Monday, September 12, 2011

the wedding, my run and some yummy Hummus!

Just a few pics from my friend's wedding!
We had a super busy weekend, but everything was beautiful and we're so happy for the newlyweds! She is a wonderful friend to me, she is my son's Godmother and she stood in my wedding almost seven years ago! Whew, we're gettin' old!

My boys and I went out for a nice run this morning, but by the time we made it out the door, it was already 91 degrees...yuck! We pushed through and did about 3 miles. We came home and decided to do an ab/back workout on Exercise TV and it turned out to be a decent, 20 minute workout! The boys actually did it with me the entire time...they were cracking me up, trying to copy what I was doing! Nothing like having my boys there to workout with me!! While we were on our run, my youngest-he's only 2, asked if he could wear my iPod to jam to the music! Ha!

not sure why I don't look red and sweaty in this pic? Trust me, I was!

I'm SO proud of my boys for wanting to exercise and be active with their Momma. On those days where I am lacking motivation, they push me to finish! Thanks boys!

I'm now addicted to this easy hummus recipe! We're fixing to prepare some for lunch right NOW!


1/2 can garbanzo beans (chick peas), drained and rinsed

1-2 clove garlic, chopped, depending on how much garlic you like! I use 2!

lemon juice-I squeeze 1/2 lemon into blender

splash of extra virgin olive oil

splash of water

Add all to Magic Bullet, or whatever blender you prefer! Blend until like paste-or whatever texture you like your Hummus to have! I serve on Joseph's oat flax bread, at only 60 calories! I garnish with baby spinach, add hummus and ENJOY! I seriously make this probably three or four times a week, because it's so easy and tastes delicious! I used to make a hummus recipe with more ingredients but found this one to be great, if not better than the other!


Mommy Minded said...

You look uh maze ING! And I cant wait to try your hummus!

Bridie said...

If you want a little "looser" hummus, I thin mine out with So Delicious coconut milk and don't use water. I also experiment with different flavors - adding sun dried tomatoes or roasted red peppers, or caramelized onions to change it up!

Katie @ Will Race for Carbs said...

Great pictures! I love hummus but I always just buy it. That seems pretty easy. I think even I could do that!

Kjirsten- Balanced Healthy Life said...

Your sons are such cuties! I can see how they can be good motivation and I would be proud of them too for wanting to work out!!! That easy hummus recipe looks fab!

WannabeRunner said...

Great pics, you look beautiful!

Penny said...

Love your pictures. I need to try that hummus. I'M so addicted to hummus right now. I seem to put it on all most everything. That is so awesome that your boys and you got out and did a run.

April Westerhold said...

LOVE Hummus. I may make this tomorrow and serve it on some sliced tomatoes with spinach. Sounds delish just thinking about it. You look great in the pic!


Anonymous said...

Mmm, I had the best hummus a few weeks ago. It was so creamy and now I might be drooling on myself a little thinking about it. I might have to try your recipe this weekend and see if it cures my sudden craving.

Christy J said...

I can't wait to try your hummus recipe! The ones I've seen always call for tahini paste and I never use it so can't justify buying it. This one looks easy enough, and I love the idea of a wrap or sandwich of hummus and spinach!

jillconyers said...

Great photos and I love your dress. We're a family that loves hummus. Your recipe is the same as mine. Love that it's so easy.

Debs Dealz said...

What a beautiful dress!! Love it!

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