Monday, February 1, 2016

makeover your mind FIRST

This is Mishell. 
She's been a local Move It Momma since August 2015. 
She has lost over 41inches and 30lbs since the start of her journey!

The first day that we met, she was a different person than she is today.
She felt broken and weak but to see her strength and determination today it is nothing short of inspirational. 
What's changed?  EVERYTHING.
Her body, the scale, her blood pressure has decreased and so have her medications, her endurance, her muscles, but above all else...HER MIND.

The picture below is a comparison of her changes since November!!!!

She shows up every day willing to work hard for what she wants.
She comes when she doesn't feel great, when it's hot, cold, wet or windy.  She modifies when she needs to and helps others in the process.  She owns who she is and where she's at on this journey.  She pushes hard.  We all do.  We push hard because we can.  We are able.  That's a gift...a precious gift that many take for granted and that saddens me so much.  WHY if we have these bodies, these minds and and this life would we CHOOSE to enable it?  Makes no sense, does it?  But we do it...I did it and so many others do it as well.  Do we hate ourselves THAT much?  Do we think we deserve to be in pain, miserable and unhealthy?  I'd like to say no for all of us, but sadly I think some prefer to live in that self-pity.  Those that choose to rise above show they strength, their heart and their determination.  THAT is true strength of character and it will shine to all that meet them!  Their children will see it, spouse, friends, family...EVERYONE.  It helps inspire others to take that first step.  Inspires others to finally believe, well if she can maybe I can too??!  THAT IS A GIFT.  A gift I'll cherish EVERY DAY! 
A gift I hope Mishell treasures as well, even if she's unaware of all of the lives she's inspiring each day!  It's incredible.
Some days I even feel I don't deserve to be put in this position.  Almost like it should be someone so much greater than myself.  I'm just a girl that's lived in Texas her entire life...nothing too exciting but I do have the passion and desire to help women be healthy and for them to feel good and I'm starting to think that's ENOUGH!  We are all enough! 

What amazes me the most is how she keeps referring to the biggest makeover was of her mind.  
It's true.
She's taught me that about myself as well.  

When I'd set out to "start" my journey I'd allow what others said dictate my failure or success.  We both struggled with having people in our lives say we were "bigger, fatter, slower...etc" and WE CHOSE to let that define us.  

NOT anymore.

THAT'S what changes the most.
A different attitude that says, I'm taking my life back.
I'm in control.
I want to be better because I CAN. 

It may sound cheesy and a bit over the top but it's what we need day to day to keep us going  It's repeating to that little voice in our head that wants us to stop because we were used to stopping and quitting for SO LONG...we just talk that voice off the ledge over and over again until it goes away or it becomes more faint.  That voice of doubt will always be there, but we've learned to push it further back in our minds!  YOU CAN TOO.  

You have to want it with every inch of your body and mind and until you're ready to FULLY accept that mind-changing step, you just aren't ready.  

My hope is that you don't wait so long that your "ready" never comes.  
It's NEVER too late to beat your best but if your health declines further and further, you are just making that mountain harder and harder to climb...NEVER IMPOSSIBLE, just bigger.  Bigger is okay too.  Bigger is what makes you stronger.  I believe that I faced my challenges with weight for most of my life to help change others and beat my best every day!  It was for a purpose and while it was hard and is hard every day, it is still far better than how I used to live, trapped in my mind that failed me time and time again.  

Do me a favor.  

Set a goal to see what it feels like when you BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN do something!  

Run a 5K.
Run a mile without walking.
Walk a mile without stopping.
March in place for 1 min without stopping.
Sign up for a race.
Join a workout group.
Join a gym.
Set a goal to walk as a family 3-4 days a week.
Ride a bike.
Possibilities are what's your goal??

Aim high and remember, it's YOU against YOU...nobody else.  
One step at a time and remember if your mind quits, you quit. 
Train your mind to be on your side, no longer against YOU.  

It's what will get you over that, "I wish I could" mountain and onto the "I know I can" mountain.  While both are tough to climb, they ARE POSSIBLE if you believe that you can!  

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MsHell said...

If you told me this time last year I'd be working out 4 days a week and eating better Id have laughed at you! It's almost ridiculous how many times I've tried before and failed or simply backslid. This time is definitely different. I've learned that it's all a mind game and I am in control. Thank you for all of your knowledge, support and FABULOUS dance moves! Love you!

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