Friday, September 2, 2011

THANK YOU, FitBlogger!

I am so honored to be the Featured Blogger today @ FitBlogger! Below you'll find my featured post and I hope you'll visit FitBlogger and say hello!

I was once lost, not sure where to find help when it came to losing weight and leading a healthy lifestyle. If I wouldn’t have found the change I so desperately needed at that time, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Able to help people find that motivation they might be lacking. The doubt they have of reaching a goal that seems so far away. I often hear, “I don’t know where to begin” when I am speaking with people about changing their life or the lives of their family. With my own weight-loss success story, I want to encourage others to make their own story. Whether it is increasing their fitness level, losing weight, accomplishing a goal, ANYTHING! I hope Move It Mommas is able to provide the resources that make that starting off point, a little less scary.

I created this blog to be a guide for women and their families, a place where they will find activities, weight loss tips, motivation, kid-friendly recipes and more. If they know my struggles, they might relate to my knowledge a little more. I taught health education and physical education to children and in that time, I paid very close attention to the eating and exercise habits of children. I wanted to know what triggered their healthy or non-healthy habits and I bring that information to my readers as often as possible. Before teaching, I worked in cardiac rehabilitation and also observed many health-related patterns when it came to the lifestyles of my heart patients. I found that many of their poor health habits were developed as children.

I cover different topics, depending on the day. I love to share kid-friendly recipes and encourage parents to cook with their children. They will get a more in-depth understanding of nutrition, if they are cooking right there with you. I love to share my exercise tips and I am upfront and honest with my readers when it comes to days where I feel “off”. I find motivation through my readers in many ways and if they have a question, I will do whatever I can to find the answer. Knowing that I impact their daily lives, makes my leading a healthy lifestyle that much more important.

I hope you will find something that you can take from, Let’s Move It Mommas. I am currently training for my first half marathon, to take place in January and I am excited to share my experiences with my readers.

Live Happy and Healthy,
The “Move It Momma”- Marissa


WannabeRunner said...

Congrats on being featured! :)

Anonymous said...

Look at you getting all famous! Congrats!

Katie @ Will Race for Carbs said...

Great article!

jillconyers said...

Congrats! I was just featured last week :)

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