule my life and I want to help others that are trapped in their own troubles to find the strength to do the same.  It's my passion.  However...

I am now fairly sure that I'm being a little hard on my boys because of MY issues.  
My boys have talent, they are healthy and they try hard with all that they do.   
We can ask nothing more of them than to try their best and NEVER QUIT!  And most of the time, we do!  We give these boys opportunities we never had, we take them places and on adventures as often as possible so they are able to soak up all that life has to offer 

but last night...
For a glimpse, I saw myself in my son last night in the batters box.  It's almost like he stopped seeing himself and just stared into space and swung the bat.  That felt like me.  I became stressed and lashed out.  Nothing crazy BUT way too much for 7 year old baseball, that's for sure :(  
I'm ashamed of that.
Our insecurities are our own.  We should never share those or compare those with others.  
I know that and I feel terrible for the way I acted last night.  I was so upset with him over a baseball game.  A baseball game...
It's like that saying I always use to talk about the people that don't want us to succeed...
something like, If people talk about you it says little about you and more about them.
Just as it isn't right to judge others from the outside looking in.
It's not okay for me to use my own insecurities and old demons to control the way my children choose to live.  
Of course I want success for them.  They are my life and I never want them to fail or do poorly.
But in life we do fail.
And that's okay.
It's how we pick ourselves up and keep trying after the failure that make us strong and great!

As for me, I snuggled my boys all night!  Told them they were my world and they woke this morning eating a Snickers bar!  LOL!  Figured why not?  They were in shock that Mommy let them split a Snickers for an after breakfast snack!  And I am still in shock over allowing it Haha! 
My lesson is LEARNED.
I will control myself and understand that I need to let them fail and pick themselves up and keep trying on their own.  I can support and be their biggest fan which I will always be but I will no longer allow MY issues to interfere with their lives...EVER.  
I have learned this through teaching them about healthy living.  At first I wanted NO junk food in the house and on and on...but we must teach them to be in control.  Moderation and they need to learn for themselves that a Snickers every day for breakfast isn't okay but for a "treat"...well, why not?  
My husband and I spent a long time learning how to practice moderation without overindulging and I have confidence that our boys have learned from the best :)  
hahaha, maybe not the best but pretty close??!  

and I'll share a few, post-tummy bug foods that have been helping me gain strength yet stay on track!  Nothing like the good 'ol stomach bug to get ya right beneath your "goal weight" right?!  

Oats with Trader Joe's berry medley and a sprinkle of cinnamon 
Terra Grains sprouted bread!  Highly recommend, it's delicious!
With PB & a little strawberry jam
with apple slices
Simple and delicious!  Took 2 minutes so what's not to love about this one

Friday, April 4, 2014


It comes in different forms, doesn't it?

I feel like I work toward my physical strength EVERY day.
I workout, I eat right and I encourage others to do the same.  

My emotional strength...
I definitely have to work on leaving my emotions out of my food choices, but put emotions into my workouts which make me stronger physically...

Yesterday my son had surgery for an issue that has been going on for almost a year.  

Strength came in a whole, new form yesterday.

Finding the strength to stay positive and be strong for my son was the TOUGHEST thing I've ever done.
Yes losing weight is HARD, fighting my issues with food is HARD, and motivating others to seek their healthiest life is also HARD but nothing compares to what I went through yesterday...

The surgery would put him under general anesthesia and would be exploratory looking for "something" that would be causing concern and symptoms that we've dealt with since last May.
I always stress the importance of STRENGTH to fight through a workout, to push away those tempting foods that bring us down, to push away those that want to bring us down, and strength to know we are worth fighting for.  

But this...this was different.  
It was a strength I never knew I had.
I had to keep looking my boy in the eye, telling him everything would be okay.  As the doctors walked him away from us, I had to wave and tell him I'd see him in a bit. heart was in my stomach.
And the waiting?
I watched the screen, feeling helpless and fearing that I'd crumble at any moment.
The surgeon called us into the room before we were able to see my boy and he told us "he did great and all was okay."  
Those words...
As parents we put our children first NO MATTER WHAT. 

We sometimes allow small issues to create BIG problems but what for?  Why?

Life is full of opportunities to make us stronger.  To help us realize what is truly important.  

Yesterday's experience tested my strength on a different level.  
I am strong physically and emotionally but having strength when our world feels like it's tumbling down...a little different.  A new fear I had to tackle yesterday and we are all stronger because of it. My boy was in God's hands and although we will work on healing him, it is treatable and okay...the answers we've wanted to hear for almost a year.  
Before changing my life I was great at putting my fears, my doubts and worries into food.  It "fixed" most bad days in an instant only to cause shame and sadness in the days to follow.  
I didn't do that this time.  I relied on my family, my strength that comes from within.  The strength that we earn as a Mother.  A strength I never knew until having my own children.  A strength my mother had for years that I knew nothing about until yesterday.  She was our rock.  Stronger than me at that moment of fear as my son walked through those doors...

Life is a precious gift.  We must work to live our fullest, healthiest life TODAY.
It takes strength and sacrifice, good days and bad but is always worth it.  Always!

I have a fierce and beautiful Move It Momma that shared something with our group the other day.  While she has lost weight, cut her blood pressure meds in half, 
among other milestones on her journey...
She was headed to hear routine choir practice.  It was upstairs and in the past, she would reach the top feeling winded and unable to catch her breath.  She'd take 10-15 minutes to calm down, missing the warm-up but would then proceed with the group.
She walked straight up those stairs, warmed up with her group and she was LIVING.
Living life.
No more hiding or being afraid.
No more missing out on life's little moments.
We grab it, throw fear out the window, find the strength to keep fighting.

It is about our health.  The health of our families and the way we live each day.
We must take advantage of every moment that life has to offer and we do that best by taking care of our bodies on the inside and out.  I feared change for so long until I finally took control of my life.  I feared for my son yesterday but I knew it was not in my control and I had to find the strength to put my fears aside and be strong for my boy. 
 STRENGTH comes in many forms and it's how we use it that truly helps us become our best!

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