Tuesday, January 19, 2016

THAT day...

What does THAT day look like to you? 

It may look different in our minds...
THAT day.
It is full of the unknown...which can be the most rewarding part.
When we start our journey, we are unaware of where the journey will lead us.
Of course we should imagine success but if we focus SO much on the "end result", the "total we'd like to lose", "bathing suits we'd like to wear" etc, then the journey will be less meaningful and we'll miss out on those small, life-changing moments that matter SO much.  Those little moments are what change us and make us better, stronger and more dedicated.  We learn from those moments...and they matter.  Every moment, every step MATTERS.

The moments, experiences, people we meet along the way are what change us!
If I focus on the "end" then that would mean my way of life doesn't change so instead I focus on EVERY MOMENT!  Big and Small.  They all count.  

When I first met Mishell, I could feel her strength.  I knew she had "tried" and "failed" too many times to count, just as I did.  She told me, "this time felt different" and man, was she right!  She's had MANY MOMENTS on her journey and it's only the beginning.  
Weight loss, inches lost, dropped sizes, decreased medication dosage, improved her blood pressure, inspired others AND she completed her first 5K on Saturday!  Oh what a feeling...

Those life-changing moments?  Yea, we had a BIG one on Saturday and we weren't alone, we were TOGETHER!  
She was anxious and feared the unknown but didn't let that stop her.  We met at the race, hugged and laughed, took too many pictures and then we started...
She had mentioned to only a few not to leave her throughout the race, but what amazed me was that we ALL stayed with her, EVERY-SINGLE-STEP OF THE RACE!
It was beautiful.
Nobody was out to set the world on fire, beat a record or win first place.

We were there to finish...TOGETHER. And we did.  

We all had tears in our eyes as they announced her name and accomplishment as we crossed that finish line, side by side.  A moment that cannot be put into words but it was one of those life-changing moments you never see coming.  You can imagine what your journey will be like but you'll NEVER fully understand until you feel it and are in it.  
What a moment.  

But our moments were far from over after Saturday's 5K because now it was Sunday, time for the Chevron Houston Marathon and the Aramco Half Marathon!!  Yep!  
Go big or go home, right?!

Again, we were not there to win first place but we were there to FINISH

WE DID IT! 13.1 miles...and one of us complete her first MARATHON- 26.2!!!  WOW! 

I crossed the finish line limping alongside my husband, who had severe knee pain but we did it!  We did not give up, although we wanted to when our injuries worsened at mile 11 but we kept going...one foot in front of the other, not worrying about the end outcome, but only focusing on one foot in front of the other...simple as that!
I finished my 11th half marathon, my 4th time running this Aramco half marathon!

If you would have asked me years ago to "Imagine THAT day",  I would have NEVER imagined all these medals...MY MEDALS hanging in my bedroom.  I did that?! 

THAT day looked much different in my mind and it was so hard to imagine because I had NEVER been there before.  I hated running, dreaded exercise and sweating, did not like healthy foods, rarely ate vegetables unless they were covered in butter and lived for fast food....Yep, that was ME.  THAT day did not involve half marathons, leading workout groups, graduating with a degree in Exercise Physiology and Health, getting a teacher certification in PE and Health, working in cardiac rehab helping heart patients improve their health...WHAT??!!! 

Yep, that's why THAT day cannot be imagined, it must be PURSUED.  THAT day must be CHASED. 

Sometimes it's tough to imagine how the HEALTHY YOU will look, feel, act, what that version of YOU will accomplish, people the HEALTHY YOU will meet, inspire or motivate but if you START, then that HEALTHY YOU is just around the corner and those little life-changing moments along the way make it an even better journey!  

Start now and stop waiting for THAT day.
Chase THAT day, EVERY DAY.  

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