Thursday, April 5, 2012

a delicious dinner...and a hopeful 10k!

Dinner last night was seriously like eating at a fancy restaurant...well, it may not look fancy BUT it tasted delicious!  My garlic chicken-baked at 350 for 40 minutes, marinated in extra virgin olive oil and fresh, chopped garlic!   Paired with spring mix, balsamic viniagarette, fresh sliced strawberries, walnuts, sunflower seeds and a tiny dash of Gorgonzola-because it's just SO good!

...and I guess after our boys watch us exercise almost every, single day our little one walked into the kitchen in MY running shoes and said, 
"Mommy, let's go for a run...let's make it a 10k"  
hahaha!  I love these boys :-)

yesterday's workout:  My husband and I decided to attempt running TOGETHER!  It was really nice to be out there exercising with him, instead of taking turns...he pushed little man in the stroller too, so that was a nice change for me!  Although my husband is crazy fast, he kept turning around or adding a lap here and there around me, but it really pushed me to run harder and faster...and I actually kept up with him more than I thought!  

As I ran faster, I felt my form getting sloppy so I couldn't help but laugh...since his run is effortless and I looked like a wounded animal!  LOL!  oh well...I tried!


Bridie said...

LOVE IT! My 3 yr old ran/walked 1.5 miles with me yesterday - and last night he said "next time I think we should go 6 miles, no wait, 9 miles".

Way to go on working out with the hubs! I haven't had the guts to run with mine yet.

Laura Boll said...

Your son is too cute! My husband and I laugh that L just assumes everyone runs. :) Love that you got out for a good run together!

misszippy said...

Your little guy is SO cute! And love what he said...this stuff sticks to them, I'm telling ya!

Christy MyDirtRoadAnthem said...

Your son looks so cute standing there in your running shoes and his little shorts. Great job running with your husband and letting him push you!

Pearl said...

That dinner looks fantastic.

And your son? How adorable is he?! Love those little shorts and the hands-on-hips stance. :-)


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