Saturday, July 24, 2010

Try it out and see what ya think!

If you've never heard of it, is a great resource to find all things ACTIVE in your area. Click the link and it'll take you to their home page. From there, on the right side of the main page, there's a keyword search where you will enter your city and state, then you can pick from different activities and search! it's a perfect way to get your family involved with your daily exercise routine!
I usually search our city and state, then allow all results to pop up, I scroll through to find the kid-friendly walk/run races because some OTHER races do not allow jogging strollers. I like the 5K or kid-K races, because they are VERY family-friendly :)
There are even pet-friendly races, those are fun too!
MOST IMPORTANTLY: Most of these local races are for a good cause! I have participated in races for Crime Victims, breast cancer research, women against violence, Amercian Heart Association fighting heart disease, fighting autism, diabetes in children and MANY more!!
If you have never done one of these races, I suggest you make it a goal and try it out. At the event, there are fun activities, t-shirts, healthy snacks, coupons, moonwalks, face painting...depending on the race you choose, but you should be able to click on the specific race and find out event details!
I am not, in any way, a great runner, but I do enjoy exercise outdoors, so I usually alternate between jogging and walking throughout the race and my husband and kids LOVE it too!
My suggestion: Make it a goal, start SLOW and work toward that goal up until the event date...
the feeling of accomplishment that you get when crossing that finish line is like NO OTHER!
If you give it a try, PLEASE let me know...
and I'd love to hear your thoughts on this post!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

something to try!

Jacob doing some lunges, along with Mommy and Daddy!
I have two boys and NO GYM MEMBERSHIP!
So, I have to be creative with my workouts. Lately, I have been trying to get my three year old involved...he'll try some push-ups here and there, practice his squats - it's precious! Also, I try to spend 30 minutes indoors, and then take the boys in the jogging stroller for another 30! It's a great way to get us all outdoors in the evening, and a great way to include them in my workouts! I want them to understand the importance of exercise, so why not have them join in?!
It's fun, so give it a try sometime!
Happy Thursday :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

rainy, workout days

So, if the weather where you are is ANYTHING like what we've got here in Texas, then you must be having one of those lazy days like me??! Here it is rainy, humid, sticky and nothing but gloomy clouds all around! YUCK!
So, to get myself out of this nasty, weather funk...
I chose a workout video that was short, sweet and to the point! After 30 min. I was sweatin' and feelin' good, but sorry, 30 minutes is all I had in me!
Better than nothing, right??!
Back me up here? Please?!
Here's hoping the weather where you are is a bit brighter!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm ALL about the "30 Day Shred"

Ok, so I struggle with weight like MOST Mom's out there, but this DVD has changed my life. I was doing P90X for a while, but in all reality, the videos were long and I just don't have time to spend almost 2 hours working out in my living room when I've got a three year old and one year old NEEDING my attention around the clock!
We actually found it for $8.88 at Sam's a while back. But you can also get it here!
My husband has lost 55lbs. and I have lost 18lbs.
SIDE NOTE: Why do men lose weight like 1,000 times faster than women??! I know this is what I studied in college, I know the science behind it but seriously...NOT FAIR!!!
Anyway, we are eating a very, healthy well-balanced diet that consists of plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, high fiber and low, simple carbohydrate(no "whites" only whole grain/wheat) along with this workout five times a week!!!
Just thought I'd put it out there for you guys to check out...
you may LOVE it the way we do in the McClellen house!
So, my challenge to you?! Try it and tell me what you think!
An added bonus, if you have "ON DEMAND" through your cable provider, this 30 Day Shred Workout, Level 1 is available to you FREE! Go to "sports and fitness", then go to "10-30 min workouts" and there you will find it, FREE!!! Yay, what's better than that??

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