Thursday, April 12, 2012

great things

You all know this guy!  
I mentioned that he has a great website, these days and when I was offered complimentary access to check things out, I was SO excited to share my experience with all of you!
 As you log in, you will find several categories to choose from :

  • Fitness circuits 
  • Bob Harper Live
  • Recipe Guide
  • Fitness Journal
  • Message Boards
Most are self-explanatory but my favorites are the recipe guide and fitness journal.  In the journal section, I am able to write down my experiences for the day including workouts, foods, and thoughts...a great place to log my foods AND my feelings for each day!
A perfect way to keep track and hold yourself accountable!  I love that!  Bob Harper live is where you will find great videos from Bob, himself!  I loved his latest video on roasting proteins...sometimes I get so bored with the way our meats/proteins are prepared, it sometimes seems so repetitive in our house, ya know?  grilled or baked, never anything else!  Ha!  
Thanks to Bob for helping me find some other great options!

So far it's been great and I can't wait to learn more from Bob!  And he also suggests his workouts that might fit you and your workout style best!  
As for me, I can't wait to try Inside Out Method-Body Rev...I'll add to my wish list!
Am I the only one that just loves that man?!!

And for my workouts this week...they are going GREAT!  I am loving my runs lately!  
I think it's a combination of great weather and great music!  
*Just a few songs so you can laugh at how these songs are all over the place in different genres, from "Man in the box-Alice in Chains"and "Push It-Salt N Pepa" to "Talk that Talk-Rihanna" and "Call Me Maybe-Carly Rae Jepsen"  
Fun, right?
May 26th is my Mud Run and although I'm excited, I'm a bit nervous too.  I think mostly because I'm not sure what to expect?  Any advice?
I'm still waiting to find a great 13.1 race for Fall, after this crazy Texas heat passes!  I am leaning toward a Rock N Roll, but might find something smaller and a bit less competitive.  It sounds crazy, but I want to simply run for FUN!  Nothing else!  I think when I take the competition out of it, I'll surpass my goals from the Aramco Half this past January!  Thinking about my time makes me upset, because I KNOW that was NOT my best :-(  ...not even close!  
And I think I'm ready to prove that to myself!

enough about me, let's move on to more exciting news: Camp Gladiator
have you heard of it?

If you haven't, you will soon!  It's one of the fastest growing boot camps in the nation!  
I have been pushing for a boot camp in our area but with over 200 locations nationwide, there might be one near YOU!  
And with my background in health and fitness, I'd love to get involved with Camp Gladiator in any way possible, so we'll see what happens in the near future :-)
Camp Gladiator is taking it up another notch and hosting a nationwide fitness competition called the CG Games!

"Basically, CG Games Open is a qualification round leading up to CG
Games Finals, together forming our annual, nationwide competition
known as CG Games. Only a select few, those that have it within them
to rise above, will be invited to compete in the Finals. For those
that use it as such, it is also a testing program, an evaluation tool
that serves as a measuring stick of physical progress.

What it comes down to is people. The most basic tenet of CG Games and
Camp Gladiator is community. Community, the desire to live, share,
breath, and sweat together is what has made Camp Gladiator the fastest
growing boot camp in the nation. Community is what will drive the
Games forward, the chance to push ourselves harder and longer working
next to other like-minded individuals. CG Games Open is for both the
competitive and non-competitive person. For the true competitors, the
Finals speaks for itself. They will compete against the top athletes
in the country and it will be the person that rise above the
competition that will take home the cash prize. For those that have no
desire to compete, the Open is still a chance to test themselves, to
track their progress online through our software, and to do so in the
company of friends and family."

These are some great things in health and fitness that I wanted to share with all of you...
hope you check them out and let me know what you think!  

I hope you are staying on track with your fitness, weight-loss, or nutrition goals that you've set for yourself!  If not, ask for support!  Sometimes we just need that extra push, that motivation that'll take us to the next level and it's okay to admit you are struggling!  
We ALL struggle from time to time...we're human and it's part of life.  
And thanks to all of you, this is my place to admit my faults, celebrate my victories and everything in between and I thank all of YOU for allowing me to share it!


Elle said...

How fun that you were invited to try out Bob's new web site.... and a mud run? How cool is that going to be?

And yes, I do love to sweat! You look very pretty with your glow on, Marissa!

Runner Maybe said...

I can't imagine running half in the summer in Texas - I don't like running much in the summer here and its not that hot.

Teamarcia said...

Bob's site sounds very good! Do you really find RnR events competitive? The RnR Chi half was so least for me. Ha!

fancy nancy said...

I whine about our heat but it is nothing like Texas...kudos to you for getting out there! Maybe the mud will cool you off! Love Bob cool you got to try out the site!

Bridie said...

There are tons of 5k's and 10k's in our community that are organized by groups to raise money for charity. Not really anything the half marathon distance. But especially the ones that have a 10k option, there are not many people in them - maybe that would be a good place for you to start? I think I liked those better than the crowded crazy half marathon.

hiker mom said...

SO cool that you got to try Bob's site! I think the mud run sounds so fun. I need to sign up for one of those:) Bummer, no gladiator near me. Sounds great!

Laura Boll said...

I haven't checked out Bob's site yet... thanks for the heads up and the tips! A half for fun sounds like a great plan. I'll be curious to see which one you end up with!

Christy J said...

I'm running the 13.1 Dallas in October for Team World Vision. I haven't ever run it before, so we'll see what kind of race it is. I like the RnR series though...sad I wasn't able to do the Dallas one in March.

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