Monday, April 9, 2012

gettin' your sweat on...and tackling 13.1 again?

the past few days of running have been AWESOME!  I know I'll complain when temps are outta control hot, but as for now, it's actually nice to get a good sweat on!  Makes me feel like I've done something...
look at all that sweat-
Do you enjoy getting your sweat on?

future goals? and now my concern is that I MIGHT be ready to take on another longer distance race?!  Oh don't worry, I'm not ready-and not sure I'll ever be ready for 26.2 but I'm thinking another 13.1 in my distant future might be a nice goal to set, and I'd especially like to CRUSH my time from Houston.  that was just pathetic, now looking back.  But I did something I set out to do, so I can't be too upset!  I want a fun, non-competitive 13.1 though...Disney?  Rock N Roll?  Not sure which would be best, but I need time to train and it'll have to be in the fall, because it's already too hot here in Texas!  Excuses already, huh?  Ha!  
What's your favorite 13.1 race series?  
If you've never done a race, why not make this your time to conquer it?  

Easter temptations?  
I did really good at keeping it in control and stuck to meats and veggies, and a small bite of dessert!  Not too bad, right?  
No worries if ya went a little overboard with foods yesterday, just step it back up this week and keep yourself in check.  Write down your foods and start fresh this reason to focus on what's already behind you...look forward and set a great goal for the rest of April!  

Got Candy?  get it outta there!  I suggest leaving a small treat bag tucked away for emergency moments and throwing the rest away...or giving it away!  If you're like me, if it's there-you'll eat it!  So, why torture yourself...get rid of it!  The Easter bunny understands that you can't splurge too much and eat the entire basket of treats that he left for you and your family :-)


Kjirsten- Balanced Healthy Life said...

I'm not a big race person, but I did run the Sedona half a few years ago and had a lot of fun. My husband and I did it for fun and the scenery was breath taking. It is every Feb so I missed it this year because of the baby, but maybe I'll do it next year. I'm glad you had a healthy Easter and I agree with you on getting the candy out of the house, prat least out of sight!

christina said...

I havent done a bigger series yet like rock and roll but sure they will be a blast. This June Im doing my first Zooma (all female) half in Annapolis, MD. Sept I will be doing an amish half... if PA isnt too far it looks really really cute! Its the bird in hand half in Bird in hand, PA. Nov Im doing the phili marathon - its my second full but I had a baby since the first so Im a bit scared :) In a good way though!

Laura Boll said...

I'm wanting to do a half again too, and am realizing that would mean traveling if it's before the fall, with the heat here... we'll see. Yes- I've learned that candy must get out of the house! I don't even like most of the cheap candy, but I eat if it's around. :)

Rhonda Caughlin Werner said...

I've been toying with the idea of another half as well, it shouldn't take much to beat my previous time! perhaps for next spring.....

Samantha said...

I am curious what race you will pick!! I can't wait tO be able to run that long of a distance of run at all!! You're such an inspiration!!

Christy MyDirtRoadAnthem said...

I am thankfully almost out of Easter candy! I didn't get the kids that much this year though, I focused more on crafty things for the easter bunny to hide like markers, glue, scissors. The kids loved it.

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