Monday, April 16, 2012

is it TOO far?

Do we put too much emphasis on body image?  
Living as an overweight child and teenager myself, I'd say YES.  

But I did need to get healthy.  I decided to lose the weight by eating healthy and dedicated a lot of time to exercise and finding what worked best for me!  

HOWEVER, having said that:  I do not judge any person based on their weight, fitness level or how they choose to lose weight, gain weight or whatever!!  
But it does seem like more extreme measures are being taken to lose weight, but not the good old-fashioned HARD WORK, sweat, and dedication?  

Maybe it's because I am still in shock over what my friend sent me via text message this afternoon...
the K-E Diet?  Heard of it?  
So basically it costs 1,500 bucks to insert a feeding tube for 10 days, restricting you to only a protein mixture that continually flows into your stomach, through your NOSE...with a great 800 calories a day, with zero carbs, claiming to burn body fat by putting your body into ketosis(which can be extremely dangerous!) and as they say in this clip from Good Morning America HERE, "the results speak for themselves"

Is this TOO far?  Too extreme?  
Am I the only one that had a jaw-dropping moment when I saw this article?  
How scary.  
And I thought fad diets and hCG hormone therapy were extreme...this K-E Diet might be the most extreme that I've seen!!!  Yikes.  

What are your thoughts when it comes to extreme diets/weight-loss measures?

As I said before, if this is something you've considered, I urge you to use EXTREME caution, consult a doctor and DO NOT think these are the only solutions to weight loss.  

If you believe in yourself, set goals and have a support system, you can do ANYTHING!  Nothing feels better than reaching a goal you've set by hard work and dedication!  When I crossed that 13.1 finish line, I had so many emotions about my weight loss journey and my struggles with failed diets throughout my life.  I was SO happy because once and for all, I did it!  
And you can to!  


Elle said...

SCARY! Way too extreme unless the obesity is so severe it is lifethreatening.

cooperl788 said...

I say the K-E diet is going too far, but then, I think anything that promises extreme weight loss in a short amount of time is scary and will probably have unforseen side effects.
I think our society has such a double standard these days; more people than ever are overweight or obese and yet, we expect people to look skinnier than ever.
Great blog post today!

Bridie said...

This is horrible. Feeding tubes should be restricted to medical necessity! As the mother of preemies, I had to see my little ones fed through feeding tubes - as babies it can lead to oral aversions and other feeding issues, fortunately we avoided those. While that risk is probably low for an adult that has already learned to eat, putting anything foreign in your body like that, doesn't come without some risk.

Your question poses a topic I constantly wrestle with. I don't judge or treat people differently based on their weight, and I teach my children the same thing. On the other hand, when we talk about being healthy, most people that are overweight (truly overweight, not just bigger framed or high BMI due to frame or muscle mass) are overweight due to poor eating habits and lack of exercise. Even young kids are smart enough to make this connection.

So I've been trying to emphasize what eating healthy does for the inside of their body and for sports performance, rather than the physical aspect of it.

But I still find it a tricky line between the promote health/fight obesity campaign and the accept everyone as they are mentality. It's not ok to withhold love, affection, or friendship from a person because of their size (or treat them poorly in any other way), but is it ok to tell them that they are not healthy and they need help and we are here for them if they want it? If we really care isn't it our place to help them get healthy?

hiker mom said...

Wow, that is scary and way too extreme in my opinion. That sounds more painful and uncomfortable to me than just eating right and exercising.

Penny said...

This K diet almost sounds like what they use to do to lose weight . When they would wire your mouth shut and you only got what you could drink from a straw. That was many years ago, I thought we were past that. Apparently not. All sound scary to me.

Laura Boll said...

Wow! I haven't heard of that-- definitely scary! It does make me sad that we have such an obsession over body image... why is it so difficult to find that balance and just be healthy, without all the comparisons and "skinny" obsession and crazy diets... sigh.

kimert said...

I am guilty of putting too much into my OWN self image. However, I don't judge others like I do myself. I did see the clip on that crazy diet and it just baffles me. Diet and exercise, period.

jillconyers said...

OMG. You're kidding right? So hard to believe. I personally would never try this but I do understand feeling so desperate and you become so tired of failing to meet you goals that you're willing to try almost anything. Maybe that is the thinking behind a willingness to try such as extreme measure.

Interesting post!

Samantha said...

Oh my goodness. Please tell me that is an advertisement gone wrong and no one is actually using that?! Right??
Too extreme!

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