Sunday, April 29, 2012

a month for change

May is almost here!  That means summer is right around the corner!  It's time for vacations, shorts, bathing suits and more, so there's no better time to start focusing on goals for the month of May.   

What are your goals for May 2012?

We have made some very good changes in our house and they have definitely made an impact on our boys as well!  They see us making the healthier choices and they want to copy our positive habits!  Yay!  With a new diet, I have had to become very flexible with my meal plans because it's not always easy to plan a day's worth of meals with a busy schedule, preschool, sports, and being a wife and mother!  And we all have busy lives, so I'm sure this is tough for most of you too!  

Today for lunch I decided to use some leftover sirloin steaks to make some yummy lettuce wrapped fajitas and they were SO yummy!  I chopped the 2 steaks along with squash, zucchini, red and green bell peppers and a half of a yellow onion.  We added sliced avocado and Greek yogurt to the top, wrapped it up and enjoyed!  It was so good and there's enough for leftovers tomorrow too!  I love when that happens!  

Weekend Workouts didn't happen...ugh, I know!  I felt like a slacker, but honestly we had a busy weekend and it was tough to find the energy or the time when we were rushing from place to place all weekend!  I know, I always say NO EXCUSES and here I am making them...but I plan on making up for the lack of workouts, this week!  I am planning on a morning run before the boys wake up, so I'll keep you posted.  

Do you like to prepare new meals from leftovers?

To help you with your May goals, you should check out "Get Moving May" that will launch on May 1st from The Doctors TV Show
Here's a little about the initiative,

About Get Moving May!
This May, in support of National Physical Fitness & Sports Month, THE DOCTORS encourages you, your family and friends to get a jump start on a healthier lifestyle by getting active every single day and participating in our Get Moving May! initiative.

The idea is simple!  Be active every single day during the month of May.  Whether it’s as simple as walking the family dog an extra 20 minutes a day, yoga in the park, or vigorously cleaning the house, there are many ways to add a little extra activity in your day, and burn those calories! 

THE DOCTORS will provide you support at through valuable fitness tips, videos, nutrition guides and much more.

Follow us on Twitter @TheDoctors and use the hashtags #thedoctors #getmovingmay to see how the co-hosts and other viewers across the country are getting active this May!

Download the Get Moving May! badge on Facebook (available on after May 1) to show your support for this important initiative.

And, of course, tune in to THE DOCTORS (check your local listings) for more information and to stay informed on the latest medical breakthroughs and everyday advice improve your overall health and wellness. 

Friday, April 27, 2012

"it finally clicked"

I was talking with a friend from my son's school who is a wife, mother and probably wears many more hats throughout her days.  

She has lost over 80lbs by hard work and dedication...awesome, right?  And no crazy diets, just simply making her life healthy and finding that balance.  I told her it was something to be proud of and that she should be extremely proud of what she has accomplished.  
Her response was, "thank you so much, I still have a long way to go but this time something just clicked"
Those words stuck with me.  I ask myself that question often and my husband, after losing 100lbs, says the same thing.  What clicked?  We're not sure but my friend summed it up, "something just clicked"  It doesn't matter WHAT clicked...

what matters is that somehow we find the strength and determination to CHANGE.  

What do you think "clicks" when a person decides to change and they accomplish that goal?

I am so proud of her for putting in the work to make her dreams a reality!  It takes hard work and she had to put herself first, but she has done it and she's on the road to even more success!  -Congrats to you, Kristie!!

Do you have a friend that has made the changes for success with diet and exercise?
I'd love for you to share other stories like this in the comment section!
These stories can push us to the next level and motivate us like crazy!

I'd love to share a neat summer camp that I just received information on...
I'm a sucker for reality TV and I just can't resist some of MTV's best like Punk'd, Jersey Shore, The Pauly D project, my favorite was "I used to be fat" and another that caught my attention was Chelsea Settles...I think it's pretty cool that she can now use her reality fame for a great cause and to help motivate other teens that were in her same situation, struggling to find change.  Check out the press release below:

Chelsea, who was the star of MTV’s “Chelsea Settles,” will teach classes in grooming, poise and charm to 400 campers ages 7 to 19.  She will live at the weight-loss camp in Reeders, Pennsylvania , and work with campers to develop confidence and build a positive self-image.  Chelsea will also teach them how to dress for their shape. 

Viewers watched Chelsea transform from a morbidly obese, self-conscious, 20-something to a slimmer (she lost 90 pounds), confident woman who gained the courage to ask her boss for a promotion.  

“I think the viewers identified with my story because it was relatable,” says Chelsea . “I am just the average small-town girl that took a chance, trusted my gut - lost some of my gut in the process - and found the courage to follow my dreams.” 

Camp Pocono Trails founder and director Tony Sparber is excited about the inspiration Chelsea will bring. Chelsea has lost a total of 116 pounds and is devoting her life to health and wellness. 

“I am thrilled that Chelsea has agreed to work with New Image Camps at Pocono Trails this summer,” he says.  “These kids know her. They know her struggles. There is no better way to help these kids than to show them someone who has dealt with their same issues, has overcome them, and accomplished big things.”
# # #
About New Image Camps:
New Image Camp, an American Camp Association (ACA) accredited program, has two locations: Camp Pocono Trails in Reeders, Pennsylvania and Camp Vanguard in Haines City , Florida . Camp Pocono Trails has been featured on two MTV Documentaries, "Fat Camp" and "Return to Fat Camp", as well as on Ruby, Good Morning America, Dr. Phil, The Today Show, and in the pages of People Magazine and The New York Times, among many others. For more information, please visit

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm proud, are you?

There are definitely ups and downs will all aspects of life. 
And that especially goes for working out and eating healthy.  

I have times where I really focus on my diet and work out hard and there are other times where we slip up and fall short.  I think that's okay.  Don't you?  But if we let those falling short moments take control, we can end up in a really bad cycle that will never end.  That's the tricky part and it goes back to what I always say about FINDING BALANCE.  I believe that is true for all of us.  

It's what makes us human BUT we have to make sure those "down" times don't get out of control...I have put myself in check, my husband has too and we're doing good and feeling great!  

Now I'm not sure about this silly pose, but hey I WAS PROUD!  Just finished a great 4 mile run in the 80+ degree & humid temps so can't I make a silly cheerleader pose?! 
I think I deserve it!  Ha!  Wow that is REALLY cheesy!!!

and for those of you stuck in that rut that you can't seem to shake, tell yourself this...

 Make today the day for change!  
Commit to it and the sky is the limit!  
There is nothing you can't do once you make up your mind! The body will follow, I promise!  
Get a support system, find what works for YOU because we are all different when it comes to weight loss and fitness!  
What are your goals and successes for the week?

...and now if that little pep talk wasn't enough to get you motivated, check this out: :-)

Gyms Across the Country Will Open Their Doors to Readers for Free Day of Fitness

Celeb Trainers Jackie Warner, Billy Blanks, Harley Pasternak, Beto Perez & Jim Karas
FITNESS Magazine is launching their first-ever Free-For-All on May 1, teaming up with gyms across the country including Bally Total Fitness, Crunch, Gold’s Gym, Boston Sports Clubs, New York Sports Clubs, Philadelphia Sports Clubs, Washington Sports Clubs, 24 Hour Fitness and select YMCA locations, to celebrate the brand’s 20th Anniversary by offering readers a Free Day of Fitness.

Along with free access to gyms across the country, FITNESS is also hosting five V.I.P. workout events with celebrity trainers Jackie Warner, Harley Pasternak, Billy Blanks, Jim Karas and Beto Perez.  The trainers will be teaching exclusive classes for FITNESS readers who respond to calls to action via Facebook and Twitter.  The events will be held in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami and New York City.  For more details about signing up for events, follow FITNESS on Twitter!/FitnessMagazine and like the brand at
“We’re so excited to be turning 20! To thank our amazing readers for their continued support and commitment to fitness—their own as well as the magazine—over the last two decades, we couldn’t think of a better way than to offer them a free day at the gym and a chance to work out with some of the best trainers in the business,” says FITNESS Editor-in-Chief, Betty Wong.

Visit to find all participating gym locations and to download a free pass to enjoy a day of workouts on FITNESS.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

a countdown, success and more!

First of all, I've broken the 4lb. barrier and have now lost FIVE POUNDS!  Woohoo!  And my husband has lost 5 too!

some things that have helped with my success:
My husband's support and that we're in this together!  Don't think I'd find quite the motivation without him by my side!
Having a fridge stocked with a VARIETY of fresh fruits and veggies!  
Having a freezer full of great, protein choices...chicken breasts, deer meat, and turkey!
...and by being able to make quick and easy recipes like this,

Tuna Salad Wrap

 8oz Tuna, drained
2 stalks celery, chopped
1 cage-free egg, boiled and sliced
1/4 cup plain Greek yogurt (not 100% what we're suppose to be using, but better than mayo!)
sprinkles of flaxseed meal for added omega 3's and fiber!!
lettuce leaf serving as tortilla

Mix and enjoy!  This was really good and filling too!

Last night was a turkey meatloaf that was a HUGE hit!  I used a tip found in an old Fit Pregnancy magazine that used 1/4 of fat free milk added to the ground turkey and egg...makes the meatloaf extra tender and delicious!  My boys ate it all up and my husband thought it was great too!  I served that with steamed broccoli and a fruit salad medley!  SO yummy and sweet!

The hardest part is definitely having food on hand and ready to prepare...most of the protein must be thawed and cooked so lots of planning ahead, but that's a good thing!  Keeps us on track...

We leave to see these guys in 2 weeks, so we're very excited about our family of four making memories at Disney World...let the countdown begin!
Mickey and friends, here we come!

As I've been doing my treadmill/exercise equipment research in  HOPES of getting a treadmill at some point soon, I thought this information was pretty cool, especially for those of us that have a huge interest in the latest workout equipment and trends in the fitness industry!
*Cybex is also the official fitness equipment seen on NBC’s The Biggest Loser.  

Cybex Wins Prestigious FIBO Innovation Award 2012

Ground-breaking stabilization on Cybex Bravo Press and Pull combines advantages of multi-function cable systems, single-function fixed-path strength equipment; gives users more variety with faster, safer results

MEDWAY, MA, (April 24, 2012) – Cybex International, Inc. (NASDAQ: CYBI), a leading manufacturer of premium exercise equipment, recently received the prestigious FIBO Innovation Award 2012 for the patented Progressive Stabilization system featured on its Bravo Press and Bravo Pull strength machines. The award was presented at the annual FIBO trade show on Friday, April 20, in Essen, Germany.

“We set out to combine the advantages of isolative strength training equipment with the advantages of cable press and pull equipment, and Progressive Stabilization was born,” said Ray Giannelli, senior vice president of research and development for Cybex International. “We’re thrilled that the FIBO Innovation Award jury saw fit to recognize this advancement in exercise technology. It inspires us to continue creating better ways to work out.”  

Multi-function cable systems traditionally provide a variety of movement options in one machine with limited stability and strength gains. Single-function fixed-path equipment traditionally provides stability and increased loading with limited movement variety. Utilizing Progressive Stabilization, Cybex’s Bravo Press and Bravo Pull are the first multi-function cable training stations to offer the stability and strength potential found in single-function, fixed-path equipment along with the expanded movement variety typical with multi-function cable training systems. The Bravo Press and Bravo Pull also offer no-stability or partial-stability settings, allowing trainers to create workouts that build strength and skills in a progressive, highly effective manner. 

“With the growth of functional training products and programming, be it in one-on-one or group fitness sessions, the Bravo series is the ‘must have’ equipment for any size facility. Alone, combined with the Arc Trainer or bundled with other functional training tools, it’s a proven performer when it comes to results,” said Lisa Juris, vice president of marketing for Cybex International.

“Progressive Stabilization combines the best of multi-function cable systems with the best of fixed-path single-function systems, and the result is a better strength workout,” said Dr. Paul Juris, executive director of the Cybex Research Institute. Bravo Press and Bravo Pull with Progressive Stabilization provide a 212-percent increase in load capacity and a 184-percent increase in core activation compared to other free-standing machines, according to a study conducted by the University of Massachusetts Amherst Department of Kinesiology. “What this means is Progressive Stabilization gives users a greater variety of training options and delivers what users want: faster, safer results,” said Dr. Juris. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

introducing iTrain and fun with my boy!

iTRAIN combines the experienced queuing of Hollywood personal trainers utilizing the hottest music entertainment in one package. Workouts are delivered directly to your MP3 player!
Each workout has the trainer’s voice providing step by step instructions with music in the background guiding and motivating throughout your workout session. The exercise instructions are available via video and PDF format. The PDF format instructions can be downloaded to your computer and display the positions and directions on how to perform the movements.
How will iTRAIN help me? 
It is an answer to transportable fitness, weight loss, keeps you going longer and stronger, has the best variety, best instruction, best voices, is fun and makes time fly and features the best music to run, climb, dance, cycle, lift and stretch to!
Who is iTRAIN for? 
iTRAIN is for everyone and every level. Each of their trainers gives you step by step guidance, technique, and safety tips to get you through your workout. All workouts are created for all levels.
What do I need to get started? 
You need a computer, an internet connection (broadband recommended) and an MP3 player. However, if you don’t own an mp3 player, you can download the workouts to your computer and either play from it directly or burn into a cd and use with a walkman, for those a bit more old-school!

 How does iTRAIN change/update the workouts? 
iTRAIN now has a library of 250+ workouts. From time to time, they will release a new original program or regimen of programs. They also communicate thru their newsletter and eBlasts to let customers know when something is new.
How does the pricing work? 
iTRAIN offers three plans to accommodate their members needs.   
  • The A La Carte plan allows you to purchase any workout whenever you like paying the listed price tag, which usually ranges from $0.99 USD to $99.99 USD. 
  • The Monthly Motivator plan (, is a subscription plan and you will be charged $15.99 USD every month and gives you 3 credits a month to be used towards a download of any workout under any price tag. Credits are valid for 365 days. The first 3 months are charged up front together at the discounted price of $44.99 and the fourth month is offered for free. The recurring billing will kick in the fifth month but you can always cancel before with our 30-day notice policy.
  • The Unlimited Resolutions Package ( is a yearly plan and gives you great savings. The cost is $179.99 a year and gives you unlimited downloads for 12 months (1 credit = 1 program or workout so basically $0.72 USD if you download the whole iTrain library of 250+ workouts)... Less than a single song on iTunes!! Credits are valid for 365 days. Albums are free with this plan. ATRM DVDs and Gift Certificates are not part of this plan.

And because iTrain seems like such a great way to change up your fitness goals and workouts, they'd like to offer a $50 giftcard to one of my lucky readers!!!  
 How does that sound?  And they'll ship the gift card directly to YOU!!
 With workouts ranging from $1 - $29.99, that's a lot of workouts with your free gift card!  
Mandatory Entry:  
You must be a follower of my blog and then Tell me what type of workout you'd try with iTrain? 
Extra Entries (+1 each)- 
blog, FB or tweet this giveaway
Follow me on Twitter @TheMoveItMomma
Good luck!  I'll choose a random winner on Monday, April 30th!

And now I'll share with my oldest son and I do after my workouts these days!  We grab my phone, lay down and I call out the expression and we make the funny faces, snapping pics like crazy and laughing hysterically!  Yes, I'm a total dorky Mom and think it's hilarious!  
and judging from his expressions and giggles, I guess he thinks it's pretty fun too!  

Today's Workout: Yesterday was an evening run, followed by a 40 min. boot camp video and 10 min abs class in my living room, led by ME!  Ha!  
Today is a 30 min run, Jillian's 6 week 6 pack and some stretching because I'm actually a bit sore from yesterday's core work!  Sore is a good thing, right?  Tell me that as I grunt while getting out of bed!  

As for our Paleo-istic (meaning we're doing a lot of the Paleo way with some of our own mix thrown in there) way of's going fabulous!  We've actually never felt better.  We do eat cheese with some meals, because let's face it-we love cheese in this house!  I've said it before, but honestly clean eating feels so good!  

We've both lost 4lbs and funny that it seems we keep gaining and losing those same 4lbs, we're hopefully going to break through and lose MORE this time!!  Ha!

We stocked up on local fruits and veggies and although I usually shop at the big grocery stores, local is SO much better!  Don't you agree?  The fruits taste much better and sweeter, the veggies are so fresh and delicious...and tonight I'm trying out Bridie @ Healthy Living suggestion to make Zucchini Chips using canola spray and a little seasoning, bake and enjoy!  Sounds pretty good, right?  I'll let ya know how it turns out!

Would you love to win the $50 iTrain gift card?

Do you enjoy locally grown fruits and veggies or are you fine with the large, grocery store chains?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

tomorrow's plan and a look back...

Our day will start off with a great 5 mile run...hopefully!  My husband and I will have to take turns, unless our 5 year old wants to pedal fast on his bike while we push our 2 year old in the jogger!  We'll see!  I think it helps to plan our day ahead of time, so we don't go off track and miss a workout that NEEDS to get done!
Our lunch will be THIS yummy salad creation, 

A great, celery and pear salad!  Sounds so yummy, right?  Are you drooling?  ha...I thought so!

Move It Momma Fruit and Celery Salad:
You'll need:
4-5 celery stalks, chopped
2 pears, chopped or apples would be great too! 
**We just bought some fresh pears at a our local produce farm and they are DELICIOUS!
red leaf lettuce or any lettuce of choice
ground pepper
slivered, roasted almonds
2 tbs cider vinegar
2 tbs honey
*Mix it up and ENJOY! 

**We are on day 2 of trying this somewhat-Paleo lifestyle!  So far, so good!  I seriously feel better, which is expected because it's a much cleaner form of eating!  I admit, I have added a little cheese here and there, because it's pretty tough without it at all...pathetic I know!  Things are good, working out hard and trying to really step it up before our big, family trip to see Mickey!  Yay!

And because it's been on my mind lately, a look back at the "old me":

I'm not even really sure WHY I think back to the "old me" so often, but I do.  Probably because it was such a long period of my life and a time I am not proud of.  Who knows.  
     I ran into an old college friend today (she'll actually be my son's principal next year in kinder!- small world) and her and I had a great time laughing and telling stories about our college days, but sadly-it also brought me back to "old Marissa", the unhappy girl I used to be, even though I sure had some great college times and met some great friends along the way.   
     I can remember going out with her and many more of our friends.  We'd have a great time, dance, laugh, drink (too much most of the time!) and I'd go home, walk into my apartment and CRY.  Almost EVERY night.  
     I was SO unhappy.  I was SO unhealthy...I think about the diets that I continually tried, and that failed over and over again.  One time I ordered the entire series of Billy Blanks Tae-Bo, I'd get through 20 minutes of the video, quit and grab a snack...ugh, makes me sick.  WHY?  What woke me up?  Over 10 years later, I'm still not 100% sure but I guess it was a combination of things.  I joined many weight loss programs that promised wonderful results.  I'd go shopping for the "diet" foods, throw out the old...and a few days into it, my old habits returned.  Something would happen that fueled my emotions and instead of dealing with them, I guess I ate my way through them.  

Looking back, it's like one day things just clicked for me.  
It was a wake up call that I desperately needed.  
Can anyone relate?  

I don't judge by a person's appearance but I have noticed the growing number of obese and overweight individuals in our area.  It's very scary.  We live in Texas where we believe, Bigger is Better...and it should NOT be that way.  
I wonder if it will click for them too?  Do they feel hopeless the way I once did?  I worry about the overweight adolescents, are they being teased because of their weight?
In Texas, it seems like we sure don't put enough emphasis on nutrition and physical education with our children.  It seems as though it's the first thing we take away during budget cuts in our school districts?  It should be THE most important subject...right?  It's our health.  We'll raise smart children that are dying from heart disease?  Yikes.  
I taught children that were in 8th grade and did NOT know the difference between a protein and carbohydrate!  
I'm serious.  
There is a better way and we are ALL capable of change!  Each and every one of us.  
Whether we need to lose weight, gain muscle/weight, eat healthy, become stronger, control diabetes or heart disease, conquer a matter what our struggles, obstacles or goals we have for ourselves, 

I found that balance, thankfully...well, pretty darn close!  I know my triggers.  I know what needs to happen in order for myself and my family to lead a healthy life.  I learned how to channel my emotions in my workouts and that feels so great!  When I'm having a rough day with some added stress, working out is the only cure for me.  It's what works.  We aren't all the same and we have different struggles when it comes to healthy living but we are ALL very capable, that is what's important!  
Keep that in mind as you start your day :-)

What's your favorite salad recipe?

How do you feel about the local Health/P.E programs in your area?  

If you've struggled with weight, do you think about the "old you" often?

no more smelly workout clothes and do you Paleo?

I was very excited when I was asked to review the Febreze Laundry Odor Eliminator!  Without sounding TOO bad, my husband and I have some smelly workout clothes!!  I mean, at what point does sweat actually smell good?  Ha!  Anyway, those smelly clothes always needed a little more than a good wash, they needed something stronger and I'm SO happy that I've found this secret weapon!

I would definitely recommend this product for your stinky, workout gear!  You just add a little to your laundry with your normal detergent and you're done!  NO MORE STINKY LAUNDRY!!!  

How do you prevent those gym clothes from getting stinky??

And now for the Paleo Diet:
to sum it up, this is basically the Paleo breakdown:
I'm not 100% sure how I feel about this and I'm usually not one to buy in the the hype of a diet/lifestyle, but as I read Everyday Paleo the other day, I was VERY interested in learning more...

What are your thoughts on the Paleo Diet?  Have you tried it?  

disclosure:  I received a bottle of Febreze detergent in exchange for my honest review, no other compensation was received.  All opinions are 100% mine.

some random thoughts:
And I was overwhelmed with your feedback regarding my previous post on the K-E Diet...rather frightening and I'm glad you all agree with me.  Such a sad situation for people to feel so desperate that this seems like their only option...sad and scary.  

Today's Workout:  Yesterday was a great 4 mile run with my husband.  We really enjoy running together, although he runs MUCH faster than me, it's fun to make it a family affair!  And it's a nice break from pushing the jogging stroller with my son.  He enjoys running while pushing it, so I'm all for the hands free workout!!  
And today will be a great run as well, with our temps in the high 70's and sun shining!!  Wow, nothing like great Texas weather, after we had a few weeks of really high temps for this time of year...
My husband and I are on a mission to get in great shape before our Disney trip, however it's only 3 weeks away!  Ha, guess we better kick it up quick huh?

Monday, April 16, 2012

is it TOO far?

Do we put too much emphasis on body image?  
Living as an overweight child and teenager myself, I'd say YES.  

But I did need to get healthy.  I decided to lose the weight by eating healthy and dedicated a lot of time to exercise and finding what worked best for me!  

HOWEVER, having said that:  I do not judge any person based on their weight, fitness level or how they choose to lose weight, gain weight or whatever!!  
But it does seem like more extreme measures are being taken to lose weight, but not the good old-fashioned HARD WORK, sweat, and dedication?  

Maybe it's because I am still in shock over what my friend sent me via text message this afternoon...
the K-E Diet?  Heard of it?  
So basically it costs 1,500 bucks to insert a feeding tube for 10 days, restricting you to only a protein mixture that continually flows into your stomach, through your NOSE...with a great 800 calories a day, with zero carbs, claiming to burn body fat by putting your body into ketosis(which can be extremely dangerous!) and as they say in this clip from Good Morning America HERE, "the results speak for themselves"

Is this TOO far?  Too extreme?  
Am I the only one that had a jaw-dropping moment when I saw this article?  
How scary.  
And I thought fad diets and hCG hormone therapy were extreme...this K-E Diet might be the most extreme that I've seen!!!  Yikes.  

What are your thoughts when it comes to extreme diets/weight-loss measures?

As I said before, if this is something you've considered, I urge you to use EXTREME caution, consult a doctor and DO NOT think these are the only solutions to weight loss.  

If you believe in yourself, set goals and have a support system, you can do ANYTHING!  Nothing feels better than reaching a goal you've set by hard work and dedication!  When I crossed that 13.1 finish line, I had so many emotions about my weight loss journey and my struggles with failed diets throughout my life.  I was SO happy because once and for all, I did it!  
And you can to!  

Friday, April 13, 2012


If we allow ourselves to make excuses, we'll come up with a million of them, won't we?

I have found what works for me.  I tell myself, NO MATTER WHAT I will exercise!  Nothing will get in my way!  Nothing.  But as I'm working out, what keeps me going are the beautiful things in my life.  
My husband, my boys, my family and friends!  What better way to help me focus on my workout!  I'm telling you, it helps me get down to business and GET IT DONE!
What about you? 
what helps you focus on your workout and leave no room for excuses?  

We have a friend that is battling a brain aneurysm and the power of prayer has been amazing for her and their family and friends.  She seems to be defying the odds and is a strong woman ready to see her children again, hopefully soon.  She is pushing through everything that is thrown at her, so to me, that's one strong fighter who is making no excuses.  She's allowing NOTHING to get in her way. ** her story and website dedicated to her recovery can be found HERE **

And I can't help but think how short life truly is, we MUST make the best of the time that we have.  I want to live it as a healthy woman.  A woman that is working on raising a healthy, happy family!  The impact you have on your children is HUGE, keep that in mind always.  
The impact we are making on our children amazes me.  My youngest son, the pickiest eater asked for broccoli the other night with his dinner.  He continued by saying, "broccoli is good for my heart muscle, right?" and after I said YES, he ate all that was on his plate!  seriously?  It's those little thing like seeing his mom, dad and brother eating healthy veggies, that made an impact and he decided on his own that he wanted some too!  Ah, wonderful.  I'm so easily pleased!

Your time is now.  Make NO excuses.  If you want to change, let nothing stop you.  

How do you lead a life with NO excuses?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

great things

You all know this guy!  
I mentioned that he has a great website, these days and when I was offered complimentary access to check things out, I was SO excited to share my experience with all of you!
 As you log in, you will find several categories to choose from :

  • Fitness circuits 
  • Bob Harper Live
  • Recipe Guide
  • Fitness Journal
  • Message Boards
Most are self-explanatory but my favorites are the recipe guide and fitness journal.  In the journal section, I am able to write down my experiences for the day including workouts, foods, and thoughts...a great place to log my foods AND my feelings for each day!
A perfect way to keep track and hold yourself accountable!  I love that!  Bob Harper live is where you will find great videos from Bob, himself!  I loved his latest video on roasting proteins...sometimes I get so bored with the way our meats/proteins are prepared, it sometimes seems so repetitive in our house, ya know?  grilled or baked, never anything else!  Ha!  
Thanks to Bob for helping me find some other great options!

So far it's been great and I can't wait to learn more from Bob!  And he also suggests his workouts that might fit you and your workout style best!  
As for me, I can't wait to try Inside Out Method-Body Rev...I'll add to my wish list!
Am I the only one that just loves that man?!!

And for my workouts this week...they are going GREAT!  I am loving my runs lately!  
I think it's a combination of great weather and great music!  
*Just a few songs so you can laugh at how these songs are all over the place in different genres, from "Man in the box-Alice in Chains"and "Push It-Salt N Pepa" to "Talk that Talk-Rihanna" and "Call Me Maybe-Carly Rae Jepsen"  
Fun, right?
May 26th is my Mud Run and although I'm excited, I'm a bit nervous too.  I think mostly because I'm not sure what to expect?  Any advice?
I'm still waiting to find a great 13.1 race for Fall, after this crazy Texas heat passes!  I am leaning toward a Rock N Roll, but might find something smaller and a bit less competitive.  It sounds crazy, but I want to simply run for FUN!  Nothing else!  I think when I take the competition out of it, I'll surpass my goals from the Aramco Half this past January!  Thinking about my time makes me upset, because I KNOW that was NOT my best :-(  ...not even close!  
And I think I'm ready to prove that to myself!

enough about me, let's move on to more exciting news: Camp Gladiator
have you heard of it?

If you haven't, you will soon!  It's one of the fastest growing boot camps in the nation!  
I have been pushing for a boot camp in our area but with over 200 locations nationwide, there might be one near YOU!  
And with my background in health and fitness, I'd love to get involved with Camp Gladiator in any way possible, so we'll see what happens in the near future :-)
Camp Gladiator is taking it up another notch and hosting a nationwide fitness competition called the CG Games!

"Basically, CG Games Open is a qualification round leading up to CG
Games Finals, together forming our annual, nationwide competition
known as CG Games. Only a select few, those that have it within them
to rise above, will be invited to compete in the Finals. For those
that use it as such, it is also a testing program, an evaluation tool
that serves as a measuring stick of physical progress.

What it comes down to is people. The most basic tenet of CG Games and
Camp Gladiator is community. Community, the desire to live, share,
breath, and sweat together is what has made Camp Gladiator the fastest
growing boot camp in the nation. Community is what will drive the
Games forward, the chance to push ourselves harder and longer working
next to other like-minded individuals. CG Games Open is for both the
competitive and non-competitive person. For the true competitors, the
Finals speaks for itself. They will compete against the top athletes
in the country and it will be the person that rise above the
competition that will take home the cash prize. For those that have no
desire to compete, the Open is still a chance to test themselves, to
track their progress online through our software, and to do so in the
company of friends and family."

These are some great things in health and fitness that I wanted to share with all of you...
hope you check them out and let me know what you think!  

I hope you are staying on track with your fitness, weight-loss, or nutrition goals that you've set for yourself!  If not, ask for support!  Sometimes we just need that extra push, that motivation that'll take us to the next level and it's okay to admit you are struggling!  
We ALL struggle from time to time...we're human and it's part of life.  
And thanks to all of you, this is my place to admit my faults, celebrate my victories and everything in between and I thank all of YOU for allowing me to share it!

Monday, April 9, 2012

gettin' your sweat on...and tackling 13.1 again?

the past few days of running have been AWESOME!  I know I'll complain when temps are outta control hot, but as for now, it's actually nice to get a good sweat on!  Makes me feel like I've done something...
look at all that sweat-
Do you enjoy getting your sweat on?

future goals? and now my concern is that I MIGHT be ready to take on another longer distance race?!  Oh don't worry, I'm not ready-and not sure I'll ever be ready for 26.2 but I'm thinking another 13.1 in my distant future might be a nice goal to set, and I'd especially like to CRUSH my time from Houston.  that was just pathetic, now looking back.  But I did something I set out to do, so I can't be too upset!  I want a fun, non-competitive 13.1 though...Disney?  Rock N Roll?  Not sure which would be best, but I need time to train and it'll have to be in the fall, because it's already too hot here in Texas!  Excuses already, huh?  Ha!  
What's your favorite 13.1 race series?  
If you've never done a race, why not make this your time to conquer it?  

Easter temptations?  
I did really good at keeping it in control and stuck to meats and veggies, and a small bite of dessert!  Not too bad, right?  
No worries if ya went a little overboard with foods yesterday, just step it back up this week and keep yourself in check.  Write down your foods and start fresh this reason to focus on what's already behind you...look forward and set a great goal for the rest of April!  

Got Candy?  get it outta there!  I suggest leaving a small treat bag tucked away for emergency moments and throwing the rest away...or giving it away!  If you're like me, if it's there-you'll eat it!  So, why torture yourself...get rid of it!  The Easter bunny understands that you can't splurge too much and eat the entire basket of treats that he left for you and your family :-)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

"Worth the Hurt" and a local hero

“Worth the Hurt” began as an inspired description of the famously hilly and scenic San Francisco Marathon, but in 2012, the event has turned into a distinct challenge, and a new model of charitable giving. On July 29th, The Wipro San Francisco Marathon will welcome six of running’s most prolific fund-raisers in an audacious challenge: to run the marathon twice, back-to-back.

The 52.4-mile endeavor is only the starting point for Worth the Hurt -- a ground-breaking model for charitable fund-raising development. The six athletes are aiming to raise as much as $1,000,000 throughout the year -- and to empower this campaign, Worth the Hurt will sponsor each of them, granting up to $5,000 each to cover their race and training expenses. The athletes will fund-raise not only for the ultra-marathon, but throughout the calendar year.

“It is a completely new twist on event-based charitable giving,” notes Wendi Chapman, the Marathon’s Vice President and director for Worth the Hurt. “These athletes are taking on worthy challenges, and by directly sponsoring them and covering many of their expenses throughout the year, we hope to empower them to raise more money for their favored charities and affect the lives of even more people.”

Among this group of amazing athletes is our local, Houston radio host, Kevin Klein and after reading his bio and reason for running and fundraising, I am inspired and I think you will be too...
Kevin Klein, Houston, Texas – A morning radio host for The New 93Q (KKBQ-FM) and a nominee in 2009 for PEOPLE Magazine’s “All Stars Among Us,” Klein is a prolific fund-raiser and epic long-distance athlete. He and his wife Trish founded the Snowdrop Foundation in 2006 to help support pediatric cancer patients. After producing and starring in the movie “Dear Chelsey” which chronicles his 482-mile Strides Across Texas campaign, he is geared up for fifteen endurance races in 2012 with Worth the Hurt

Kevin Klein, who takes on epic endurance feats on behalf of the Snowdrop Foundation, said, "I never use the word ‘pain’ to describe what I feel during an ultra-run. It's always just a level of discomfort. I've seen real pain in children fighting cancer. When a 15-year-old girl, for three straight days, can't even sit up in her mechanical bed because the hurt is unbearable...that's true pain. If what I go through in an ultra-endurance run can raise enough awareness and money so that a kid with cancer never has to be tortured like that again, then yes, my suffering is definitely Worth The Hurt."

This helps me put into perspective that sometimes through exercise and reaching goals, we feel pain but it is only temporary but many children and adults fight for their lives each day...their pain is constant, and the pain is constant for those that lose someone that they love to these horrible diseases.
These athletes set the standard for all of us to push, reach and exceed our own goals that we set for ourselves...we may not ALL be running an ultra, but we are ALL worth success and worth the journey that exercise and healthy living brings...
-The Move It Momma

Happy Easter to all of you!

The 52.4 route will open at 12 a.m. on July 29th, and all of the runners are expected to finish their first marathon in time to start with a field expected to surpass 8,000. For more information, visit the Worth the Hurt Facebook page.  

Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter weekend!

After the Easter bunny gets here and brings goodies, we will go for a family run!  
I figure what goes better with Starburst JellyBeans and Reese's eggs than a good family run...right?  Ha!  
Truth is, I have to get my Jelly Bean 10K in there, and I thought a family run would start things off and then I can finish solo!  Also, I'm in charge of a great dessert for Easter and not sure where I wanna go with it?  Do I go full-fat and just have a small bite/piece or do I put my magical, healthy touch in there and every one enjoy a nice, light dessert for Easter?  Hmm, so many choices!!

Motivation for the week:  I've said it many times before, but reading all of your blogs totally motivates me each and every day!  I will have a day where I'm not quite feeling it, I read your recap of your first marathon, a great spin class, or an awesome ab workout and I'm off!  That's all it takes...maybe it's guilt?  peer-pressure?  Whatever it is, it works!!!  
Well, all of you AND the fact that I keep signing up for local races, and I have a mud run coming up in all keeps me in check, that's for sure :-)
What keeps you motivated?

ready for some exciting news?? is up and running...

New workouts are provided five days a week including three circuit workouts, a personal training session, and a 20-minute group fitness class led by Harper. All exercises are progressive and challenge every muscle to deliver results. 

Food & Lifestyle
Harper provides fresh recipes based on his personal food philosophies, along with kitchen demonstrations to promote ideas and healthy lifestyle tips that strengthen improved eating habits and lifestyle choices.

Every member has access to a journal for tracking meals and progress, as well as a community message board that offers interaction, support and inspiration.

About Bob Harper
Bob Harper, health and fitness guru of NBC’s worldwide hit, “The Biggest Loser,” is the brilliant force behind countless success stories from people who previously gave up on themselves, or had been written off by others. The success of the show and Harper’s brand has led to the creation of his own DVDs, supplements, books, motivational speaking engagements and personal appearances. Harper is CrossFit certified, as well as certified with the American Fitness Training of Athletics and with Aerobics and Fitness Association of America.

For more information about Bob Harper, please visit and  

Thursday, April 5, 2012

a delicious dinner...and a hopeful 10k!

Dinner last night was seriously like eating at a fancy restaurant...well, it may not look fancy BUT it tasted delicious!  My garlic chicken-baked at 350 for 40 minutes, marinated in extra virgin olive oil and fresh, chopped garlic!   Paired with spring mix, balsamic viniagarette, fresh sliced strawberries, walnuts, sunflower seeds and a tiny dash of Gorgonzola-because it's just SO good!

...and I guess after our boys watch us exercise almost every, single day our little one walked into the kitchen in MY running shoes and said, 
"Mommy, let's go for a run...let's make it a 10k"  
hahaha!  I love these boys :-)

yesterday's workout:  My husband and I decided to attempt running TOGETHER!  It was really nice to be out there exercising with him, instead of taking turns...he pushed little man in the stroller too, so that was a nice change for me!  Although my husband is crazy fast, he kept turning around or adding a lap here and there around me, but it really pushed me to run harder and faster...and I actually kept up with him more than I thought!  

As I ran faster, I felt my form getting sloppy so I couldn't help but laugh...since his run is effortless and I looked like a wounded animal!  LOL!  oh well...I tried!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

a week? so lots of things!

Has it been a week since my last post?  Wow.  Things have been busy around here, lots of family time, plenty of running and lots of testing out some of my newest healthy recipes...and of course I'll be sharing those with you! 

Spring Runs:  I always thought I was a winter runner, that I enjoyed working out in colder temps...looking back, I think I know I was wrong!  This past week, I have thoroughly enjoyed my outdoor running.  Now, I'm sure I'll be complaining when our temps reach 100+ but for now, I'm very happy with my spring runs!  I seem to be faster, working on my pace overall.  

Local 5k's:  We will be running two of these THIS month!  Yay!  We haven't done an organized race since the February 10k, so it's about time!  Our first race will be April 22nd and it's the race that my husband took first place in last year!!!  We're hoping he can hold on to that title :-)  There's also a 1K at each of these and our son has begged, so we're signing him up for both as well and I'll be pushing our youngest in the stroller!  Guess it'll be a family affair!!!  
What about you, any races coming up?

Current Virtual Race:  The Jelly Bean is here!  Hosted by Run with Jess, whose story I shared with all of you HERE.  

Got Salmon? ...or Tilapia!  
A week ago, I posted this  recipe for my foil-baked salmon and last night, I took that recipe and exchanged it for Tilapia and it was delicious!  

I placed the fillet on the foil square, topped with some dry lemon pepper seasoning, 1/c clove garlic, chopped!  Sealed the foil, leaving a vent for steam.  Placed four, foil-wrapped fillets in the skillet with about 3in. boiling them right on top of the skillet...they'll float a little but then settle down and steam to perfection!!!  After about 8 minutes, open the foil and you'll see a perfectly cooked fillet!  
This is a picture of the Salmon, but ya get the idea!

My husband told me this was one of his favorite, new recipes...
The Tilapia cooks a lot faster with this cooking method.  It's tender, flakes with a fork and has wonderful flavor!  My boys LOVED it!  
*I served on a corn tortilla, topped with shredded cabbage and the juice from the foil packet served as the dressing!  Mmm, so good!  

Seeing the difference!  After changing up my workouts and adding strength training to the mix, I've noticed a big difference in the way my body looks and feels!  I honestly feel stronger and I'm noticing more definition in areas that were not-so-defined!  LOL!  
Don't get me wrong, I'm still hoping begging that Jillian's Body Revolution is sitting on my front porch VERY soon...
after all, Mother's Day is only a little over a month away, right?  

If you are feeling worn out of your same routine, try changing things up!  
Try something new!  
If there's a class you've been wanting to try, grab a friend and see what ya think!  
It can be as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work.  
Small changes make a bigger difference than you think.  

Will you make changes in April? I'd love to hear some goals that you have in mind for the month!

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