Monday, April 4, 2016

day by day...

When it comes to being healthy, I take things day by day...

You should too.

Don't look for perfection but instead, look for BALANCE.

The way I see it, maintaining good health is HARD WORK but being unhealthy would be more work. It is painful, stressful, depressing and exhausting.  Your mood would be forever changing, your mind would have given up a long time ago so it would be only natural for your body to do the same...soon after.  Well unless you'd rather be totally dependent on medication (by choice) which carry side effects that can be just as weakening and destructive as poor health.  Agree?

Maybe you listen to those that have overcome bad eating habits, they've lost weight, they practice BALANCE and it seems so far out of reach that it's easier to NOT TRY? 

Either way in order to find long term success, you must TRY.

You must take things DAY BY DAY.

WANTING is never enough...
don't settle for WANTING.
It's a lonely road that leads to nowhere.

Settle for TRYING.
Those are things we should "settle" for...

I have been so busy lately that my blogging has fallen behind BUT NOT MY HEALTH.
I'm still going strong and taking things one day at a time.
I exercise and balance my eating.  Our local Move It Mommas are steadily reaching and exceeding goals they've set for themselves...
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