Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"If only"

Each of us deal with our own challenges each day.  To say that we can totally relate to what each of us are going through is a myth.  Can we relate?  Sure.  Can we support one another?  Yes.  But as we deal with our emotional connections to health or physical appearance, it surprises me that no matter what our struggles, we tend to deal in similar ways.  We sometimes use self-doubt? Or am I alone?  

We bring up the "If only's" and things come crumbling down around us...self-doubt, fear, defeat and the list goes on and on...

An average-looking woman, fairly fit by appearance can seem to be everything that we want.  We admire her, but we do not know the battles that she fights each day.  She may have a list a mile long of insecurities but is hiding...
The overweight child.  We judge her, do we not?  We wonder how a child can be overweight ALREADY? Here's where I fell for many years.  Always larger, stood out among my peers but why?  I should be burning calories as a growing, young woman...why was I packing on the pounds so early in life?  Do we judge the parents?  It must be their fault for having these foods around?  BUT do we know what that family or child is dealing with?  No. 

We must take a step back and realize that self-doubt is on you and me.  It is not our place to judge another person's struggles.  Or to act as though we understand exactly what they are going through.  NOTHING HURT more than the person that said, "just stop eating it." "Do you really need seconds?" "You always complain about being heavy, but do nothing about it."...REALLY???!  As if I didn't know.  
My mom was a fantastic mother, did everything for me.  Unfortunately I put my emotions into food.  Food was there for me to provide comfort in a less than perfect world.  It helped me "cope" with my father leaving at a young age where it's crucial for a Daddy to be in a daughter's life.  I gave food far more credit than it deserved...FOR YEARS.  I still do.  I saw my mom doing everything she could to make our lives better and when I couldn't help her stay strong, I ate.  Again, giving FOOD far more credit than it needs.  Food is Food.  For so long I allowed it to be my friend, my crutch, my support system, my "therapy" and it does not deserve that...EVER.  

The self doubt that some of us face can lead to self sabotage.  
I doubted myself for years...I still have times where I wonder if the hard work, dedication and effort is all worth it?  
I wouldn't trade the strength I find within each day, for anything in this world!
I feel powerful and strong.
I have weaknesses, sure we all do.  
But I have learned to fight through them with a positive outcome, instead of my old ways of reverting back to self-doubt, fear and defeat.  
I no longer fear failure because it is no longer an option!

Stop doubting yourself before giving yourself a chance.  And please stop judging people by appearance.  It is much healthier to support and encourage one another than to try and "fix" what's wrong.  Many times we just want someone to listen. To relate but not always have the answer.  Encourage without giving up on us.

The challenge is in full swing and hope you're joining in wherever you may be.  
I have lost 3lbs and feel leaner and stronger.  It's about continuing to fight, reach and exceed new goals to better our health EVERY day!  My Move It Mommas are making remarkable progress...losing inches, weight and putting on those "skinny jeans" they had almost given up on.  Woohoo!  EACH step is worth celebrating...big or small!  

Egg Salad TACO?  Heck yes!
Single Serving Egg Salad:
2 eggs-hard boiled, peeled and chopped
1 tbs plain Greek yogurt
1 tsp mustard, or a little more!
Stir and enjoy on salad or in a TACO!
My taco was an Ole brand high fiber/low carb tortilla that I popped into the toaster oven Baked at 450 until crispy and brown on the edges, folded it over and filled it with my egg salad, served with the salad below:
Mixed greens, spinach, handful raspberries, purple onion, 1 tbs Feta

Breakfast option:
Egg casserole-eggs, turkey bacon and prepared ahead of time for quick meal ideas
1/2 Ole tortilla and a clementine orange

Lunch idea below:  Same side salad with strawberries, 1/2 cup long grain brown rice, 4oz chicken.  This chicken is amazing, thanks to my friend Stephanie I.  

-5-6 boneless skinless chicken breasts, 1/2 bottle Italian dressing in crockpot on low 6 hours...that's it and when it's finished, it flakes with a fork-tender and juicy!  
GREAT FOR MEAL PREPPING!  Husband and kid-approved :)  

And my Move It Mommas!  My goodness I love these strong, determined ladies.  If I haven't said it enough, which I'm sure I have :)  I LOVE EACH OF THEM.  They make me stronger, healthier and happier every day.  They are a symbol of hope for one another.  They have the NEVER QUIT attitude, they are supportive and encouraging, never judging!  I wish you all could meet them in person, hear their stories of triumph, their struggles and be inspired as I am EACH DAY!  
Love you ladies :)...and many are missing from this particular photo but they know who they are...

Thursday, February 20, 2014


These ladies are real.  They are authentic.  They are honest and strong.
They are no longer afraid of failure.
The most eye-opening experience of my life has been these women.  
For so many years I thought I struggled with the fear of failure alone.  
As I meet with these ladies, hear their stories and listen to their struggles I find that we are not alone at all.  We are very much together.  I felt alone in my feelings of failure. 

in the past, I would succeed only to give up on myself after thinking I was "finished".  We find ourselves at a place that feels okay because it's comfortable.  We have lost, gained, lost and gained over and over so we just hang out waiting to fail once again.  
I am not alone.
We start our days positive.  We make great choices for breakfast and by 3pm we've had a slice of cake, nibbles of chocolate chip cookies, half a bag of Doritos and the list goes on and on.  
That day is ruined, lets move forward...right?  WRONG.  
We just wait to fail again.  The fear of failure is like a trap and we keep falling into it again and again.  
Then we put ourselves in denial until we are disgusted by how out of control we've allowed ourselves to become.  YIKES.  Sound familiar?  WE ARE NOT ALONE.

FAILURE is only there if we stop believing in ourselves and our capabilities.  
If we say from the start, "I don't run, I'm not a runner and will never be a runner"...well then yes, you've proven that you will FAIL at this before you begin.  
If we tell ourselves "I can stick to this for three weeks but after that I have a big party and I'm indulging"...okay, so we push hard, get results, take two steps forward only to find ourselves weeks later stuffing our face and back at square one and the chances of bouncing back the next day...hmm, if you're anything like me it isn't likely.  
If we repeat, "I'm always going to be heavy, it's the way I have been and the way I will always be." Great. 
You have proven to yourself yet again that you aren't worth being HEALTHY.  
BUT truth is, you are more than worth it.  

And I am by no means blaming, I'm stating the obvious.  I did it for SO long.  I doubt myself every day.  but I am not going to fail this time.  My mind is strong.  My mind will not be controlled by impulse eating or self-doubt.  I am known to spiral out of control in days.  I don't need weeks, I need days...heck, hours to prove failure to myself.  I can consume so many foods in 24 hours, it'll make your head spin.  
In public, I seemed to have it all in control.  
I'd munch here and there.  NEVER allowing people to see how out of control I could be.  
I was hiding.  I was the symbol of FAILURE, wasn't I?  
I had proven over and over again that I was the "she gained the weight back again?"
Here I was admitting I failed, it's pretty obvious and visible.  
What I have found is that so many of us share this fear.  This fear of failure.  This fear of letting others down. This fear of waiting for people to quit on us.  But why?  Why do we WANT to fail?
I am that symbol of success for my Move It Mommas but what keeps us pushing forward is knowing that we share similar battles, fears and doubts.  While some don't struggle with over eating, they have self-doubt and fear of failure.  Working out, eating healthy and maintaining that is HARD WORK.  It takes effort and determination so when we set out with the greatest intentions only to fall short, in our mind we've failed.  
But it's how we dust ourselves off, get back up and keep going.  
There's no failure in that.
The giving up is what has to leave our minds and our hearts.  
We must no longer give up before beginning, no longer sell ourselves short and no longer HIDE behind our fears.  In our group, we talk and air it all out and that is a beautiful thing to me.  
Priceless and beautiful.  It's saving lives.  Sounds silly but that assurance that we fight day in and day out to make change is what makes us unique.  It's not about being tough, beating the cycle of obesity or sucking it up.  
It's about letting go of that fear.  If we put it out there then what's to be afraid of.  We all have good days, bad days and bumps in the road but we get up and keep going.  I had a bad weekend-a fun, bad weekend LOL but I immediately grabbed a hold of myself, threw the fear out the door and kept pushing.  We must be strong enough to grab a hold of that fear and push it away, EVERY SINGLE DAY.  

Some fun samples I received for review last week:
Blue Diamond!  HUGE FAN and have been for a while.  They are a sponsor for the Winter Olympic Games so why not pop open a container with your family while you watch athletes strive for a spot at an Olympic medal.  We sure did and they were great!  I LOVE their whole natural almonds but my husband prefers smokehouse!  Luckily, they sent both!  YAY!  Great flavors, always fresh and the perfect snack option when we want that added protein crunch!  I combine a handful of whole natural Blue Diamond almonds, a sprinkle (5-6) mini chocolate chips and it's like dessert!  
PurFit meal replacement is pretty tasty but I'd prefer vanilla over chocolate.  It has a good consistency, not grainy and pretty flavorful.  I prefer mixing with water and 1/2 frozen banana in my blender.  A tasty treat for a post-workout meal!
InBar I haven't tried just yet so stay tuned...

Sample Breakfast:
1 slice TJ's sprouted bread, toasted.  2 egg white cooked in coconut oil spray served with a clementine and handful of frozen berries!

LARGEST CLASS TO DATE happened on Tuesday of this week!  Over 30 women.  Amazed. 
This picture brings me to tears every time I look at it.  Look at those strong, beautiful women that are NOT AFRAID OF FAILURE!
I am amazed by their ability to see hope in me.  They look at me as a symbol of hope.  That I will fight the battles with them, never leave them and they have no idea how right they are!  I am passionate and care for each of these women.  The changes they've made, confidence they now have...it's beautiful.  No words can describe.

Wrap a brown rice cake, topped with 1 tbs PB and cinnamon in wax paper.  
Avoids a peanut buttery mess!!!
then pack it up and you're ready for your mid-morning post workout snack!  
With a small apple, of course!

Another breakfast that works for me:
1 slice Ezekiel sprouted cinnamon raisin, toasted.  Topped with 1 tbs Neufchael cheese and Linwoods flaxseed, almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts and Q10!  Sprinkle on top and enjoy with a side of fruit!  Yum!  Thank you Linwoods!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Spring Break Challenge

The time is here!  Spring is in the air and this time of year used to freak me out...
Spring and Summer in Texas mean less clothing to hide all that we've covered up for months...
Have NO FEAR, we are starting a challenge today with my group locally but that doesn't mean all of my followers can't join in on their own challenge right along with us?  ABSOLUTELY.
We are better together, fighting together and knowing we are not alone so lets buckle down and do this.
Today when I meet with my group, we will do first weigh-in (starting weight) and on Thursday, March 6th we will do final weigh-in (before week of spring break!) and I will figure up percentage lost and determine our "winner".  To me, there is NO winner in this fight.  We all fight and keep fighting but it does offer incentives and added motivation so why not?

If you'd like to send your before picture/starting weight (picture of the scale with you standing on it for verification) you can join in and be the "at home" winner.  
Email me at rissarose80@yahoo.com TODAY in order to participate and keep things fair.
For the challenge, I will post easy recipes, added motivation as always and pictures of our progress here "at the ranch" LOL...I guess I'm dreaming that one day Move It Mommas will be a huge facility, ready to help women that feel lost and afraid of change and yes my dreams are high but NOT IMPOSSIBLE.  Nothing is.  

As we begin today, knowing it is Day 1 of our challenge I have many women texting this morning terrified to step on that scale or send pictures.  I can relate to that feeling more than you'll ever know.  As an overweight child, anytime weight was brought up I'd flee.  Run as fast as I could AWAY from the scale.  Why would I step on there, in front of others, knowing I'd probably weigh double than most of my friends.  I STILL have that same fear every time someone mentions scale, weight, measurements.  Eeek.  I remember stepping on in my jr high PE class, which I hated by the way.  She shouted out my weight and I heard a few kids chuckle.  I was mortified and immediately cracked a funny joke to distract the attention and it worked THANKFULLY.  Saved by my humor every time.  It covered up my huge insecurity that was out there for the world to see. Fast forward to my college years, sitting in my apartment. I stepped on the scale, all alone after crying for hours and stuffing my face with a double cheeseburger and French fries in hand. Sad that I allowed that food to control me, my emotions and my life. It was something I could depend on to "fix" things immediately, every time. How did FOOD have that much control? I stepped on, saw the weight and found myself unable to step off. What would I do? How would I fix myself? I had spiraled out of control and felt helpless standing there realizing how far I had gone this time. But was this time like every other? Go at it for weeks only to find myself giving up because it was "too hard", staying the same was easier...easier was good right? 

NO! Easier was easier and brought me to the same place I tried to avoid over and over again. That pool of doubt, shame, defeat. I want each of you to always know that EVERY FREAKING DAY I WAKE UP READY TO FIGHT. No day is easy. Every day I conquer my fears, control my foods and emotions is a day worth celebrating. The FIRST STEP, stepping on that scale, trying on those pants...it's hard but the only way to go is up. We fight to move forward, not fall back. You are worth more. Don't allow your weight to control where you go and don't go, for fear of having your weight make you stand out in a crowd, for fear of those people waiting...waiting for Failure. But not because they hate you, but because when you fail they don't feel so bad for not succeeding themselves at something they set out to do. 

Momma Terry, one of my fearless and determined Move It Momma's is a fighter. She came to me ready for change. She makes no excuses, is off all of her medications and started at 160 and how weighs 132! CHANGE IS ALWAYS POSSIBLE. NEVER TOO LATE. Inspiration is all around us...go out and find it! Surround yourself with strong, beautiful women that will stand by you in this fight for YOUR HEALTH! 

I started my challenge to myself yesterday. I'm down 1lb and will continue to fight! 
Ole high fiber/low carb tortilla with ground turkey and black beans. Although I will limit beans quite a bit these next, few weeks it sounded too great to pass up! Pop in toaster oven until crispy! Served with mixed greens & spinach, sprinkle of feta-less than a teaspoon just for flavor, and few crumbled walnuts with purple onion. No dressing needed but bet lemon juice would be great!  
Fresh fruit cut up in the fridge is a quick snack paired with a lean protein or dairy protein like cottage cheese or string cheese.

Cereal medley ;) 
Trader Joes High Fiber O's, Kashi Go Lean and some fresh raspberries! 

My sons breakfast! Chobani tube, fresh berries and some TJ O's!! His requests make me proud and help me understand that leading by example for our children pays off. They ARE watching us and the choices we make for our health! Be that example.

And if you decide to take on this challenge with us...keep THIS in mind! 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Rhythm and Blues Half Marathon and 5K recap

"Running is a road to self-awareness and reliance-you can push yourself to extremes and learn the harsh reality of your physical and mental limitations or coast quietly down a solitary path watching the earth spin beneath your feet" 
-Doris Brown Heritage

As I think about the girl I used to be, I often think how in the WORLD am I running half marathons and inspiring others to do the same?  
As I studied in college, I thought maybe one day I'll be able to help people make changes just as I did?  Maybe I'll help make someone's road to healthy living a bit easier? 
When I taught PE, I thought maybe these children will learn to love exercise and healthy living since I never really did?
I thought while working in cardiac rehab I'd make an impact to help these heart patients see that life can be better and their heart will regain strength and keep fighting right along with them?

All of these dreams are now becoming reality through my Move It Momma's...
I am right where I need to be in my life and that feels so good.  It makes every hard day, every day that I want to feel sorry for myself or wonder why my road to healthy living has been so long and rough...it's ALL worth it when I see my Momma's, smiling and enjoying their healthier life each day!

Yesterday was my husband and I's FIFTH half marathon!!!  WE DID IT!
Who would have thought years ago, that girl who feared change would be running 13.1 miles for FUN?!  Wow!  
No matter the age, your struggles, the weight that needs to be lost, or the courage you need to find...CHANGE IS POSSIBLE!

                         Our traditional before "selfie"

And we were NOT alone this time!
I had two friends join me on the half marathon-yes it was their first!  And many join in on the 5K and they all ROCKED IT!
I try to figure out how we were all brought together to fight together and gain our strength and determination TOGETHER...very blessed.  

The course was a two-loop so we were able to pass one another several times! And that would be my UGLY cry as I passed them and they were cheering for us!  Very cool feeling that I will never forget.  

Momma on the left is Cristy-she has come so far on her journey and she is so strong.   Puts her mind to something and she conquers it-no fear!  Her body is changing, her endurance is remarkable and I can count on her to be at the workouts rain or shine!  She is a beautiful mother who puts her children first but has now found a balance with her family and her health!  We called her Terminator in the race because she was focused and determined!  I kept trying to get her to talk, smile and laugh but she was focused!  Love you Cristy-SO proud and happy that I was able to share in this special milestone with you!

And Jeri-  Well Jeri didn't decide to race until the NIGHT BEFORE!  Yes this was her first half marathon but she's overcome so much already!  She has lost weight, gained her life back and has confidence and determination like nothing else!  A beautiful mother that comes to workout ready to fight hard.  She gets in the zone and there's no stopping her so I knew she'd finish this race without a problem!

We had so many compliments on our shirts and people kept yelling out, lets go Move It Mommas, NEVER QUIT!  One of the Momma's said a lady told her, "I'm going to stand behind you so I remember to NEVER QUIT" and that's what it's all about!!  
Inspiring one another each and every day to keep fighting for what we want!  Notice my shirt, "Head Momma"...I LOVE IT!!!!

And I think I'm crying once again...shocker!  I get very emotional around these women because I guess I just can't imagine them trusting me SO much with their health.  They find strength in me that I never thought I had on my own.  That means more to me than anyone will ever know...gives my life SO much more, ya know?  Amazing.  

These ladies all stayed around after the 5K to cheer us all on through the finish line.  A moment I'll never forget and I am forever grateful for.  It was beautiful to meet them all at the end with sweaty hugs and encouragement.  I am SO proud of these women.  Proud to call them friends, Proud that they are willing to let me take them on my journey with me, willing to keep reaching because I believe in them and know it's possible...it's beautiful.  
Some texts that brought me to tears yesterday following the race from these ladies pictured above,

-"I love you for getting our group to do these!  I never would have done this on my own!  You're helping so many more people than you'll ever know"

-"I have found a strength I didn't know I had and I couldn't have done that without you"

-"If I hadn't met you, I'd still be sitting on my couch feeling sorry for myself and every race renews my commitment to this journey.  I'm feeling that light bulb moment that you always talk about in class"

-"God definitely knew what he was doing when he brought you into my life, Love ya more than you know"

-"You inspire each one of us and for that I am forever thankful and grateful"

-"It was priceless.  Every time I wanted to stop...like really stop, I saw a Move It Momma.  And if I wouldn't have passed you I would've walked it in but then I heard your screams.  Thank you for that.  SO very thankful for today."

WOW right?  Please tell me how I am suppose to refrain from tears after reading texts like that...told you they were AMAZING and I wasn't lying!

Hubby and I with our BLING!  Two medals this time.  One for completing it, the other for having run another half marathon over the same area back in October!!!  Woohoo!!!  

My girls and I.  These ladies somehow let me convince them to conquer what they didn't think possible and they DID IT.  They knew I believed they could do it, so they tried.  It's all about trying something that you don't think is possible, overcoming it and realizing your strength!  A feeling that'll take your breathe away.  It's beautiful.  And to share that moment at the finish line...hugs, tears and happiness.  It cannot be replaced.  These ladies are forever in my heart and are a HUGE symbol of strength to me and so many others...
God brings certain people into your life for many different reasons and today I am truly grateful for all that he has blessed me with this past year.  I see a new person in myself, full of new life and happiness.  That girl that hid behind food is no longer hiding.  I am HERE hoping to make a difference and hopefully acting as that symbol of hope for people who are afraid to START.  Our children watch and they see our example.  I try and tell these Mom's that their commitment to exercise and their health is being seen by so many and we never know who we are inspiring at that very moment...our husbands, children, neighbors, friends or family!  We are in this TOGETHER!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Strength in YOU!

I cannot stress the importance of believing in yourself! You may think you know your limitations, think you know all that you are capable of achieving but truth is YOU DON'T...
This past year has been a huge reflection for me. I have been able to understand my journey now more than ever. I've learned to reach deeper, push further and not sell myself short...
While I now focus on BALANCE in all aspects of my life, I know that goals are meant to be set and achieved FREQUENTLY! Set one-reach it-celebrate...and then set another. 

Rachael, winner of Biggest Loser this season has been receiving quite a bit of negative feedback for her weight loss but something she said during her triathlon that strikes a cord with me and my personal journey, "I kept telling myself run for your life Rachael"
Every workout, every healthy food consumed for me symbolizes 
It's my fuel.
It's what pushes me. PROGRESS IS PROGRESS no matter how large or small. It all counts. It all holds significance on our journey. Let those little moments shine too!
For me "Running for my life means":
I stopped allowing fast food to control me and my emotions.
I lost over 90lbs.
I quit smoking.
I started running.
I took my life back.
I have completed four half marathons, 3 10k's and countless 5K's.
I earned my degree so that I can help others achieve their health and fitness goals.
I started Move It Momma's to create a positive, encouraging atmosphere for ALL women, all shapes, sizes and fitness levels! 
Married the man of my dreams, helped him conquer his health and fitness goals.
We raise our beautiful boys with a strong emphasis on having FUN, being active, taking care of our body and eating healthy.
...can't wait for my journey to continue. Always reaching and conquering new goals and fears! 
Are you "running for your life"? 

 These women fight back EVERY DAY! 
Amazing, strong, beautiful and fearless women...who are losing weight, inches, gaining a healthier life and inspiring others ;) that's what it's all about! 

1 slice sprouted bread, toasted
Fresh berries
Egg fluffed in microwave! 
-spray dish w coconut oil spray, beat egg and cover with paper towel. Microwave in 15 sec intervals-stirring between until cooked! Fluff with fork and ENJOY! 

Favorite lunch on the go:
PANERA BREAD Fuji apple salad with dressing on the side! 

Make your weekend count! Stop taking two steps forward and three steps back...

Sunday, February 2, 2014


I think we get to a place where we're fed up...
Fed up with the life we've lived and are ready for change.
Sure we think about change and the "oh yea, I'll make healthier choices tomorrow" 
BUT what's wrong with today?
My weight and food held me back from so many things in life.
I was afraid of change because it was the only life I knew.  

The more I speak with women and listen to their struggles with their health, weight and image 
I find that we're all similar in many ways.  
Our battles may be different but I do know that we need help taking that leap...we want to know that someone else has struggled and fought back.
We want to know that things are better when we put our health as a priority, that things are better when exercise and nutrition are balanced! 
And once we know these things it makes that change a bit easier to handle.  
A bit easier to fight for!

Take back your life today!
As I look back on my life, I can only hope that my experiences were all to help other women know that although the journey can be scary and tough, it is ALL WORTH IT!

I love that quote at the top, means so much to me because often times as I was losing weight and gaining my life back, I felt alone.  Sure I had support but change can also be lonely.  You can feel singled out for taking the time to focus on your health and that feeling can be scary.  It will make you feel like quitting but don't.  Find supportive people that will help, not hurt you on this journey. 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Color Up 5K recap!

Her words speak such truth...
I look forward to this show every week.  BEST show on TV!  
Inspirational and life changing...nothing better!

I tell my Move It Momma's during EVERY workout that they must keep fighting, keep reaching and NEVER QUIT!  I lived life with many regrets and wanting change but never putting forth the effort and work to make it happen...

From the day these Momma's started with me, they have changed my life...
Yea sure I'm the one that's suppose to be the motivator and most of the time, I think I am but the way that they keep reaching, keep pushing and they allow nothing to stand in their way...that's impressive!  Their strength, their passion and the fact that they keep going is what moves me to tears most of the time.
They allow no obstacle to be "too big".  They have a bad day, so what...they try harder the next day.  They have it figured out and it makes me so happy to be a small part of their beautiful journey.
We've cried together, we've struggled together and of course, we've sweat together!  
That makes a bond like nothing else :)
Their weight loss is incredible and their bodies keep changing but more than anything its their MIND...
And their endurance.  They've come so far physically and mentally.  
They have made up their minds that change is possible with hard work and determination, and they are getting there one step at a time.  
Each of these ladies has a story, different struggles and different health and fitness goals BUT the only thing that matters is that we support one another and NEVER QUIT.  Sounds simple and it really is.  The hard work, dedication and struggles are all worth it!  And watching them push toward that finish line makes me SO happy and proud.  Each time they set out to take on a new goal and reach it...it's worth celebrating!  And why not? Life is hard enough as it is.  Getting healthier, losing weight and reaching fitness goals is HARD so why go at it alone?  
We are a team, a group that will stick together no matter what life throws our way...
(the guy in the pic above totally photo-bombed!  Hilarious)

My Mom, ME and cousin Debbie
SO proud of these ladies.  My mom never struggled as I did but she stays active and eats healthy AND she was always supportive...she is still supportive!  SO I'm very proud of my Mom and Debbie, who has lost over 55lbs this year!  Woohoo!  

My hubby, Justin and I before the race!  I am so happy that the four of us decided to run together.  We pushed little man for most of it but when it was time for him to run through the color stations, he was SO excited!  Our oldest son ran the entire race and we finished in decent time :)  
VERY proud!
SO happy that I'm exposing my boys to healthy living from an early age but keep in mind 

Uh Oh, they finished and they are a MESS!

Nothing like being with family and friends at an event like this!  
We laughed, cheered and BECAME COLORFUL!  Ha!
I wish you could meet them in person, be inspired by their courage and determination.  
We are there for one another and in life, it's what matters most.  
Nothing more than support...it's all we offer for one another and it's enough.  
Smiles and COLOR all around!  A fun day and now we're looking forward to our 5th half marathon next weekend, a Move It Momma will conquer her first half marathon AND my other Mommas will participate in the 5K and cheer us on.  I'll be an absolute mess as I see them at the finish line next weekend!  They push me each day, whether they know it or not.  They do.  At my last half marathon they were sending me encouraging text messages and I was sobbing so you can imagine when I see them in person...it'll be a shocker if I can hold myself upright!  Ha!  

And hopefully we'll get MeMe and Debbie out there again in the near future :) They did great and the boys thought it was so neat that MeMe was racing!!!  Yay!

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