Monday, September 12, 2016


Feels GOOD to have finally figured out what was up with my blog! I'm baaaack!

It's GOOD.
Our workouts pushed on through the TX summer heat. It was tough but what isn't??
As for me, am I still Movin It?! Heck yes.
That balancing act is a work in progress...always will be but as I always say, it's not about perfection. The "perfection" thing just doesn't work for me- always ends with failure so instead I find BALANCE, both good & bad. I'm human! Yep, we all are ;)

What about my Mommas!?
Ohhh they're GOOD!
We just celebrated THREE YEARS as a workout group! Crazy, just crazy!
These ladies mean a LOT to me...
NEVER in my life have I been able to stick to something, keep my weight off and not get bored or tired of it! THEY changed me...entirely!
I look forward to exercise, look forward to new goals & adventures & I look forward to where these winding roads of life will take us!


- sooooo
If you missed me as much as I missed you- let's continue working hard & kicking butt TOGETHER!
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Monday, April 4, 2016

day by day...

When it comes to being healthy, I take things day by day...

You should too.

Don't look for perfection but instead, look for BALANCE.

The way I see it, maintaining good health is HARD WORK but being unhealthy would be more work. It is painful, stressful, depressing and exhausting.  Your mood would be forever changing, your mind would have given up a long time ago so it would be only natural for your body to do the same...soon after.  Well unless you'd rather be totally dependent on medication (by choice) which carry side effects that can be just as weakening and destructive as poor health.  Agree?

Maybe you listen to those that have overcome bad eating habits, they've lost weight, they practice BALANCE and it seems so far out of reach that it's easier to NOT TRY? 

Either way in order to find long term success, you must TRY.

You must take things DAY BY DAY.

WANTING is never enough...
don't settle for WANTING.
It's a lonely road that leads to nowhere.

Settle for TRYING.
Those are things we should "settle" for...

I have been so busy lately that my blogging has fallen behind BUT NOT MY HEALTH.
I'm still going strong and taking things one day at a time.
I exercise and balance my eating.  Our local Move It Mommas are steadily reaching and exceeding goals they've set for themselves...
If you follow me on you'll see updated pictures, motivation, etc! Check it out and "like" our page for exciting things coming YOUR WAY!!!

Monday, February 29, 2016

THAT won't work

Seems like the story is always the same...BUT the common factor?
"Oh I tried that diet years ago..."
"I did that too...and it worked for a while but..."
"I used to have time for that but..."
"My metabolism stopped at 40 but I used to look and feel good..."
"I've been fat my whole life...guess it is what it is"
"I have horrible knees...I ran track in high school and now they're toast"
"I had surgery exercise can't happen for me anymore."
"I looked great before I had kids...that life is over now"

So what if we find a different perspective?
A different path than what OTHERS do?

Does your NOT BEST have to be ENOUGH??
It shouldn't be.

Some argue that it's better and easier for me because I look, feel and am healthier than I ever was...
I went from unhealthy to healthy, so that's EASIER??  Really? Not quite.  The only positive thing about being unhealthy for most of your life is that you knew your rock bottom, felt your worst and lost all hope in changing the way things were.  THAT feeling and experience helps carry me far beyond my expectations. But for those that knew healthy and fit yet lost touch with that lifestyle for some reason, they have THAT feeling to push toward.  They know what good felt like and now compare it to that blah feeling that has become day to day life.  THEY can push toward the way they used to feel.  So both have pros and cons.  

Truth is, nobody's journey is more or less important than your own.  
Yours is YOURS.  Simple as that.

Stop comparing "apples to oranges".  Not to magazines, models, people younger or older than you, taller, get the idea. I am not you and you are not me.  YOU ARE YOU so focus on being the best YOU that YOU can be :) nothing more...

STOP surrounding yourself with the WRONG types of people.
It may come as a shock to you, but sometimes people hang around those at the bottom to feel better about soon as you become MORE, you are seen as a threat and they move on. 

This journey is no different than any other obstacle in life.  If we want something, we work for it....and if you're one of those that want and it magically appears, please sign me up!!  I'd love that and so would everyone else!  Ha! 

Lately when life seems not so perfect, I find that staying true to my exercise routine and healthy eating habits makes all the difference in the world!
Try it.  It works.
It can be your normal when everything else seems less than normal.  

It helps that I have an extraordinary support system.  You should have one too.  Find it.
I have my husband, my boys, a strong family-they have believed in me all along, great friends that are TRUE friends...this matters more than anything.  We don't want or need fake people in our lives that always NEED something from us.  We should surround ourselves with REAL friends, ones that can relate to us, be there for us when life gets hard and ones we can lean on when it seems everyone is out for us to fail.  THIS FACTOR IS SO IMPORTANT. Watch this one carefully because many times those that want us to fail or that aren't there for the RIGHT reasons will only show their true colors once in a attention.  

Being healthy means ALL aspects of your life so communicate your feelings, don't be afraid to speak up for what you want or what you need.  Find a workout that inspires YOU.  Is it running, biking, group fitness, dance classes, hiking or swimming?  Find it and make it happen as often as possible!!

DO NOT TRY TO BE PERFECT!  It's not about perfection, it's about BALANCE.  Trying your best to move often, to fuel properly most of the time, to drink plenty of water and less sugary soft drinks, more whole foods and less processed junk!!!  BALANCE.

Willing to give these things a try??  Then you're ready for success...

LETS DO IT!!!  Promise you one'll NEVER regret it!  

Monday, February 1, 2016

makeover your mind FIRST

This is Mishell. 
She's been a local Move It Momma since August 2015. 
She has lost over 41inches and 30lbs since the start of her journey!

The first day that we met, she was a different person than she is today.
She felt broken and weak but to see her strength and determination today it is nothing short of inspirational. 
What's changed?  EVERYTHING.
Her body, the scale, her blood pressure has decreased and so have her medications, her endurance, her muscles, but above all else...HER MIND.

The picture below is a comparison of her changes since November!!!!

She shows up every day willing to work hard for what she wants.
She comes when she doesn't feel great, when it's hot, cold, wet or windy.  She modifies when she needs to and helps others in the process.  She owns who she is and where she's at on this journey.  She pushes hard.  We all do.  We push hard because we can.  We are able.  That's a gift...a precious gift that many take for granted and that saddens me so much.  WHY if we have these bodies, these minds and and this life would we CHOOSE to enable it?  Makes no sense, does it?  But we do it...I did it and so many others do it as well.  Do we hate ourselves THAT much?  Do we think we deserve to be in pain, miserable and unhealthy?  I'd like to say no for all of us, but sadly I think some prefer to live in that self-pity.  Those that choose to rise above show they strength, their heart and their determination.  THAT is true strength of character and it will shine to all that meet them!  Their children will see it, spouse, friends, family...EVERYONE.  It helps inspire others to take that first step.  Inspires others to finally believe, well if she can maybe I can too??!  THAT IS A GIFT.  A gift I'll cherish EVERY DAY! 
A gift I hope Mishell treasures as well, even if she's unaware of all of the lives she's inspiring each day!  It's incredible.
Some days I even feel I don't deserve to be put in this position.  Almost like it should be someone so much greater than myself.  I'm just a girl that's lived in Texas her entire life...nothing too exciting but I do have the passion and desire to help women be healthy and for them to feel good and I'm starting to think that's ENOUGH!  We are all enough! 

What amazes me the most is how she keeps referring to the biggest makeover was of her mind.  
It's true.
She's taught me that about myself as well.  

When I'd set out to "start" my journey I'd allow what others said dictate my failure or success.  We both struggled with having people in our lives say we were "bigger, fatter, slower...etc" and WE CHOSE to let that define us.  

NOT anymore.

THAT'S what changes the most.
A different attitude that says, I'm taking my life back.
I'm in control.
I want to be better because I CAN. 

It may sound cheesy and a bit over the top but it's what we need day to day to keep us going  It's repeating to that little voice in our head that wants us to stop because we were used to stopping and quitting for SO LONG...we just talk that voice off the ledge over and over again until it goes away or it becomes more faint.  That voice of doubt will always be there, but we've learned to push it further back in our minds!  YOU CAN TOO.  

You have to want it with every inch of your body and mind and until you're ready to FULLY accept that mind-changing step, you just aren't ready.  

My hope is that you don't wait so long that your "ready" never comes.  
It's NEVER too late to beat your best but if your health declines further and further, you are just making that mountain harder and harder to climb...NEVER IMPOSSIBLE, just bigger.  Bigger is okay too.  Bigger is what makes you stronger.  I believe that I faced my challenges with weight for most of my life to help change others and beat my best every day!  It was for a purpose and while it was hard and is hard every day, it is still far better than how I used to live, trapped in my mind that failed me time and time again.  

Do me a favor.  

Set a goal to see what it feels like when you BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN do something!  

Run a 5K.
Run a mile without walking.
Walk a mile without stopping.
March in place for 1 min without stopping.
Sign up for a race.
Join a workout group.
Join a gym.
Set a goal to walk as a family 3-4 days a week.
Ride a bike.
Possibilities are what's your goal??

Aim high and remember, it's YOU against YOU...nobody else.  
One step at a time and remember if your mind quits, you quit. 
Train your mind to be on your side, no longer against YOU.  

It's what will get you over that, "I wish I could" mountain and onto the "I know I can" mountain.  While both are tough to climb, they ARE POSSIBLE if you believe that you can!  

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

THAT day...

What does THAT day look like to you? 

It may look different in our minds...
THAT day.
It is full of the unknown...which can be the most rewarding part.
When we start our journey, we are unaware of where the journey will lead us.
Of course we should imagine success but if we focus SO much on the "end result", the "total we'd like to lose", "bathing suits we'd like to wear" etc, then the journey will be less meaningful and we'll miss out on those small, life-changing moments that matter SO much.  Those little moments are what change us and make us better, stronger and more dedicated.  We learn from those moments...and they matter.  Every moment, every step MATTERS.

The moments, experiences, people we meet along the way are what change us!
If I focus on the "end" then that would mean my way of life doesn't change so instead I focus on EVERY MOMENT!  Big and Small.  They all count.  

When I first met Mishell, I could feel her strength.  I knew she had "tried" and "failed" too many times to count, just as I did.  She told me, "this time felt different" and man, was she right!  She's had MANY MOMENTS on her journey and it's only the beginning.  
Weight loss, inches lost, dropped sizes, decreased medication dosage, improved her blood pressure, inspired others AND she completed her first 5K on Saturday!  Oh what a feeling...

Those life-changing moments?  Yea, we had a BIG one on Saturday and we weren't alone, we were TOGETHER!  
She was anxious and feared the unknown but didn't let that stop her.  We met at the race, hugged and laughed, took too many pictures and then we started...
She had mentioned to only a few not to leave her throughout the race, but what amazed me was that we ALL stayed with her, EVERY-SINGLE-STEP OF THE RACE!
It was beautiful.
Nobody was out to set the world on fire, beat a record or win first place.

We were there to finish...TOGETHER. And we did.  

We all had tears in our eyes as they announced her name and accomplishment as we crossed that finish line, side by side.  A moment that cannot be put into words but it was one of those life-changing moments you never see coming.  You can imagine what your journey will be like but you'll NEVER fully understand until you feel it and are in it.  
What a moment.  

But our moments were far from over after Saturday's 5K because now it was Sunday, time for the Chevron Houston Marathon and the Aramco Half Marathon!!  Yep!  
Go big or go home, right?!

Again, we were not there to win first place but we were there to FINISH

WE DID IT! 13.1 miles...and one of us complete her first MARATHON- 26.2!!!  WOW! 

I crossed the finish line limping alongside my husband, who had severe knee pain but we did it!  We did not give up, although we wanted to when our injuries worsened at mile 11 but we kept foot in front of the other, not worrying about the end outcome, but only focusing on one foot in front of the other...simple as that!
I finished my 11th half marathon, my 4th time running this Aramco half marathon!

If you would have asked me years ago to "Imagine THAT day",  I would have NEVER imagined all these medals...MY MEDALS hanging in my bedroom.  I did that?! 

THAT day looked much different in my mind and it was so hard to imagine because I had NEVER been there before.  I hated running, dreaded exercise and sweating, did not like healthy foods, rarely ate vegetables unless they were covered in butter and lived for fast food....Yep, that was ME.  THAT day did not involve half marathons, leading workout groups, graduating with a degree in Exercise Physiology and Health, getting a teacher certification in PE and Health, working in cardiac rehab helping heart patients improve their health...WHAT??!!! 

Yep, that's why THAT day cannot be imagined, it must be PURSUED.  THAT day must be CHASED. 

Sometimes it's tough to imagine how the HEALTHY YOU will look, feel, act, what that version of YOU will accomplish, people the HEALTHY YOU will meet, inspire or motivate but if you START, then that HEALTHY YOU is just around the corner and those little life-changing moments along the way make it an even better journey!  

Start now and stop waiting for THAT day.
Chase THAT day, EVERY DAY.  

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