Thursday, March 31, 2011

Yep, I'm telling you AGAIN!

I have told you before about how fabulous Kraft Diabetes Center recipes truly are and now that Spring is here, I wanted to share some of their DELICIOUS recipes with all of me, they ALL look yummy!

So, head over HERE and check them out for yourself! Sign up to receive their newsletter too you'll get great tips and wonderful, new recipes sent straight to ya!

*Now don't think you have to be a Diabetic to enjoy these recipes...heck no! My hubby and I pretty much follow a high protein, low carb diet and these recipes fall right in line with our style of eating! I love these recipes because they are so flavorful

and include lots of veggies in most of their meals!

Stay tuned because I've got a great giveaway coming up VERY soon :)

Whew, they sure are tasty and have been a HUGE hit with my boys!!

Workout Update:

Two days off from running(due to weather) meant lots of indoor cycling and GSP RUSHFIT-remember how much I love these workouts?! Yep, still do!

Today I will be running, hopefully 4 miles with my son in the jogging stroller, so we'll see if I can maintain the pace I had while running alone??! Hmmm...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday Workout Hop!

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Healthy Eating Tip:

If you bite it, write it down! Yep, carry a small journal writing what you consume throughout the day! That way you are held accountable for the foods and this will help you make MUCH better choices, trust works for me! Try it out and tell me what ya think!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let's Start Fresh!

Now that summer is right around the corner, I find myself NEEDING to rid the house of all the clutter! Not only my closets, but our kitchen too! Ya know how it goes...snacks brought over by our parents for the kids, the high-calorie impulse buy I had to grab at the store because I was starving(Ha)...and so on!

Our family is ready to start FRESH and I'd like you to do it with us!

Celebrity Nutritionist Carrie Wiatt M.S., Author, Educator and Founder of Diet Designs® Custom Culinary Concierge programs is here to help! Crafting healthy meal programs for current and former clients including Fergie, Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, James Franco, and Donnie Wahlberg she is offering your readers (viewers) her easy tips and tricks for cleaning out the fridge and pantry to ensure the foundation for healthy eating is set. Start with the fridge… · To prevent food borne illnesses, check the temperature of your refrigerator. It should be set at 40 degrees or less. Your freezer should read 0 degrees or less. Temperatures above these levels can increase the risks of illnesses. And always check dates and labels, especially on dairy products. “When in Doubt, Throw it Out!” · Trying to get more calcium and protein into your diet by eating yogurt? Throw away fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt and stock up on low fat, low sugar varieties. Nonfat, plain or Greek yogurt sweetened with 1 tsp agave or honey is a healthy option. · Get rid of high calorie sauces like BBQ, mayonnaise, cheesy sauces, dips and the likes. Replace them with low calorie, light and low sodium versions. Instead, incorporate “free” condiments such as chili sauce, horseradish, vinegars, fresh salsa, Bragg’s Amino Acids, and seasoning blends into your meals. But if you crave indulgent condiments, eat only 2 tablespoons per day. · Stock the refrigerator with low calorie beverages. Swap your once-a-day soda habit with an occasional better-for-you ginger ale or Hansen soda. Sip on healthier beverages like flavored teas. Add excitement to water with cucumber, mint, or a slice of lemon, orange, or even cherries when in season. Or try Diet Designs delicious Pomegranate tea recipe: o Use 5 bags of green tea with chamomile (we use Celestial Seasonings Chamomile Green Tea), 8 ounces pure pomegranate juice (we use Pom Wonderful) and 4 cups boiling water o Add tea bags to boiling water. Steep for five minutes. Remove tea bags, add pomegranate juice and enjoy! Move onto the freezer… · Dig into the freezer and trash sodium-laden, high calorie frozen meals as well as any full fat frozen treats there to satisfy the late night sweet tooth. Instead, substitute with whole fruit sorbets (Ciao Bella is a favorite!), low-fat ice cream or frozen yogurt. Make your own frozen treats by freezing a few handfuls of grapes or ½ a banana with ½ ounce melted dark chocolate. · Freezing leftovers? Prevent freezer burn, by tightly wrapping food and the containers in plastic wrap, removing as much extra air as possible. Finally the pantry… · Still hanging on to salty snacks, chips, and cookies? Ditch anything full of dyes, hydrogenated oils, added sugars, and preservatives. Substitute these with healthy snacks such as black bean chips, “Kind” and “Kashi” granola bars, brown rice crackers, plain popcorn, or raw nuts, such as almonds and pistachios. Go even further and choose snacks that come from the refrigerator to satisfy cravings. Fruits, vegetables, and low fat dairy products are great options for between-meal snacks. As always, remember to keep an eye on your portion size. Don’t eat directly from any bag or before you know it, you’ll quickly overindulge! · Stock up on fiber-rich and whole grain products, such as rolled oats, quinoa, brown rice, whole grain pasta, and barley. Other great items to keep on hand are low sodium canned beans to add protein and spices to pack your meals with flavor. Keep a few low sodium soups like butternut squash or tomato for a quick low calorie lunch or appetizer prior to dinner. Now that you are done cleaning…DONATE! · Anything you do not eat (if not out-of-date and safe to eat) should be donated to a local food bank, shelter, church, etc. Either drop these off or call for FREE pick-up.

Disclosure: I received this article to share with my readers...that's it! ENJOY!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

for the KIDS!

Wanted to share a few websites that I use to help teach my children the importance of a healthy lifestyle! Growing up as an overweight child and teen myself, I know that it's NEVER too early to teach my children about healthy eating, exercise and taking care of our heart!

Filled with games and activities that help teach your children about the food pyramid, fruits and vegetables, serving sizes, vitamins, minerals and MUCH more!

Healthy eating tips for kids, snack ideas, outdoor games and activities

Healthy eating tips, exercise plans, nutrition info, Heart Health for your entire family plus MORE!

Although I used this for teaching P.E. and health, I have found some great activities to do with my boys as well! Just search your child's age and TONS of activities will pull up...even exercise/games you can do as a family :)

*How do I know what I am teaching them is being understood?! Well, tonight as I was cleaning the kitchen after dinner, my four year old was running around our living room.

When I asked him to STOP his response was,

"Mom, I'm working my heart muscle and whew it feels good!"

Ahhh, I love this house full of hilarious BOYS :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Yep, I pulled out my Pioneer Woman cookbook and it all went downhill from there...
I made her blackberry cobbler, using blueberries instead...and adding some flaxseed meal in there for some omega-3's and fiber(Ha!) Here's where I explain myself: When it comes to being healthy and providing healthy options for my family, I'd say I do a pretty good job! I usually keep tempting, high-calorie foods out of our home to where my hubby and I, as well as our children know that healthy foods taste great and they won't need the alternatives that swarm us at the grocery store. BUT I was craving something yummy and delicious and this was IT...whew, watch out! This recipe was DELICIOUS...sooooo delicious. Maybe because we really don't eat sweets or maybe because we haven't had a cobbler in who knows how long... who cares the reason-IT WAS GOOD! How will I fix the fact that I ate two slices??! Hmmm, by waking up at 6:30 and shooting for my five mile run??! YEP, so wish me luck...I'm going for it tomorrow, NO EXCUSES!!! *and for the record, I did really well this some really great, healthy recipes that I'll be sharing with you all very soon, as well as a great Saturday morning run that was SO relaxing and felt great!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Our garden and my GOAL for the morning!

...filled with string beans, okra, tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini and some strawberries too!
And wanna know the best part? My husband and two boys built it, filled it and planted it too!
Now let's hope they do really well and
we are able to enjoy fresh fruit and veggies all summer long!
My run for tomorrow: You might wonder why I'm posting the night before the run, but its to hold myself accountable! If I post this, it'll push me to DO IT! I WANT to run five miles tomorrow with my increased pace, alone without my running buddy and no jogging, not sure if this is a great goal or not but I am determined to do it! My alarm is set for 6:30, so WISH ME LUCK! PLEASE?!

FRESH fruits and veggies!

Do you have local farmer's markets in your area?! We took a short drive yesterday to one of our local farm's and now that Spring is officially here, you should have seen the variety of fruits and veggies!

The boys picked strawberries, they were eating them straight out of the bucket :)

We bought TONS of fruit and veggies, made some chicken on the grill and prepared some fresh string beans, squash and zucchini along with a HUGE fruit salad filled with plums, grapes, banana, strawberries, granny smith apples, kiwi and nectarines! Talk about YUMMY!

If you have a local market, I suggest you go there as a family. Let your children explore and find the fruits and veggies they find interesting, teach them about each one, and maybe even get them to try something NEW. My boys were so excited to learn where all these veggies grew, how they were, we decided to plant a garden full of okra, string beans, tomatoes, eggplant, squash, herbs, and even strawberries!
*Now let's hope they take off and we have LOTS of our own fruits and veggies this summer :)

I am taking the day off-whew its hot out there, already 80 degrees and its only 10am! Tomorrow I am going for a five mile day, we'll see if all goes according to the plan! I am enjoying running on my own, before my kiddos wake feels like "ME" time and its a way for me to start the day!! And I'm happy to report I've lost three pounds since starting this journey last week :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wednesday Workout Blog Hop

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Healthy Eating Tip: Be prepared when it comes to food. Spend one day a week preparing pre-packaged snacks in their portion sizes! Choose snacks that will remain fresh all week, I also use plastic bins in my pantry to store the small packaged snacks. My boys even ask for a "mixed up snack" every day! This will help control impulsive eating and help to avoid consuming empty calories. My rule is to keep all of the junk foods out of our home, because if they aren't here...we can't eat them! For some of my quick and easy snack recipes, check the right sidebar or previous posts! Hope you find them helpful and delicious too!

get 'em outta here!!!

so being Sicilian, my family has a tradition of the St. Joseph Altar each year. Although my grandmother passed away last year, my mom and her family/friends keep this tradition going. We love attending each year and its a huge part of my memories as a child.
(to see the whole post, go to my family blog here)
The only bad part:
THE COOKIES! Oh the homemade Italian cookies...
they are so good, there are so many to choose from and lots of them to take home :(
I usually keep tempting things out of our home because if its there, I'll eat it! But these cookies made it into our house Sunday after the Altar and we've been munching on them ever since...
Ughhh, so if I don't lose weight this week
its because of these darn, delicious, homemade, Italian cookies!!!

Running update: I took your advice and ran on my own, no stroller and wow it was WONDERFUL! I ran my fastest mile yet and it felt unbelievable! I definitely need to do it more often :) thanks for the advice!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

a question and a snack idea too!

Now that my running journey has started and I'm about a week into it, I've noticed that running through our neighborhood and around the lakes with a four year old and a one year old has its, I'm curious,
I have the B.O.B Revolution dualle jogging stroller, and its very nice but my four year old wants to ride his bike-with training wheels. I am so proud that he can keep up and pedal for 3-4 miles, but I can't help but think about the fact that running alone may have its perks too?! What do ya think?!

Fun, Easy Snack idea:
Take a skewer, start with 3 slices of apple, a cube of cheese, three grapes, cube of cheese, small slice of banana covered in peanut butter and THERE YA GO...a perfect healthy, FUN snack that your whole family will enjoy! I make these ahead of time, that way we can grab one right out of the fridge and ENJOY :)

Friday, March 18, 2011


Whew, that's a strong word huh?

So, where do you find your motivation?
...To exercise? Be healthy? Raise a healthy family?
Or maybe you are lacking motivation right now?

Living an unhealthy lifestyle and then finding the healthier ME is my motivation! I feel so much better when I exercise, sweat, and get in "the zone"! My life used to be SO blah...whatever that means. Filled with fatty foods, no exercise and carbs, carbs and more carbs! I spread this lifestyle to my family because my boys see my husband and I exercise, and it makes them want to live healthy too! You have no idea the joy I get from watching my four year old and one year old right there beside us doing our ab workouts :) PRECIOUS!
**Teaching P.E. and Health, I learned of the healthy habits or lack there of, with our children. It was often scary. We would be in our nutrition unit, learning about the food pyramid and portions and the kids were engaged like they were being taught was all so foreign to them. I refuse to let my children grow up the way that I did...with no self-esteem, and one of the "fat kids". I choose to break the cycle, so I guess you can say my motivation is FOR MY CHILDREN too!

So, what does MOTIVATION mean to you??!
Where do you find it?

My running journey is going STRONG! woohooo! Today was about 4.5 miles and it felt good. Although some parts were rough against the wind and pushing the two boys, I made it through and did NOT quit! Yayyyy!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

USANA review...and my running journey update too!

Did you know that USANA vitamins and supplements are one of the highest rated in the world? Recently, I was given the opportunity to review several of their products, and so far I am impressed. I was most excited about the children's vitamins, Usanimals and turns out, my boys loved them! Usanimals are free of artificial flavors/sweeteners, support healthy immune function, and they contain an antioxidant-rich formula that cannot be found with a lot of children's vitamins on the market today. As for myself and husband, we've tried the Fibergy and think this product works great! Fibergy is a flavorless fiber blend that contains 12 grams of dietary fiber per serving. This product promotes digestive health, and is gluten, dairy and soy free. Not sure about all of you, but I can use all the fiber that I can, the older that I get :) I even added this formula to our daily smoothies! So yummy! Proflavonol C100 is another USANA product that I was eager to try, because with flu season, I like to pump up my immune system as much as possible around this time of year. These supplements tasted great, easy to swallow and with the added grape-seed extract, they contain more powerful antioxidants! I'm excited to learn more about USANA and you can too by visiting their website and seeing for yourself!

"Move It Momma" Running Journey, Day 6:
As you can see from my DailyMile widget on my right sidebar, I have been sticking to my plan and feel as though my pace has improved and I have more confidence! Yay! As for motivation, I find that through my husband and his weight-loss, running journey(click link to read his story!), and through the running blogs I told you about before, and I have a friend that's taking this journey with me! It's always great to have a friend to hold each other accountable and reach the goals as a team! Wooohooo! So, today we completed 4 miles in 41 minutes, which I don't think is TOO shabby, huh?! While my four year old rode his bike, and I pushed my 1 year old and her 1 year old in the B.O.B stroller! I'm just proud that I'm sticking to it and today was the first time where I felt in the "zone" and that I could keep going...although I was still pretty whooped! LOL!
Oh and I'm still incorporating RushFit into my workouts during the week as well as my indoor cycling bike! With all of these intense workouts,
I hope to see some changes in myself physically?! We'll see!
I'd love any tips/suggestions my running friends may have for me in regards to seeing the best results?! Days to run per week? Miles each run?
I'd love to lose about 15lbs!
I know I have a degree in health/exercise, however I am NOT a running expert!!

Workout Wednesday Blog Hop!

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Workout Tip:
Find an exercise buddy! Exercise is always more fun when you can share it with someone! Maybe a friend to walk the neighborhood? Find a friend that'll set a goal and work to reach it with you? Maybe just some friends to come over for an exercise video a few days a week?
*When I was losing the majority of my weight, it was SO difficult for me to share my excitement with friends, because I was at SUCH a different place in my life,
working to acheive something I had been working SO hard for.
Therefore a workout buddy to share the excitement with, would have been fabulous!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the benefits of SEAFOOD

Wanted to share an article I received from Women's Health Magazine . We live near the coast, where fresh seafood is always available and SO good, so we try to eat seafood as much as possible. If you LOVE seafood, then you should definitely check out the article below...

Get Hooked

Seafood is low in calories, packed with protein and is a leading source of powerful omega-3s. The editors of Women’s Health magazine break down the five best catches of the day that should be incorporated into every woman’s grocery list.

Salmon: This pink-fleshed fish is famous for its hefty omega-3 content, but it’s also nature’s number one source of vitamin D, which is essential for strong bones and a healthy immune system. Just three ounces contain 52 percent of your recommended daily dose of niacin, which is a B vitamin that boots energy and helps your body metabolize carbohydrates and fat.

Dungeness Crab: Three ounces of this Northern Pacific crab contains only 73 calories and 15 grams of protein. Crabs are usually cooked like lobsters (boiled alive), but you can also eat them frozen, which is just as tasty and satisfying.

Barramundi: This Australian swimmer is a white-fleshed fish with a boatload of omega-3s as well as being low in calories and mercury. Better yet, this type of fish is raised in a closed, pollution-free environment.

Sardines: Known as “health food in a can” this catch is low in mercury and like most oily fish, full of omega-3s. Fresh sardines can be tough to find if you don’t live in the West Coast; but smoked or canned are equally as good. Three ounces pack more calcium and vitamin D than a glass of milk.

Bay Scallops: These petite mollusks are one of the leanest proteins around with only 95 calories and less than one gram of fat per three ounces. They also contain 20 percent of the immune-boosting selenium you need in a day. When you buy scallops, they should be dry and firm, not sitting in any kind of liquid.

For more healthy food tips, check out or pickup the April issue of Women’s Health on newsstands now!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

fellow bloggers can be SO motivating!

A few nights ago, I felt myself blog hoppin' like crazy and ran into an entire running community of bloggers! Some have been running for most of their lives, others have found a love for it recently and lost a tremendous amount of was seriously AMAZING! They are so committed and struggled with the same weight issues I have for most of my life! Running is their focus, they live it, breathe's inspirational! I have never felt like a great jogger(can't even call myself a "runner"), I've always done the bare minimum until I feel as though I can't go any further, but these bloggers somehow gave me a new outlook on the entire sport of running. They use it to continually set goals for themselves, inspire others and stay healthy! I'd like to share just a few with you that have helped me find a new passion
...hopefully one day I can call myself a "RUNNER"!
Endurance Isn't Only Physical - her story is AMAZING!
...and these are just a few! If you take a minute and read their stories, you'll be amazed-I promise! Blogging has given me SO many wonderful opportunities so far and can't wait to see where else it will take me. As for now, it has led me to a new be a RUNNER!
I'd love for you to take this journey right along with me??!

Friday, March 11, 2011

do you move to good music?

My iPod is begging to be updated and find some new tunes, so I need YOUR help!

Seriously, it's BAD.
My husband has me jogging again.
* As I've said before I get frustrated with running because my speed is terrible, but he's convinced me that if he can go from NO exercise to running 8.5 minute miles, I can kick it up too :)
So, today I jogged and did my indoor spin bike, but I was SO sick of the music by the first 15 minutes, that it made me lack motivation, know what I mean?! It's MY fault, I haven't updated or downloaded new songs in months, but I need some fresh, here's where you come in,
What's on your workout playlist?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My PIZZA creation that your family will LOVE!

I had an idea to make this healthy pizza with all these yummy toppings
and I wanted to see how my family would enjoy it...
and let me tell ya, I was SUPER happy with the outcome and so were they!

Now that you've seen the deliciousness, wanna try it?!
Move It Momma's Turkey and Spinach Pizza
You'll Need:
whole wheat thin pizza crust
2 tbs extra virgin olive oil
2 tbs flaxseed meal
garlic salt
2 cups spinach
1/2 canned stewed tomatoes-no sugar added
1/2 lb browned, ground lean turkey
1/2 onion
1/2 package 2% mozzarella shredded cheese

Heat oven to 350. Brown turkey meat with 1/2 chopped onion.
Lay out pizza crust, spread extra virgin olive oil on crust
and sprinkle with garlic salt, then flaxseed meal.
Spread drained stewed tomatoes on crust, top with spinach.
Place turkey meat on top of spinach and then top with
mozzarella cheese! Sounds yummy, right?!
Now pop in the oven for 20 minutes or until crust is crispy and cheese is bubbly :)
Ok listen up...this pizza is G.O.O.D! I was pretty impressed because most of the time when I've tried to create a healthy pizza, they just don't turn out tasting all that great, but this one...WATCH OUT! My husband LOVED it and the boys couldn't get enough. I can't talk them into eating spinach but when it was under some turkey and cheese, they were FINE with it :) Go figure!! If you try it, let me know...I'd love to know what your family thinks too!
**AND the best part of this can make two meals out of it!
Take the other 1/2 lb browned turkey meat with onion, add 1/2 tsp cumin and 1/2 tsp chili powder and now you've got taco meat! So, I layered a carb balance tortilla with the taco meat, black beans, sliced avocado and romaine lettuce, topped it with 2% cheddar and some plain greek yogurt(in place of sour cream)
SOOOO yummy, healthy and saves you some money too!
Today's Workout:
My hubby LOVES to run and to be honest, I'm not the fastest runner so I get frustrated with it a lot. He talked me into doing a 5K this morning, which was great in this perfect weather we've been having here, but I was pretty tired. We came home and decided to do the Team Fonda-Ultra Bootcamp workout I reviewed a while back. He thought it was going to be a "girly" workout and boy, was he wrong! He was dripping in sweat and saying that the woman on the video was kicking his butt!!! Why did I love that so much??! Ha!
SO, today was a great workout and hopefully I will be able to get outta bed in the morning!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wednesday Workout Hop-Sensible Portions review and giveaway too!

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...and now for a great giveaway!
My family and I were given the opportunity to try out some of their products
and I must say, we were impressed! I was amazed when my picky-eater grabbed some Veggie Straws and starting crunching away! Yay! And these perfectly portioned packages make it easy to NOT lose control when snacking! They have great flavor, they are crunchy and satisfying too!Veggie Straws contain 30% less fat than regular potato chips and are made of a perfect blend of garden veggies, and let me tell you...these are OH SO good!
Their products are all delicious and I can tell you right now, they do NOT lack taste or crunch!
When I put these away, my sons were asking where the "yummy chips" had gone!
Ha, if that doesn't tell you that they're good, then what will??!
Personally, I LOVE products that put our health first and Sensible Portions shows us that right in their Mission Statement:"...our convenient packaging provides built-in portion control to meet the lifestyle demands of healthier eating in a fast paced world."
Buy Sensible Portion Products:
Click HERE to see the stores that carry these products!
Or order from their online store!
My family enjoyed these so much that I'd like to share some of them with one of YOU!
Yep, how about trying out some Potato Straws?! Or maybe some Cheating with Chocolate?
That's right..put the greasy potato chips away and make room for this healthy alternative!
The Giveaway:
An assortment of these tasty treats!
Mandatory Entry:
Go to Sensible Portions and tell me one of the snacks you'd like to try!
(1 entry)
Extra Entries:
Follow my blog and leave a comment telling me that you do!
(1 entry)
Link up to the Wednesday Workout Hop!!
(2 entries)
Blog about my giveaway and/or the Wednesday Workout Hop on your blog too!
(2 entries)
...that means SIX chances to win!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Move It Momma's Artichoke Chicken

Mmmm, I can smell the garlic from better hurry up and make this NOW!!!
Move It Momma's Artichoke Chicken
You'll Need:
3-4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts-pounded for tenderness
3/4 c full fat mayo
3/4 c shredded Parmesan cheese
1 15oz can quartered, unflavored artichoke hearts, drained
4-5 cloves of fresh garlic-chopped
Mix all above ingredients, preheat oven to 425.
Place chicken in casserole dish, spread artichoke mixture all over top of chicken.
Bake uncovered for 35 minutes or until chicken is cooked through
and we like it with a slightly browned topping too!
*Prepare this chicken with fresh string beans on the skillet. OR grilled asparagus. You can get the same grilled result, using the oven. I lay fresh asparagus on baking sheet, drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, sprinkle of garlic powder and fresh, squeezed lemon and some pepper too!
I know this recipe is fattening with all the full fat mayo and cheese, but make sure you watch your calories/fat content for the day, then enjoy in the evening! I keep saying when I prepare this meal (I make it often because my husband and boys LOVE it!)I will try slicing zucchini really thin, boiling and substituting as my noodles to drizzle artichoke sauce on with the chicken but haven't tried it! I've seen it done in my cooking magazines, but can't imagine the zucchini getting to the consistency of noodles??! Who knows! I do know that spaghetti squash would be wonderful with this dish....Mmmm, is your mouth watering already?!
Workout Update:
Is it safe to say that I LOVE GSP RUSHFIT??! I know I'm probably driving you guys crazy with post after post, but as I said before...when I'm excited about something, you'll know it!
Today will begin Week 2, the Fight Conditioning Workout which just might be my favorite one!
I keep looking late at night for a RUSHFIT infomercial, but not there yet! Guys, seriously...have you seen all the infomercials on late at night for fitness??! It's OUTTA CONTROL!! One channel after the other...I admit I get stuck watching the Insanity workout, that's one I haven't tried yet and I'd love to know what its like! ?? Anybody tried it??!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Yay! recipe link is up and running!

So, thanks to all of you and your super sweet comments...we now have a recipe link!!! Yay!
All of my tasty treats can be found on my right sidebar under "Move It Mommas Healthy Creations" Eventually I will figure out how to seperate main dishes, snacks, etc...but for now this should do! Hope you find what you're looking for and by now you know that my recipes are usually quick, kid-friendly(and kid-tested!) and YUMMY too! As I've said before, it is SO important to serve healthy meals that your kids enjoy eating. This way they find healthy foods that they'll love as they grow :) I hope that my blog is a place where you may find those recipes that become family favorites, while still easy enough to give Momma a break too!
If you have any questions regarding these recipes or have a request for a Move It Momma meal makeover, just email me at and I'll see what we can do :)

X-Pole Review

You are probably thinking what I'm thinking right now but NO, it's not x-rated
...take a breath! Ha!
X-Pole is the company that helped Kendra...oh yes, Kendra Wilkinson, former Girl Next Door, get her very own fitness pole. I had seen these advertised before and I've seen the workout videos too. I never thought in a million years that I'd be giving it a try, but I did!
When the Pole arrived, I was super excited to see Kendra's name and picture on there! I can't help myself, I love that girl :)
To be honest, I felt a little silly because feeling sexy is just not ME.
But I will say it's sturdy, easy to set up, take down, comes with a carry bag and an instruction manual too! If you are looking for something different when it comes to exercise, then this might be what you've been looking for. Like I said, I love Kendra and I wish I had more confidence to really let loose and get a good workout, so I'm going to keep working on it and who knows, maybe one day it'll be my new, favorite workout!!!
*It gives you a major workout on your shoulders, back, abs and arms, that's for SURE!
"X-Pole is all about getting women into shape and making them feel sexy. I thought it would be a great item to feature on your site, whether it be as a last-minute Valentine’s Day story (getting sexy for your significant other or hinting for one as a gift) or something early for Mother’s Day (great way to workout at home, lose baby weight, etc.), or as a new and fun fitness/workout idea for your readers"
If you'd like more information on X-Pole, head over to their website
Disclosure: I received this X-Pole in exchange for my honest review of this product. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% mine.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Recipe Archive??!

I have been asked by several of my bloggy friends to provide a sidebar full of my healthy recipes to where they are easy to access and listed by ingredients, etc! If you guys haven't figured it out, I am totally tech-challenged and need YOUR help! I have NO idea how to get this done, but I'd be more than willing to add this feature and think it would help all of you find these recipes MUCH faster and hopefully my newest followers would be able to find older recipes from months past?!
So, the Move It Momma needs your help and ALL suggestions will be more than greatly appreciated!!! and while we're at it...I'd love to know how to add a signature of The "Move It Momma" to my posts as well??!!! Man, I'm sure asking a lot out of you guys tonight, huh? SORRY :)

P.S. I know I posted about my Day 6 RUSHFIT earlier today but whew, let me tell you guys...I am S.O.R.E! Feeling it everywhere...sad but true! My hubby came home and did the same Plyometric workout and he said it was TOUGH but he LOVED it too :)

"Younger (Sexier) You" review!

Well, this is a healthy living blog dedicated to helping us find total wellness and part of that is...well, SEX! Yep, I said it! I was asked to review Eric Braverman M.D. latest book and I must say, it was great! This book is one of those you begin and can't seem to put down! He writes the book in a way that's easily understood and helps us understand our body! Not only is exercise and healthy eating important in our lives as we get older, so are other things and if we don't dedicate time to ourselves completely, our health suffers. Thank you Dr. Braverman for writing this book and allowing women to feel sexy once again :) I can't say that I feel sexier after reading it, but I'm working on it. I've had MAJOR self-esteem issues since before my weight-loss journey and success, so like anything else, I take it one step at a time!
Top 5 Tips From Dr. Braverman’s YOUNGER (SEXIER) YOU:
Dr. Braverman is a professor of integrative medicine in neurological surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College and the best-selling author of Younger You and the Younger (thinner) You Diet.

1. Good sex and good health reinforce each other. Sex keeps us younger because it decreases stress, enhances intimacy and helps form personal relationships.
2. Great sex starts with your brain, but sometimes it needs to be cleared and rebooted. There are two ways to reboot your brain – by turning it on, (exercising) or by turning it off (relaxing).
3. Asparagus, Bananas, Cabbage, Celery, Figs, and Oysters are some of the best foods that can be prescribed to give a person a sexual boost!
4. Women treating menopause can go from wanting to have sex once a month to looking forward to having sex three times a week or more!
5. In most cases, declining hormone levels are not permanent. You can reverse hormone related aging and turn your sex life back on, creating a younger you, full of vigorous health and a rejuvenated sex life.
I'm sure you've all heard of his New York Time's Best Seller, YOUNGER THINNER YOU DIET. I know that's the one I'll be reading next! I'm curious to see what that book is all about!!
disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% mine and no other compensation was received.

another yummy snack and workout update!

Move It Momma's SWEET ROLL UP
You'll Need:
carb balance tortilla
neuftchael cheese or 1/3 less fat cream cheese
sprinkle of cinnamon
Spread 2 tbs cheese on tortilla, sprinkle with cinnamon!
Microwave for 20 seconds or until warmed through.
This is oh-so-yummy and can be enjoyed at that time of the day where you wanna devour your entire pantry! Ha! Yes, we all have those days! This will be filling and just what you need to curb your apetite and help you hold off 'til dinner!
Today's Workout:
RUSHFIT Day 6 was AWESOME! I had two friends come and join me in the Explosive Power Training-Plyometric workout today...full of explosive cardio, it was intense! Loved it and I'm already feeling it in my quads and hamstrings! I am also happy to report that I've lost THREE pounds since starting this workout only six days ago! This workout series has made me understand that I wasn't pushing myself to the max like I should be. I feel better, look better, my clothes already fit better and all it took was some kicked up workouts! I am not being paid by RUSHFIT to tell you this, I promise...but it works! It's a great workout with some super cool moves and I've seen improvement in myself within the first week!
Have a great weekend :)

and the winner is...

The winner of the Bob Harper Ultimate Cardio Body is...

Comment #4, Ashley at The Johnstons
Congrats to you, I am emailing you now and you have 48 hours to respond!
more DVD's, healthy foods, health-related books and MORE!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wednesday Workout Blog Hop

Hosted By: My Fitness World , Lets Move It Mamma's & Living Smart Girl

This is a workout blog hop for Wednesdays! You will receive workout tips, exercise ideas and healthy food ideas from My Fitness World , Lets Move It Momma's & Living Smart Girl,
1. Follow My Fitness World, Lets Move It Mamma's & Living Smart Girl
2. Leave us a comment letting us know you follow so we can follow back.
3. Grab our button and post it up on your blog, linking back to our hop.Leave your linky below! Tell us your favorite exercise and why?
And Have Fun!!!

Move It Momma's Apple Spice Cake

You'll Need:
1 box spice cake mix-I used Duncan Hines
1 can apple pie filling
2 tbs flaxseed-I put a little extra!
1 cup water
sprinkle of powdered sugar for the top!
Preheat oven to 350. Combine cake mix, apple pie filling, flaxseed and water, pour into Bundt pan and bake for 45 minutes or until cooked through.
Sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve!
Watch out, this one is sooooo yummy! My boys had cake all over their face and between their fingers! They didn't even know Mommy had left out the oil and eggs to this tasty treat!
I know the canned apples contain quite a large amount of sugar, but if you keep your portions under control, you will be fine! And do as I did, freeze the remaining portions in freezer bags, seperated with parchment paper to prevent sticking. Then thaw your serving and enjoy when you have that sweet tooth that just won't go away :)

P.S. Day 5 of GSP RUSHFIT was brutal. Whew, it kicked my booty today and I'm feeling it tonight...I'm telling you I think I've found muscles in my body that haven't been used in YEARS, sad but true! But I love it and the hubby did too :)
I sure deserved this treat tonight after today's workout! Ha!
Hope you enjoy the hop this week!

a breakfast you can enjoy all week!

Move It Momma's Breakfast Casserole:
(I received this recipe from my cousin, Stephanie
but changed a few things to make it a little healthier!)
You'll Need:
12 eggs
1/4 cup skim milk
1/2 package 2% shredded cheese
1 lbs turkey breakfast sausage
1/2 bag shredded potatoes
2 tbs flaxseed :)
Heat oven to 350. Brown turkey sausage until cooked through. Layer casserole dish with frozen potatoes, then sausage. Beat eggs with milk, pour over sausage. Bake for 45min covered or until eggs are cooked. Remove from oven, fluff mixture with fork. Add cheese and flaxseed to top, cover and allow cheese to melt! ENJOY!
The best part of this recipe: We eat it all week! It stays perfectly fresh in fridge, heat portion in microwave and enjoy a quick, easy and healthy breakfast! You have your protein, carbs and some added fiber through the flaxseed to get ya through the day and its YUMMY too!
For some added yumminess: Put portion on carb balance tortilla, add 1 tbs salsa and enjoy a breakfast taco! Mmmmm, sounds good right?! IT IS!
As always, watch portion control because this stuff is SO good, you'll be wanting seconds...
but don't :)
Today is balance and agility! A bonus DVD! I am so excited to try this one out, but it'll be this afternoon with my hubby! Yep, he's going to try it for the first time today and I'm going to predict that he'll LOVE it! I'm telling you, you should totally check out the website, I think you'll fall in love with it too! I feel stronger
have a great day :)
*Don't forget about the Bob Harper DVD giveaway that ends TOMORROW!
You won't wanna miss out on this awesome go here and enter NOW!!!

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