Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Paying It Forward!

What good is a passion if you are unable to share it?
What good is overcoming obstacles if you can't learn from them and help others not make those same mistakes and poor choices?

Once I made the decision to change my college major, I had lost a bit o weight with minimal effort and I loved learning about it so I thought, why not try something different? 
I remember sitting in my college courses soaking up all there was to know about health, the body, the mind and movement.  I LOVED IT! 
I could write papers and ace a test on nutrition but wouldn't follow my own advice.  I could exercise for HOURS yet throw it all away on one, bad meal.  And sure, I had lost weight at that point on my journey but I wasn't healthy...nowhere near it!!!  

So I first had to learn that I was worth taking even better care of myself.  
Then I had to learn to STOP making excuses for why I knew this information but didn't apply it to my own life.  
Next, I had to make up my mind once and for all and DO IT...

so I did. 

And I still do it every day.  It's a choice.  

I wake up every day with that same determination and focus. 

And on the days where nothing is going my way and I'm ready to give up?
I think about how far I've come, how lousy I felt at the bottom and 
how great I feel each day that I rise to the top!   

My journey is forever changing and evolving with new goals and things that I want for myself...but what good was this journey if I couldn't share it to help and inspire others??!  

These women count on me...
What they may not know is that I count on them just as much.  
Sure I have days where I don't want to exercise or eat healthy...my gosh, who wouldn't?
BUT their energy, their determination and their fight keeps me coming back for more within myself and each of them!  

But wait, what about the children?

I love working with the Mommas but our children cannot be left behind to figure it out alone.  We must encourage and push our children to WANT to be healthy!  Healthy is the MAIN goal for children and if they see YOU pushing your health aside, chances are they'll do the same.  
Do you want that for them??  
But on the other side of that, if they see you STRONG and making an effort, they'll be your biggest fan and be right by your side, learning and growing into a healthy adult like their Momma! And what a feeling!!  

I'm the coach of a running club at my boys' school.  Oh how they LOVE this club.  

I'm inspired by these kids...
They showed up ready and EAGER to exercise!  Crazy isn't it?  
They are PROUD of what they do on that track and they should be.  

MY journey is so much bigger than me these days and I LOVE THAT!
What good is a dream if we don't go out and make a difference.  My challenges with my health growing up led me to helping people...all people, young and old! It is my main focus to help ALL people find joy in taking care of their bodies, joy in proper nutrition, and joy in living life to the fullest because you can!  And we all appreciate it MUCH more when we have to work for it.  If it came easy, then we wouldn't respect the journey and the journey is what changes the paths of our lives...pretty cool, isn't it?  

If you meet people that knew me growing up, their jaws would probably drop WIDE OPEN if you told them that I was in charge of a local workout group, a healthy living blog, a former PE and health teacher, a fitness/health Ambassador for the state of TX and a school Running Club/Fun and Fit program!!!  Yea, just mention ANY of those and they'd fall on the floor because I was the FURTHEST thing from athletic, healthy, or fit...FURTHEST!!  

But I trusted the path of my life and my journey...
it has introduced fantastic people into my life. It has inspired my children, my family and friends...and hopefully it is only the beginning!  

I will not rest until our nation is full of fit, strong and healthy women of ALL AGES!!!!  
That is how I'll PAY IT FORWARD!!!!!  

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Toughest 10K recap!

My muscles are achy and I have little energy but I'm inspired...

This picture of myself was sent to me the other day and it created some added inspiration going into this mornings race.  
This was me, 21 year old college student
I DO NOT remember being like this.  
I remember feeling like that but not looking that way.  
This was the day I got my brand new Honda Civic in college!  I was SO excited! 
I couldn't wait to take my friends for a ride!  It even had a sunroof...woohoo!  
I believe I left the dealership, drove through McDonald's for food and then the convenient store for a pack of cigarettes...no lie.  The sad truth about my life at that point.  
My life consisted of partying and eating...and a little bit of college classes mixed in!
My diet was TERRIBLE.  
I suffered from IBS due to my poor diet.
I had body aches and pains, high cholesterol and blood pressure.
I had swelling in my hands and feet.
Not sure I know many people that self-sabotaged themselves with fast food the way I could, I was the best at it.  
Bad day = Bad food...that bad day didn't feel so bad as I ate, but I felt worse after each meal YET never changed...why is that?

I THANK GOD every, single day for helping me find the courage to CHANGE MY LIFE!!! 
I thank myself for getting so sick and tired of that life.  I had ENOUGH and it showed. 
Oh what a feeling!!  I am reborn, I am strong and I do not go down without a fight!  
The old me never knew what it was like to feel ALIVE!  
These days I try to find that feeling every chance I get!  

Let's move on...
Today's race recap! 

That's my ninth medal!  9th!!!  Wowza!

We arrived early to take plenty of pictures!!!  Our favorite part of racing :) 

Along the course I heard people shouting, "NEVER QUIT" and I'd smile.  Instead of only worrying about myself, I was worried about my ladies.  Wanting to make sure they were all okay and hydrating due to the insane heat.  We ALL checked on one another...it was so neat! 

They all say I've created this group but they make it what it is, not me.  I'm just a small part of the inspiration...they bring the hard work, the dedication, the stories of success and defeat, the victories, high fives and hugs! 
That's NOT ME!  
That's US. 

It was HOT and HUMID!
We were greeted by Bay Area Health and Wellness magazine wanting to feature us in the magazine AGAIN!!!  Yea baby!  

Among the group, I saw families waiting for pictures, children cheering for their Mom's, husband's proud of their wives and most importantly, I saw beauty...lots of beauty.  
I know that a woman all dressed up with makeup and high heels is beautiful but I'm talking about a different kind of beauty.  
These women are STRONG.  They are beautiful not only on the outside but within their hearts and souls.  They are GOOD PEOPLE.  They care and they are fighters.  Like me, they know what it feels like to quit...no matter the goal, but now that we have found one each other, that's no longer an option!!!  
That's true BEAUTY.  
Being negative and ugly on the inside would show through in TOUGH times or obstacles, but when these ladies are presented with a challenge like this race or any other, that beauty reveals itself.  We are ALL different ages, shapes and sizes but we are truly beautiful especially in moments like these...and I'm blessed to be a part of it EVERY time!  
It's the beauty not all women get to experience but they should...it's uplifting and so inspiring...it's indescribable.  

The race was TOUGH and BRUTAL!  FOUR TIMES over that big a*# bridge!  That's what I get for not reading the fine print...I thought it was twice but go ahead and double that...YIKES! Calling it the TOUGHEST 10K was a smart idea, race organizers!!!  It was MORE THAN TOUGH! It was INSANE!  Many points along the course I wanted to quit...I'll be honest.  My foot was hurting, I felt dehydrated and weak but no doubt somewhere along the course I'd see one of US.  I'd see that "Move It Momma, NEVER QUIT" and the feeling came from deep within the keep going.  I was exhausted and thinking my next step would be my last but as I felt my body giving out, my heart took over...as I passed my Mommas and the crowd cheering, I pushed harder and further.  
A group of us could see the finish line and we decided TOGETHER that we'd run and we did! That finish line never felt so good! 
We crossed, received our well-deserved medals but rather than walking off to greet our families, we all STAYED.  We found a shaded area and we cheered...waiting for EVERY Momma to cross that finish line!  
THAT is what makes races so special to me these days.  We are a family.  

There's nothing like knowing YOU did something so difficult and exhausting, only to find women that truly care about you finishing and conquering another race!!  It is beautiful EVERY time!!!  I get goosebumps and tears!  It's AMAZING!  It's addicting and what keeps me signing up for more! 

And at some point, one of the four times climbing this enormous bridge that pictures cannot justify, I found myself turning off my headphones, listening to my breathing and the pavement, seeing the sun, clouds and water...it was peaceful.  
While EVERY muscle in my body was aching, while I was drenched in sweat and feared I wouldn't finish, this view and the calmness of the water made me realize that life IS beautiful and incredible.  

I was unable to feel all of these things in my unhealthy life...the life I lead centered around shame, guilt and bitterness because things weren't fair because I had to "work harder than others"
When I took that chip off my shoulder and embraced who I was, I began to see that I was and am SO much more than I ever imagined...and that's a feeling that brings me so much joy and it fuels my passion EVERY day to help women and children do amazing things.  It fuels my passion to help children want to exercise and eat right and it fuels my passion to help all women find the confidence and strength that they have within!  


Thursday, September 17, 2015

a walk down memory lane...

As I was going through old pictures, I came across my yearbook and it took me back...

My senior year of high school I was voted "Most Unforgettable" by my fellow classmates, here's my picture:
Most of you know I was BIG AL, the alligator mascot for my high school senior year so this photo was right next to my "acceptance speech" HA!! aka: advice and what I'd like to do after high school which read, "Marissa plans to attend SFA University to and major in communications/journalism then pursue a career in advertising. Her advice is to do well in school, but always have FUN because these are some of the greatest times of your life."

Fast forward a bit to college graduation...
Things went a little differently than I thought.  Graduated from SHSU with a BS degree in Exercise Physiology/Health Education and BA in Journalism. 
Back track to when I was about 70lbs. heavier (70lbs lighter in this pic!)-weight I had put on in the college years, which were some of the best years of my life, full of memories and great times but also where I was the UNhealthiest I had ever been.  When you look at the picture below, you'll notice my weight loss journey had started but was FAR from over...

Wow...things have changed since high school with my dreams of a career in advertising.  I'm married to the man of my dreams and my best friend, who has also lost almost 100lbs, we have two, gorgeous boys and well, my life is NOTHING like I imagined...

I'm 100lbs lighter, fitter, healthier and smarter!  I've lived a life full of joy, pain, happiness and defeats, I have completely transformed from the girl I once was into the strong woman I am today...and those dreams of working in advertising?  Well they were pushed aside when I decided to work on helping women and families BE HEALTHY!  Those dreams came to me after living years of yo-yo dieting, feeling awkward and chubby, hating exercise yet loving life so I finally figured out how to love life AND be healthy...and all of a sudden, my life took a completely different turn.  What's strange is that I had the knowledge of healthy living before I took my own advice, as you can clearly see in my college graduation picture...eeek!  

My husband and I are no longer that unhealthy couple that centered things around food but rather we are that couple that centers life around living, loving and RUNNING!  Look at all those bibs and medals!!!  WE did that together and it's proof that life takes unexpected turns and bumps but ALL of those bumps and curves lead you to where you are meant to be!  
I'm living proof of that...

The joy and fulfillment I get from sharing MY story and OUR journey together with these woman far exceeds all hopes and dreams I had for myself and my career as I was growing up...I'm amazed that I have been led to these women and that I am able to HELP people as my career...although I won't get rich from it, it gives me more happiness than any money ever could.  And these days I want to be "Most Unforgettable" to these women for helping change the path of their lives...our lives, together!!!  

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

"...that version of me."

As I post weekly, you must know that a lot of my motivation and inspiration comes from personal experiences throughout the week...
Last night was EWL with Chris and Heidi Powell, so I'm extra inspired today!  Ha!

Toward the end of her beautiful and amazing transformation, she said something that spoke directly to me, as she reflected on the previous year.  
"My children will never know that version of me"
MY children will never know that version of me either.  Wow.  A HUGE reason why I wake up and do what I do each and every day.  It is what fuels my body and mind.  It is what keeps me focused on helping EVERY mother and child be healthy.  It is what drives me to keep spreading my passion to all that will listen.  
While I never regret my past, I am so very thankful that my boys will NEVER know my former self.  She went along to say, "One day I'll get to tell my kids, look what Mommy did for YOU...that's how much I love you."...YES.
The picture above is me with my oldest son at the zoo.  It was a fun day but it was HOT outside.  That shirt is an XXL. I hear all of the time, well give yourself a break you had just had a baby...Okay.  
That excuse will work temporarily but sadly, my kids kept aging and I stayed the same physically.  I had started running shortly after this picture was taken and sadly, my figure didn't change much at all. 
I mean, my endurance improved but it is true
we CANNOT out-exercise a bad diet!  
Oh how true that is!!!  
I lived it.  
I was trapped in it.  
I knew it all too well.  
It's just IMPOSSIBLE.  

I feel like today I have given myself and my family the greatest gift by becoming healthy and strong!  They know an entirely different woman than the one I used to be.  They see strength, determination and fight!  They no longer see excuses, blaming, sadness and laziness...that is history! There's NO greater motivator than feeling good AND being a positive role model for my kids.  

The contestant said, "her addiction affected every person in her life and they constantly worried about her...her health" When she said it I thought, wow that's thinking of it like a drug addiction but for those that have lived it, it is.  In a VERY different way and I'd never use the term addiction and try to compare one with food to ANY other form...that wouldn't be fair and I only know food and I'm not a doctor.  My experience dealing with a dependency on food, it did affect all members of my family because it caused me to be hateful, dishonest, bitter, sad and resentful to those around me that didn't struggle the way that I did.  I mean, mine was out for the world to see because I was visibly unhealthy.  If they did share a similar struggle, I'd never know because my addiction was OUT THERE.  They'd know it as soon as I walked through a door...she's fat, she's unhealthy ...I wonder if she's aware of it?? 
I'd pretend to be thick-skinned at times but as soon as someone I cared for mentioned my weight, I'd crumble. 

So when a workout seems tough or choosing to pass on the birthday cake and ice cream, I think  about who I used to be and how hard it was to be that version of myself and how it held me back from SO MUCH, then all of a sudden that workout doesn't seem so tough and that cake doesn't look all that appetizing!  Ha! 

I have and will continue to use my struggles and honesty to stop the cycle of obesity in women and children...in everyone.  
My favorite thing my sons have said when looking at pictures of my former self, "That's when mom was unhealthy, now she's healthy and helps us be healthy too!"...YES!  
Every day is a teachable moment for me to help educate them when it comes to exercise and nutrition.   

I posted these on Instagram to show my progress and when I look, it makes me proud!  MY ARMS...oh my arms.  An area of my body I dislike almost as much as my tummy.  But with being patient, persistent and never giving up, I'm seeing progress in those arms I disliked so much.  They are becoming leaner and defined.  Wahoo!  THAT is just the icing on the cake to FEELING GOOD but not gonna lie, seeing some progress physically feels pretty darn great too!

Just keep in mind that the ups and downs are all part of it...
That journey that is never ending...
It's always worth the fight to become a better version of YOU!

Monday, September 7, 2015

standing still.

Stumbled upon this quote and I said...
That's it!

Feeling trapped in our body over choices we've made?
That's no way to live, is it?

It is scary to move forward.
The fear of the unknown.  Will you be last as you finish the race?  Will you stand out because you can barely get through the workouts? Or will people judge you because you didn't eat the french fries and dessert at the party? Will you be able to keep up? If you lose 20lbs, will anybody even notice because you have so much more to lose? Are those "fit people" staring as you climb onto the treadmill or pick up those weights at the gym? 
All scary feelings but as you think about those situations that might make you vulnerable, I bet I can help you understand what would be far worse than all of these scenarios...

IF you allow your body to be comfortable in the unhealthy place it has been living then soon it can no longer do the things it was designed to do because we, by choice, decided to not nourish it and treat it properly...
And if we get those brave moments where we start to make changes and are no longer standing still, if we go through periods of "Oh I'm too busy right now to exercise and eat right" then how quickly the body will forget how it felt at the top and it'll slowly fall back into its normal

Just in the years that I neglected myself and my body, I was already feeling the effects and I only know that because I am no longer "STANDING STILL".  
You see before it felt like my normal but it was far from normal.  
I had high cholesterol that I blamed on genetics.
I had slightly high blood pressure, definitely not great especially for my 20's.
I had gallstones...which almost caused my gallbladder to rupture and when they removed it, they found MANY stones.  
I had severe IBS and issues with the restroom, which may not sound like a big deal but it is.
I had blemishes/pimples all over my face.
I was LAZY.  I had no energy and wanted to rest as often as possible.
I hated being "active" because for days following, I'd have to recover.  Yes in my 20's my knees were achy, my calves would cramp, my muscles would be tense and I felt exhausted.

Now imagine someone that has lived unhealthy for many years, throughout their 20's and BEYOND.  What is their normal? What is YOUR normal

When I say it's about FEELING healthy, I mean it.
To me it is far more important to feel healthy than to look a certain way, right?
Feeling good affects ALL aspects of our lives!!  

I am happy to report that I have NONE of the symptoms/issues that were part of the old me.  Our bodies are strong and the choices we make can change things...it's never too late!
I remember the after workout feeling and it pushes me to exercise.  I remember the feeling when I eat right and have so much energy and feel so good and it pushes me to continue making healthy choices!  Sounds simple but it's TOUGH and I'd never tell you otherwise but it is always worth it!  ALWAYS.  

We have a group race coming up in a few weeks and in most races I often listen to my body and feel proud knowing that I used to fear movement and now instead, I fear STANDING STILL.
Guess that proves it...change is always possible!
No matter how slow the change happens, it's always worth it because each day you are becoming better, healthier and there's nothing greater than that!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

It's been TWO YEARS!

Two years ago today I wanted to find friends that would workout with me.  Simple as that.
Those friends would become my Move It Mommas and the rest is history.  

We've lost weight and inches, crossed finish lines, cried, laughed, danced, sang, celebrated and held one another when we needed it most...
THAT'S what is so amazing. 
I wanted a group of women to workout alongside, hold one another accountable but NEVER dreamed of what it has become...two years already and we haven't even scratched the surface of what we'll accomplish in the future :) Happy Anniversary to US!  
Even those of you that read this and somehow find inspiration through my words and my personal story...YOU are just as much a part of this, so give yourself a hand!  
We are changing the world, together! 

I have written in previous posts about portion control and changing the mindset.  It's no secret and I'd never want it to be...I'm an emotional eater.  I have to separate the mind from the stomach EVERY time I put food into my body.  It's challenging but I find that I can simplify things just by moving temptation out of my way.  For example, the old me could devour an entire box of Triscuits in 5 minutes...it was miraculous and disturbing how quickly the box would be empty :( so MOST of the time I just don't buy them.  I'm a savory/salty lover and could pass up sweets any day but salty, crunchy snacks...ahhhh.
SO I had a box left in the pantry, decided I'd create a little snack with one serving Triscuits-I portion out my crackers and then seal up the box immediately.  I served it with some plain nonfat Greek yogurt and some fresh blueberries.  I start by eating the blueberries (when the old me would go straight for the carb/starch) then work my way around to dipping the Triscuits in the yogurt.  NOW I understand you must be saying ewwww but I was always a chip/dip girl and if THIS somehow gives me that same satisfaction without the guilt, bloat and horrible feeling afterward then WHY NOT?! 
I have to make up my mind EACH time I'm around food.  I tell myself, it's ONLY food...it has no control over me and instead I am in control of myself and how I want to treat my body...boom!  It works! Then I do a reality-check and think about how great I'll feel by making positive choices and then I do a quick flashback on how AWFUL I felt when I made poor decisions.  Then that choice becomes MUCH simpler because I choose the healthy ME!  I am satisfied after this snack because it's BALANCED.  My old ways, I'd grab the box and go sit on the couch, mindlessly eat until only crumbs remained and since there was NO balance, I'd hit the pantry yet again for that same indulgence that had little to no nutritional value.  No part of that was good for me.  It was like an emotional roller coaster every time I was around food.  MY GOODNESS, FOOD IS FOOD.  It should have NO control over who I am.  

For many, the struggle is about self-image rather than FOOD.  That can be just as self-damaging as what I did with food.  If we can't like what we see in the mirror, that can create emotions that cause us to feel inadequate, resentful and depressed.  NO matter what that person does/doesn't do, they have to find a way to love what they see in order to improve it and they should train their mind to focus on their strength, health and how they FEEL rather than picking out imperfections every chance they get.  I think we forget that being healthy means feeling good, not looking good.  Of course looking great has perks but it has NOTHING to do with how we feel.  If someone "looks great" to us, we may not see that they have more insecurities than a person who is 100lbs overweight.  Crazy how powerful the mind can truly be and that goes for negative aspects as well.  
It's like what I did with food.  I ALWAYS saw food as that escape when life threw punches.
They will always see the BAD when they look into a mirror, see a picture 
or are standing in a crowd.   

NO MATTER the struggle, we as women must be honest with how we feel in order to deal with it and improve it.  We have to stop hiding behind the "not so perfect" things about us.
Being healthy and feeling good is a whole new world for me, a world I didn't know until recently.  The feeling good has helped me see my strengths rather than only seeing my weaknesses.  I know I'm capable of so many things and I now know I deserve those things because I work hard to be HEALTHY. 

We take the good with the bad when it comes to friendships, family, neighbors and co-workers.  NOBODY is perfect.  It's our imperfections that make us who we are.  We always pull out qualities we like in others rather than what we dislike so why would we not do the same for ourselves?  We ALL have those qualities but it's about how we reach in and grab them!  Hold onto them and let those qualities carry you to new heights.  
Know that you're valuable enough to deserve to FEEL GOOD and FEEL HEALTHY! 

Getting stronger and healthier EVERY day! 

LOVE that!  It is about upgrading ourselves.  Not to be like anyone else but to be our best. 
Every day I wake up I want to be MY BEST and you should want to be yours.  Giving my all in an intense workout helps me become better and feel better.  That is MINE that no person or thing can take away from me.  I'd rather work hard to simply improve rather than not try at all and stay in that place I was STUCK in for so long.  
When I speak to women that feel STUCK, it breaks my heart because I knew that feeling yet know what it will take to help them climb out but something inside holds them back...if I could force it I would but unfortunately it's the toughest part about what I do.  We can only help those that want it with 110% of their hearts.  If they aren't ready to UPGRADE their health, their body, their minds then there's nothing I can say or do to change that...and that is so frustrating, disappointing and heart-breaking.  
As I celebrate two years of my dreams becoming reality, my mind stays fixed on those women that have slipped away from me for various reasons.  I wish I could scoop them up and never let go...BUT as I've said before, if I am helping change lives and I'm here when those that I've lost are ready, then I'm doing what I've set out to do 
and I can ask nothing more of myself than that! 

And in closing, my cute TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY outfit!!!   

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What you're served VS. Portion sizes

I'm asked about this often and yes, we enjoy eating out as a family but we are aware and cautious of portions and try our best to practice balance, although sometimes the temptations are overwhelming...

Restaurants offer many extras like breads or chips, which offer extra calories, sodium and fat while offering little to no nutritional benefits.  Be aware! 
Some of their portions tend to be 2-3 times a serving which cause overeating by most children and adults.  
Convenient stores also offer larger portions at a reduced price while offering convenience so they are packaged in larger sizes to sell more and offer that, more for your money, feeling to the consumer.  

Let's find the difference between the two:
Portion- is how much food you choose to eat at one time. The choice on portion is OURS!

Serving Size- is the amount of food listed on a product label.  All the values you see on the label are what that manufacturer suggests in regards to that product.  
Grains- 1 slice of whole wheat bread, 1 oz. dry cereal, 1/2 c cooked rice, pasta, oats (about the size of a baseball)
Veggies- 1 c raw, leafy veggies (Small fist), 1/2 c cooked veggies 
Fruits- 1 med fruit (baseball-sized), 1/4 c dried fruit, 1/2 c fresh fruit
Protein/Meats- 3-4 oz cooked meat (size of computer mouse), 3-4oz grilled fish (size of a checkbook)
Fats/Oils- 1tsp oil or margarine, 1 tbsp low fat salad dressing, clear in color is best.
Nuts/Seeds- 1/3 c nuts, 2tbsp PB, 1/2 dry beans
Sweets/Sugars in moderation!!!  

What are some ways you can help yourself and your family consumer smaller portions with each meal?
If you cook at home- Serve single serving to all members of your family then package up the leftovers and put it away!  Helps prevent overeating and going back for more from the less nutritional items which tend to cause compulsive eating.
When at a restaurant- Stay away from the "extras" such as chips and bread...instead, order a large salad for the family to share before the meal, then portion out your entree and split with another family member or simply package it up early to avoid overeating!
Make the living room a NO FOOD ZONE!  When you eat while watching TV, reading or on social media, you'll tend to eat more because you aren't thinking about what/how much you're consuming.  Keep the food in the kitchen and it will help with those temptations all together!  If you must munch through the movie, split it as a family and lighten it up by using air popped popcorn and choose salt free toppings or none at all!
SNACKING- Portion it out by serving size and then put it away before eating!  NEVER eat from the box, container or bag!  It's almost guaranteed that you'll eat too much when it's ALL there for you to grab!  It's harder for the brain to shut it down when your hand is dipping in over and over again!  We make the choice so CHOOSE WISELY!!!  

*A size of cheese is about the size of a domino so think about that when grabbing some cheese/crackers for a "snack", it's less than you think so pay attention!!!

I was the QUEEN of overeating!  I could eat an entire bag of Doritos with a sandwich, if I was caught "hungry" so stay aware, don't skip meals-you'll set yourself up for overeating once you do eat, so why not fuel properly and frequently rather than overeating all at once?  The body can't work THAT hard to break down the bulk amount of food you consume.  It's about moderation and balance for the body to perform at its best.  We don't add TOO much fuel to our vehicles or they won't run properly...same with our bodies, fuel it right and properly and it'll run just as it should!  

Obesity and Childhood Obesity rates are rising when they should be falling...
We must come together to educate ourselves and our families so we understand our bodies, proper nutrition and how to be healthy.  It takes ALL of us working together!  
Unhealthy foods can be the "easier" option when life gets hectic.  Take a moment, STOP and think about your body and what it needs vs. what's "easy"...then you should be able to make the healthy choice!  Make good decisions when it comes to the foods you eat.  You cannot out-exercise a poor diet, trust me I TRIED and I failed over and over again!  It's the unfortunate truth.  It's about calories in vs. calories out!  Find that happy balance and you'll feel like a completely different person and those effects will trickle down to all members of your family!  Keep at it and understand your body.  
If you feel bad when you eat bad, then STOP EATING BAD!!!  Hello???! Seems easy, right?! 

Keep introducing new foods and exercises to your children and family...never give up!  Our taste buds evolve IF we expose them to new things.  If we add salt to EVERY thing we eat, our taste buds only know salt, same goes for sugary sweets...we crave what we know.  Find new, healthy things for the body to crave!  It works, I promise.  If the girl that was addicted to fast food, ate it at least once a day, some days 2-3...then anybody can change!  I wouldn't write it if I didn't mean it!  Make the changes today!  It's NEVER too late!  Small changes make a big difference so don't give up after weeks of trying...it might take months, maybe years but isn't it better to push toward a better life than to sink into an unhealthy one?  YES!!!!!  

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