Thursday, April 19, 2012

no more smelly workout clothes and do you Paleo?

I was very excited when I was asked to review the Febreze Laundry Odor Eliminator!  Without sounding TOO bad, my husband and I have some smelly workout clothes!!  I mean, at what point does sweat actually smell good?  Ha!  Anyway, those smelly clothes always needed a little more than a good wash, they needed something stronger and I'm SO happy that I've found this secret weapon!

I would definitely recommend this product for your stinky, workout gear!  You just add a little to your laundry with your normal detergent and you're done!  NO MORE STINKY LAUNDRY!!!  

How do you prevent those gym clothes from getting stinky??

And now for the Paleo Diet:
to sum it up, this is basically the Paleo breakdown:
I'm not 100% sure how I feel about this and I'm usually not one to buy in the the hype of a diet/lifestyle, but as I read Everyday Paleo the other day, I was VERY interested in learning more...

What are your thoughts on the Paleo Diet?  Have you tried it?  

disclosure:  I received a bottle of Febreze detergent in exchange for my honest review, no other compensation was received.  All opinions are 100% mine.

some random thoughts:
And I was overwhelmed with your feedback regarding my previous post on the K-E Diet...rather frightening and I'm glad you all agree with me.  Such a sad situation for people to feel so desperate that this seems like their only option...sad and scary.  

Today's Workout:  Yesterday was a great 4 mile run with my husband.  We really enjoy running together, although he runs MUCH faster than me, it's fun to make it a family affair!  And it's a nice break from pushing the jogging stroller with my son.  He enjoys running while pushing it, so I'm all for the hands free workout!!  
And today will be a great run as well, with our temps in the high 70's and sun shining!!  Wow, nothing like great Texas weather, after we had a few weeks of really high temps for this time of year...
My husband and I are on a mission to get in great shape before our Disney trip, however it's only 3 weeks away!  Ha, guess we better kick it up quick huh?


Christy J said...

Very cool that you and your husband are on the same page to get in great shape before's fun to make it a family thing.

And I'm going to have to find that Febreze laundry stuff!

hiker mom said...

I need some of that laundry detergent! I have a couple of shirts that I am ready to throw away because I can't get the smell out. I will have to see if they can be saved. Thanks for the review:)

Bridie said...

I try to stick with the environmentally friendly detergents without any chemicals, etc - but that makes it difficult when it comes to smelly workout clothes!

I wash all the workout clothes in one load together (so as not to "infect" the others). I wash them on delicate to not shrink the fabrics, but I have a machine with lots of setting, so I use the pre-rinse setting, move the soil setting to "heavy" and add an extra rinse cycle at the end. During the week as we collect used workout clothes, I throw them straight in the washer and sprinkle with some baking soda until I have enough to do a load. It seems to work!

Runner Maybe said...

I have done Paleo - there area a million great recipes out there. It really isn't that hard. I think it is just as difficult as doing low carb. I now do a version of Paleo/low carb/clean eating (while counting calories). LOL Basically I heat protiens, veggies and if I do have a bread, pasta, or something like that I pick a low carb option and keep that limited to 1 meal a day. for example last night we had french dips....Instead of a roll I used a low carb wrap - it was still yummy and I didn't feel like I was missing out.

Elle said...

We did a 4 mile run together today too! Love running with my husband.

I don't think that paleo is for me because I want to eat grains. I think whole grains are too important, nutritionally, to give up completely.

Otherwise, it look like whole clean food to me. And that is a good thing, I think.

As to the laundry thing.. I think the trick to keep them from getting smelly is to dry them quickly. We usually put our workout gear in the dryer on low heat with a dryer sheet for a few minutes when we strip it off... and it smells good after that.

I would never throw it in the laundry hamper wet with sweat.

Jessica Washburn said...

Have fun on your trip. I'm jealous...I'm totally in trip planning mode but we are trying to buckle down so we can build/buy a house next year. Way to keep your running up. :)

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