Friday, September 30, 2011

Everyday Health TV show...I'm watching, are you?

This TV show was brought to my attention the other day! How had I not heard of this before? It is so great to know that shows like this are taking place and helping keep people informed about staying healthy and fit! They are also providing the resources to help improve the viewers' quality of life. How incredible is that?

Here's a little about the show:

About Everyday Health TV
Hosted by a trio of health ambassadors--Laila Ali, a world-class, elite athlete; Ethan Zohn, a former professional soccer player and humanitarian; and Jenna Morasca, champion of Survivor: The Amazon--Everyday Health profiles people who are either facing a health crisis or are close to someone facing a life-altering health event, and they are not wasting time helping others in a similar situation. Everyday Health helps these people take their dream of helping others become a reality. Each program addresses a medical condition, sometimes includes a celebrity guest, and always provides a surprise reveal for the person profiled. provides additional content and supporting materials for each episode. The show is brought to you by the leading online health site, Everyday Health, and premiered as part of Litton’s Weekend Adventure, on Saturday, September 3, 2011.

I plan on tuning in this week to see what it's all about! This upcoming episode sounds amazing and what an incredible girl who is helping her community live healthier lives! I can't think of anything better than that...

WHO: Ellie Krieger, a New York Times bestselling author and host of the Food Network’s “Healthy Appetite” on Cooking Channel and Everyday Health’s Diet & Nutrition Expert
Known for her expertise in healthy cooking, Ellie surprises a community in need and cooks a nutritious meal for a from foods harvested at the local Katie’s Krops community garden as part of upcoming episode of Everyday Health co-hosted by Ethan Zohn, Jenna Morasca and Laila Ali.
WHAT: In this episode, show co-hosts Ethan and Jenna call upon Ellie Krieger to be the celebrity guest to surprise young philanthropist, Katie Stagliano.

Katie, who in third grade grew a 40 pound cabbage and donated to a local soup kitchen where they used it to feed over 275 people in need. Since, Katie founded Katie’s Krops and her organization’s mission is to provide healthy, well-balanced meals to those less fortunate. The local community kitchen closed and Katie is looking to create a spectacular evening and 5-star meal for those who were once served by the kitchen in Summerville, SC.

Ellie Krieger hears about Katie’s Krops and shows up in Summerville, SC and surprises Katie with a once in a lifetime opportunity. Ellie leads Katie, Ethan and Jenna in a cooking lesson. She then challenges them to recreate the meal from their cooking lesson—tune in to see who won that fast kitchen challenge!

With a cooking lesson under their belt they harvest the vegetables from the local garden, and Ellie leads the three in creating and serving a 5-star, nutritious and delicious meal for those in need within the community of Summerville, SC. By the end of the episode, they’ve accomplished their mission and fed over 100 people.

WHERE: ABC Affiliates nationwide; check local listings or visit

WHEN: Weekend of October 1-2, 2011

I love to see things happening like this. We all must work together to get our nation in better shape, physically and mentally! If we arm them with the resources for success, they are more likely to make changes that will impact their lives and the lives of others around them! Everyday Health TV is something I will keep up with and I will share my experiences with all of you.

Today's Workout: Nice, 3 mile run in the 70 degree temps! Woo! Felt great and we're ready for a great 5K race near NASA this weekend :)
Have a happy, healthy weekend!
Move It Momma

Thursday, September 29, 2011


I feel like a lot of people that I know, if I haven't seen them in a while, immediately talk about how they "want" or "need" to exercise. Not sure if it's guilt or they just think because I care SO much about health and fitness that they are forced to say that? Not sure, but for one that is NOT true. I do not judge ANYONE.

However there is one thing I cannot stand and that is excuses. I totally understand that some health issues hold people back from A LOT of things. I am fortunate because staying at home with my two boys has allowed A LOT more time for cooking, preparing and finding great healthy meals that my family will enjoy. I worked full time and still managed to workout every day. I cooked dinner, but it was probably not as healthy as I do now, I'm willing to admit that. But I've learned a lot now that I have two, growing boys and a husband who eats very healthy and lives a much healthier way of life than he once did. But my point is this, DO NOT MAKE EXCUSES. I remember time and time again, I told myself "I will start doing something about this, tomorrow" "I'll start eating healthy and working out on Monday" was a vicious cycle that never ended. When I stopped making excuses, the "I'll start on Monday" went away. I just did it.

What brings YOU motivation to just do it, and stop making excuses? For me, it's knowing how I used to be. I never want to be that person again. It was a lonely place. I felt so alone and lacked so many things. Working out and taking care of myself physically gives me the greatest feeling. It takes away the stress, the worry, the all goes away as I start to sweat and feel my body getting stronger! I remember working out in the gym as I was starting to lose weight and get my life back, I would listen to "I am a fighter" by Christina Aguilera, over and over again until I believed it!

I get these quotes from Pinterest, and I think about what each one means. I usually go through and read each one before a workout. It gives me motivation like crazy! Sounds silly, right? It's like visiting my fellow workout bloggers, when they post that they just got back from a 20 mile run...ARE YOU SERIOUS? If they can do that, then why am I sitting here doing nothing?!

Weekend: We have a race on Saturday and we are all looking forward to it. My son is so excited about his 1K and we are excited for him too. He says he told his teachers he's coming back on tuesday with a medal! I might be meeting up with a blogger friend and I can't wait to "meet" her...Yay! I'll keep ya posted...

and I haven't forgotten about those yummy zucchini muffins and pumpkin oat breads that I made, I'll post them in the next few days! The boys are still loving them and it makes a great breakfast topped with PB! Yum!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Injinji Toesocks ROCK!

As you can see I'm a sweaty mess but today's workout felt good! A 2 mile run and Jillian's 30 Day Shred! Plus, after we picked my oldest up from preschool, I came home and baked! Yes, I'm actually terrible at baking but I have been wanting to try a few things and they turned out pretty darn good!! zucchini muffins and pumpkin oat bread! They were both big hits with our boys, so I sliced them up and packed them up in the freezer...I'll share pics and recipes tomorrow! As for my new favorite socks, I must say I'm pretty impressed with the Injinji Toesocks! I received a pair for review from their Performance series-lightweight no show. They are really comfortable, which you probably wouldn't think with each toe being seperate but they actually feel great during my workouts. I have worn them on several runs and they gave me better grip in my running shoes. Plus, today I tried them with my Jillian workout and they were actually better than my performance socks that I normally wear.

When I took them out of the package, my boys laughed hysterically over the "toes" in them! I tried them on and immediately thought they were super comfy and seemed like they would not give me stinky, sweaty feet during my workouts! and I was stinky-after workout feet for me!! Yay!!! I also love how they came up in the back to prevent blisters. I have Under Armour socks that I usually wear on my runs, but they tend to fall beneath my tennis shoe and sometimes cause a blister...with Injinji Toesocks there was NO way I was going to rub a blister! Woohoo!!!

"The Performance Series Lightweight Toesock is designed as an ultra-thin interface for performance in any shoe, climate or terrain. The Performance Series™ is engineered with Injinji's patented AIS Technology and constructed with CoolMax®, Lycra® and Nylon fibers that help keep feet dry, cool and comfortable"

Disclosure: I received a pair of Injinji Toesocks in exchange for my honest review.

All opinions are 100%mine.

Monday, September 26, 2011

quick breakfast ideas and a recap!

On Saturday, after my slower morning run my husband did 5 miles at a 7:50 pace!! Woohoo for him! Our oldest said he wanted to put on his running clothes and go race Daddy. We took him up on the offer and they headed out and our youngest and I followed with the jogging stroller! They started off and although he's only 4, he has perfect form and was going really fast-I can brag about my boys, right?! I was yelling for him and whistling...he loved it! Daddy tried to beat him, but he was having a hard time keeping up! Crazy, right? So, my four year old did over a mile right along side his Daddy and he made our whole family PROUD! So proud! Can't wait for his 1K race this weekend...he's going to do SO great! As for breakfast, today I decided to try a few new things and they were huge hits!
First was a waffle sandwich! The boys LOVED them!
I bought HEB(a grocery store here in Texas) brand whole wheat and flax mini waffles
neuftchatel cheese or cream cheese
homemade strawberry preserves
Boar's Head oven roasted turkey breast

I toasted the waffles, broke them apart-they are mini so they make little bite size sandwiches, perfect for little hands! Stacked the cream cheese, little bit of preserves and a slice of turkey! Topped with remaining waffle and the boys enjoyed every bite! They said they wanted me to make waffle sandwiches EVERY day! Ha!

and excuse these horrible phone pics but this was my breakfast: I should photograph on white plates but instead we were using a Batman and a monkey plate! HA!
spinach eggs!
1 egg, 1 egg white-beaten
1/2 cup chopped frozen spinach-thawed and drained
Mix and add to skillet. I made mine omelet-style but since I am terrible at making perfect omelette's, they come out looking like scrambled eggs! Ha!
I added 1/2 slice of provolone cheese
It was SO good! You can probably make these in muffin pan and freeze for easy to grab breakfast! I'm sure they would freeze and thaw perfectly...I'll try it and let ya know!

Today's Workout: I will most likely do a Jillian Michaels workout with my boys-they like to do mountain climbers...hilarious to watch! And then possibly a late evening run after my hubby gets home from work!

I'm really kicking my diet into gear this week! I stood in my friend's wedding a few weeks ago and her wedding was beautiful but when I saw the proofs from her photographer...I had a pitty party for myself. I picked myself apart and saw every flaw possible, in EVERY picture. Anybody else do that? So, I'm working on my self-esteem issues every day, but as for my diet...I know it could use more fiber and protein, so this week I'm ready to shape it up! Hopefully that'll mean some great, healthy recipes to share with all of YOU! Get ready...

Saturday, September 24, 2011


I had a great 4 mile run this morning...our temps have been a little more cooperative, so it's getting easier to get out the door and RUN! As for running, as I was out there today I was thinking about why I enjoyed running more than other forms of exercise? Don't get me wrong, I still love a good kick your booty into shape, workout but running gives me a TOTALLY different feeling. I think for me it is the feeling of accomplishment with each run. I'm not a record-setter, I'm not fast, I'm just RUNNING and with each run whether its 2 miles or feels good. I feel as though I have done something I didn't think possible. Maybe because I was NOT a runner growing up? Or because I lost most of my weight at a gym, doing workouts(which were great) but different from running. I did strength and conditioning, elliptical, spin class and body pump to lose my weight. However I find running to be completely different! Set apart from the rest...and my body just feels better afterward. All I know is that when I cross that finish line at that half marathon, there will be tears in my eyes and an awesome feeling inside! WOOHOO...I'm getting excited just thinking about it!

On that same note, I think ALL forms of exercise are awesome! If we are out there working our bodies to the limit, making our hearts stronger and our bodies's ALL GOOD! I just had a good run and wanted to share it with all of you!

As for our diet, these past few days have been OFF. Not that we totally went nuts, but my hubby has worked a lot lately and finally had a few days off, so we've enjoyed ourselves, maybe a little much these past few days but today we're kicking back into gear! If we allow more than a few days of crazy eating, it might stick and we sure don't want those habits way!

Making another great breakfast today: steel cut oats with chopped apples, cinnamon and a dash of brown sugar! Yummy right?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the countdown is ON!

Oh my goodness, January 15, 2012 is ALMOST here!!

Am I really going to run a half marathon? YES I AM!

Let the training begin...

Finally watched Biggest Loser premiere on DVR today with my hubby. We both agreed that we like Bob(of course!), and are really liking Dolvett but not so sure about Anna? What do ya think? I mean, does she really know what she's doing? Yea, she's a great tennis player but helping these obese contestants deal with ALL of the issues that helped them reach 300-400lbs? I'm not so sure. I'll be watching to see if she'll prove me wrong. What did YOU think of the new mix of trainers? I think I'm sure going to miss Jillian! Seems like she made a lot of the show for me. I liked that she had been there. An overweight child/teen who had shared some of the contestants pain and experiences. Ya know? I guess we'll have to see how the season unfolds...

Am I the only one totally addicted to that show??

My workouts: As for me, I am setting out for a 6 mile run in the morning to boost my confidence! Yes, in about 115 days the half marathon will be here. My gosh, did time fly by or what? Ha, I know 115 days sounds SO far away...but not for me. It's a goal I set for myself a long time ago and this year was the year to FINALLY do it! Accomplish this goal...EXCUSE ME-CRUSH this goal!! This will help my weight loss come full circle. Who would have thought years ago that I'd be running 13.1 miles? Oh my goodness, not me! Yes, me! Well, lets pause and take a step back. I haven't actually gone 13.1 miles YET. My longest run has been 5.4 miles. So, I have a long way to go, but I WILL get there. With the help of my fellow running bloggers, the motivational quotes on Pinterest and the support of my family and friends, I will DO THIS!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


We all have such busy lives and sometimes having a HEALTHY breakfast, lunch and dinner might not happen every, single day. I found some great, FREEZABLE options that I thought we all might enjoy...
Anything to make life easier, right?!

First up is Christy J. from Home.Heart.Health . She has posted some great breakfast options that are easy to store in the freezer and are individually wrapped for easy preparation on those busy mornings!

Also, Rachael Ray has some great, easy-to-freeze dinner options as well...

Chicken with date-nut couscous I'd probably find a way to make the drumsticks a little less fattening, but it's a great make-ahead meal that would be great on those nights where you don't feel like cooking!

Sausage and Lentil Stew This one sounds great and I love lentils...makes me think of my grandmother...she loved using lentils in many of her dishes!

Veggie Fajita Burritos I'd probably serve these as lettuce wraps, sounds yummy right?

Today's Workout: My morning run was great...4 miles and barely broke a sweat! Well, I was sweating but with temps in the mid 70's, the sweat doesn't look quite so awful! Ha! I am feeling myself reconnecting with my runs! For a while, with all this extreme heat we had, I wasn't feeling it. But I think I'm BACK!
**Plus, I find that early in the a.m if I wake up and check in with all of my most favorite runners blogs, I will find motivation in each of their posts. Whether it's their weekend recap of the races, the weight-loss success or their upcoming goals that are within reach! It's ALL there to push me further than I EVER thought, to all of you( you know who you are)...THANKS :)

Do you have any great make-ahead meals that your family enjoys? Please share with all of us...I'm always looking for great recipes to share with my family!

Do you have bloggers that motivate you? feel free to give a shout-out!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Childhood Obesity Awareness

September is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

Approximately 17% (12.5 million) of children and adolescents, ages 2-19 years old are obese.

Since 1980, obesity among children has almost tripled.
head to the CDC website, HERE to learn more about strategies and solutions to end childhood obesity.

These statistics frighten me. I am a parent myself, but with my background teaching physical education and health, I worry about our children. So many children get little or no physical activity. In some schools, P.E and recess are only available 2-3 days per week...that's not right. And if we leave it up the parents...they have busy schedules and are worried about getting dinner on the table, finishing homework and getting kids to bed to do it all over again the next day. Right?

As an overweight teen, I wanted to lose weight. I think MOST overweight and obese children/adolescents WANT to lose weight, it's just a matter of where do I start? How do I begin living a healthier lifestyle?

It has been over 10 years since my weight loss journey began and I still question WHY I was overweight?
Was I an emotional eater?
Was it me not thinking I was good enough or worth enough?
Maybe it was me feeling like there was no way out?
Or that I thought I was meant to be overweight forever?
My real transformation was the day that I stopped feeling sorry for myself. Stopped crying and actually DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

I hope you take a moment and help encourage your children or the children around you in your life, to make healthy choices. Go outside together and BE ACTIVE. Make today the day to set a goal with your children and discuss what Being Healthy is all about! My boys and I went for a morning run and my oldest looked over at me while he was riding his bike and said, "Mom, I'm sweating...must be takin' good care of my heart, huh?" Moments like that make me proud! I know I'm probably totally obsessive when it comes to playing outside and keeping my kids active, but I know what inactive looks like...I was there and don't want the same for my children. Ever.

I know my readers love to be active with their children, so I'd love to know your favorite ways to keep your family active and healthy??

Friday, September 16, 2011

a treat worth sharing!

I made these for the boys last night and they more than LOVED them! I took a picture on my iPhone but I think one of my boys erased on accident, because it's not there! So easy and fun to make!
*You'll Need: a pkg. of Cinnamon graham crackers and a container of sugar free-fat free cool whip! Oh and some cookie pop sticks too...if you don't have those, any kabob stick should work, just make sure you chop off the sharp end!

I put a layer of cool whip onto one graham cracker and placed the stick, about half way through the cool whip layer. Then top with other cracker and place in freezer. Make sure the stick is all the way across the cracker, so it's more stable for the kids! Once frozen(about 45minutes) serve and enjoy! I placed them on parchment paper in freezer, just to make sure they wouldn't stick! The boys thought they were so cool because they ate them off the stick! I'm sure there are plenty of other possibilities for this super, simple snack idea!

What else would you add to these kid-friendly treats to make them even more delicious?

Today I woke up and did a 55min pilates workout... my tummy is already sore! Guess that means it was a good one :) and tomorrow I am ATTEMPTING a long run...6 miles! Our weather is cooling off a bit, so hopefully that'll make for more enjoyable runs! I totally need to work on a new playlist, because a lot of your comments suggested running more often WITHOUT music, but I totally think my playlist tend to motivate me. Maybe when I start improving and increasing my mileage, I'll feel differently, but for now....I need to JAM! ha!

Now that Fall is approaching, find you a great workout buddy and hit the streets! A walk/run with a friend is always fun! Or you can try and get a group to complete a 5K...even if it's their first race. Help them set a goal and you will all reach it together. The feeling you'll have afterward is like NO other, so what are ya waiting for? Get out there and get moving WITH YOUR FRIENDS!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

my morning run...

was a little amazing! Sort of looked like this... my iPod ran out of battery at the start of my run(not sure why I didn't look at that before heading out)so I was forced to run in silence. It was so calming, relaxing and perfect! Although it was only 4 miles, it felt amazing! I was totally at peace and thought of nothing but my feet and my breath. I thought to myself, this must be that feeling a marathon runner feels at some point on their 26.2 mile journey? Very cool and I think I'm back on track now that our temps seem to be cooling down, so here's hoping I find more runs like THIS!

Do you run to music? Or do you prefer the sounds around you?

At some point on that run, I believe I was missing my pumped up playlist...but that's ok, I survived and enjoyed it!

October 1st looks like the first 5K and 1K race we'll be completing! This will be our 4 year olds second 1K race and he's already getting excited! He loved the first one, so hopefully this one goes great too...and in this one, he'll get a medal! woohoo!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

are you fABulous? and a recipe too

After completing my 4 mile run and 20 minute ab workout this morning, I realized that I'm less than fABulous when it comes to my core. It's sad really. I need to find some great ab flattening exercises and things I can do to really strengthen my core. Even after having two kids, there is NO excuse for not having a great mid-section that I can be proud of, so stay tuned for some great workouts that I'll share with all of you...

and now for these awesome SLIDERS I created for my son to take in his lunch and actually, the whole family seems to like them. The possibilites for these are endless. I found some whole wheat mini-sliders at our local grocery store. They were on sale, so of course I decided to give them a try. At 100 calories, 4g of fiber and 6g of protein, I thought they'd be a great addition to our weekly meals. I sent them in my son's lunch today and he was SO excited! Yes, I guess our family is amused easily! Ha! He helped me fill these mini-sliders with Boar's Head low sodium, oven roasted turkey breast, spring mix and one pickle-because he loves them! We also packed apples and grapes, yogurt and an H2Go+ water! My youngest son also enjoys having a mini-slider filled with PB and banana, turkey and cheese or any other variation we can think of!

Do you have fABulous abs?

What's your kiddos favorite lunch meal?

Monday, September 12, 2011

the wedding, my run and some yummy Hummus!

Just a few pics from my friend's wedding!
We had a super busy weekend, but everything was beautiful and we're so happy for the newlyweds! She is a wonderful friend to me, she is my son's Godmother and she stood in my wedding almost seven years ago! Whew, we're gettin' old!

My boys and I went out for a nice run this morning, but by the time we made it out the door, it was already 91 degrees...yuck! We pushed through and did about 3 miles. We came home and decided to do an ab/back workout on Exercise TV and it turned out to be a decent, 20 minute workout! The boys actually did it with me the entire time...they were cracking me up, trying to copy what I was doing! Nothing like having my boys there to workout with me!! While we were on our run, my youngest-he's only 2, asked if he could wear my iPod to jam to the music! Ha!

not sure why I don't look red and sweaty in this pic? Trust me, I was!

I'm SO proud of my boys for wanting to exercise and be active with their Momma. On those days where I am lacking motivation, they push me to finish! Thanks boys!

I'm now addicted to this easy hummus recipe! We're fixing to prepare some for lunch right NOW!


1/2 can garbanzo beans (chick peas), drained and rinsed

1-2 clove garlic, chopped, depending on how much garlic you like! I use 2!

lemon juice-I squeeze 1/2 lemon into blender

splash of extra virgin olive oil

splash of water

Add all to Magic Bullet, or whatever blender you prefer! Blend until like paste-or whatever texture you like your Hummus to have! I serve on Joseph's oat flax bread, at only 60 calories! I garnish with baby spinach, add hummus and ENJOY! I seriously make this probably three or four times a week, because it's so easy and tastes delicious! I used to make a hummus recipe with more ingredients but found this one to be great, if not better than the other!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

recipe searching?

There are MANY times where I have no clue as to what will be on our dinner table in the evening. On days like these, I count on a few websites to help me figure out something healthy and simple to prepare! I've told myself to create a weekly meal plan but still haven't dedicated the time each week to actually doing it. Oops. That's definitely something I need to work on, because if the family has a set eating plan, it will leave less room for adding junk food and empty calories into the weekly routine. A very smart idea that I MUST make time for very soon.

Eating Well- a great site where you'll find healthy recipes, ways to make your favorite foods lower in calories but have that same great taste, tips on losing weight from their professionals, quick snack ideas and much more! I have their site saved as a favorite and when I'm not sure what to cook, I can usually find something great and even make my own adjustments to make the meal even HEALTHIER!

Good Eating, Good Living- I've mentioned this before on my site because this might be my favorite! This Kraft Diabetes site is dedicated to finding healthy meal options for those with diabetes, but every meal that is shared is very calorie, fat and carbohydrate balanced and they always turn out perfectly! All of the recipes listed are sure to keep your blood sugar in check and guaranteed to be delicious...there hasn't been one recipe I've made that hasn't and that's the truth!

Do you have a favorite healthy recipe website? Do you follow a weekly meal plan?

Today's Workout: There was NO workout today, sad but true. I was a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding and busy all weekend, so I haven't had a good workout since Friday morning. Yes, I need to kick it up this week! Now that her wedding has passed(it was a beautiful wedding!), I am ready to focus on my training plan for the Houston half, January 15th! Get ready because I'm sure going to need a lot of help and encouragement to accomplish this goal I have set for myself!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Did you watch?

Family Fat Night on ABC News last night?
It was part of their "My (extra)ordinary Life" series and it had me glued to the television.
If you missed it, you will find it HERE.
I've said it before, my true passion is helping others reach their weight loss, fitness goals AND to help all of us raise a healthy family. So many times food is "quick and easy", which usually means "fattening and unhealthy" and this show scares me for our country. It was over eaters, under eaters, and all very sad. Is there such thing as food addiction? I think so, but there is a very fine line. As one of the doctors stated on the show, she doesn't find people addicted to broccoli its usually greasy, processed, high fat foods. Why is that?

I would love to work/run a facility like this. Helping people find their way. Helping them understand how/why they allowed food to take control in the first place. I felt for these people, all of them. Didn't matter their story, I understood them. I knew what it felt like to lose that battle with food millions of times. That feeling of helplessness. Where do they find hope? Thinking they will find satisfaction through what they're eating, when in the end they feel worse, much worse.
Then they also highlighted those on the OTHER side. The ones that were terrified to get "fat", would exercise for hours and eat nothing. If they ate, it came right up. I felt for those just as much. Its that same vicious cycle.
I couldn't help but think, how would I help someone that was in their situation? What do you say, what do you do?
If you watched this, what were YOUR thoughts? This show actually opened my eyes to how much more I could be doing to help this obesity crisis. I want to play an active role in helping others escape this growing epidemic. But how? You better believe I'll be brainstorming ways to make a difference until I come up with something brilliant.

Monday, September 5, 2011

pumpkin and peanut butter BLISS!

If you're looking for waffles that look like these... you won't find them here,

but you will find some delicious waffles that I created last week! I froze the leftovers and they make a quick and healthy breakfast for my boys on school days and my hubby enjoys taking these to work too!
Move It Mommas Pumpkin and Peanut Butter Waffles
You'll Need:
1 1/2 cups Heart Smart Baking Mix
1/2 cup whole wheat flour
2 tbs flaxseed meal
1 1/3 cups skim or soy milk
1 egg or 2 egg whites
1/2 cup pumpkin puree-I used almost 3/4 cup!
1 tsp vanilla
*if you must have sugar, I'd add about 2 tbs. to the batter, that should make it slightly sweet!

Combine all ingredients and heat waffle iron. Make X-shape with batter in waffle iron and cook until slightly brown. Remove and serve with 1 tbs peanut butter! The PB melts and makes it SUPER delicious! The boys LOVE these, so be warned...they'll be asking for them A LOT!!!

Today's Workout: 3 mile jog that was in PERFECT, 70 degree temps with a slight breeze! Woohoo! I think Marissa's got her groove back :-) Tomorrow I will be walking with my friend, but Wednesday I'm planning on a 5 miler. Our forecast is showing low's in the 60's and high's in the 80's...can't get better than that here in Texas, right? Especially after weeks of 100+ temps!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Christmas in September?

This morning was THE best run I've had in months! It felt amazing outside...amazing! I walked out there at 6:45am and the breeze almost knocked me down and the temps-low 60's! Do you understand how wonderful that was? I ran 5 miles and didn't start to break a sweat until mile 3! WOOHOO! At least I know I can still find my groove with my runs. I was starting to lack confidence since my runs have been less than great lately with the extreme heat.

Today's a new day! I feel confident that I'm going to kick major booty in this half marathon in January! I'm pumped and ready to go! I think I was smiling from ear to ear this entire run! Ha! And so ya know, that usually isn't my facial expression while I'm out there pushing hard...I usually look more like I'm angry and determined! Today I was just smiling and enjoying the scenery!

Have you had a workout like this lately? A day like this is the reason that I exercise. It's a release. A total feeling of letting all my stress go as I run, step by step. It is a feeling like no other. This is how I tell myself to wake up and exercise each day! Wow, and it's totally worth it :) This week I have to focus on my exercise and eating very closely. I stand in my friends wedding this weekend, 9/10/11 and I'm wearing a short dress! I gotta get these legs nice and toned in a hurry!

Friday, September 2, 2011

THANK YOU, FitBlogger!

I am so honored to be the Featured Blogger today @ FitBlogger! Below you'll find my featured post and I hope you'll visit FitBlogger and say hello!

I was once lost, not sure where to find help when it came to losing weight and leading a healthy lifestyle. If I wouldn’t have found the change I so desperately needed at that time, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Able to help people find that motivation they might be lacking. The doubt they have of reaching a goal that seems so far away. I often hear, “I don’t know where to begin” when I am speaking with people about changing their life or the lives of their family. With my own weight-loss success story, I want to encourage others to make their own story. Whether it is increasing their fitness level, losing weight, accomplishing a goal, ANYTHING! I hope Move It Mommas is able to provide the resources that make that starting off point, a little less scary.

I created this blog to be a guide for women and their families, a place where they will find activities, weight loss tips, motivation, kid-friendly recipes and more. If they know my struggles, they might relate to my knowledge a little more. I taught health education and physical education to children and in that time, I paid very close attention to the eating and exercise habits of children. I wanted to know what triggered their healthy or non-healthy habits and I bring that information to my readers as often as possible. Before teaching, I worked in cardiac rehabilitation and also observed many health-related patterns when it came to the lifestyles of my heart patients. I found that many of their poor health habits were developed as children.

I cover different topics, depending on the day. I love to share kid-friendly recipes and encourage parents to cook with their children. They will get a more in-depth understanding of nutrition, if they are cooking right there with you. I love to share my exercise tips and I am upfront and honest with my readers when it comes to days where I feel “off”. I find motivation through my readers in many ways and if they have a question, I will do whatever I can to find the answer. Knowing that I impact their daily lives, makes my leading a healthy lifestyle that much more important.

I hope you will find something that you can take from, Let’s Move It Mommas. I am currently training for my first half marathon, to take place in January and I am excited to share my experiences with my readers.

Live Happy and Healthy,
The “Move It Momma”- Marissa

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