Friday, September 16, 2011

a treat worth sharing!

I made these for the boys last night and they more than LOVED them! I took a picture on my iPhone but I think one of my boys erased on accident, because it's not there! So easy and fun to make!
*You'll Need: a pkg. of Cinnamon graham crackers and a container of sugar free-fat free cool whip! Oh and some cookie pop sticks too...if you don't have those, any kabob stick should work, just make sure you chop off the sharp end!

I put a layer of cool whip onto one graham cracker and placed the stick, about half way through the cool whip layer. Then top with other cracker and place in freezer. Make sure the stick is all the way across the cracker, so it's more stable for the kids! Once frozen(about 45minutes) serve and enjoy! I placed them on parchment paper in freezer, just to make sure they wouldn't stick! The boys thought they were so cool because they ate them off the stick! I'm sure there are plenty of other possibilities for this super, simple snack idea!

What else would you add to these kid-friendly treats to make them even more delicious?

Today I woke up and did a 55min pilates workout... my tummy is already sore! Guess that means it was a good one :) and tomorrow I am ATTEMPTING a long run...6 miles! Our weather is cooling off a bit, so hopefully that'll make for more enjoyable runs! I totally need to work on a new playlist, because a lot of your comments suggested running more often WITHOUT music, but I totally think my playlist tend to motivate me. Maybe when I start improving and increasing my mileage, I'll feel differently, but for now....I need to JAM! ha!

Now that Fall is approaching, find you a great workout buddy and hit the streets! A walk/run with a friend is always fun! Or you can try and get a group to complete a 5K...even if it's their first race. Help them set a goal and you will all reach it together. The feeling you'll have afterward is like NO other, so what are ya waiting for? Get out there and get moving WITH YOUR FRIENDS!


Katie @ Will Race for Carbs said...

Good luck on 6 miles!! I don't know what people are talking about, the ipod makes it so much better! has really cheap downloads (like 9-15 cents/song). I think it is Russian and I am not exactly sure if it is legal...but I've gotten a lot of great running songs there!

WannabeRunner said...

Your boys must think you are the coolest mom ever!

I'm with you, i have to have music while running. But i get sick of my playlists pretty quickly!

Elle said...

Ah, Pilates... so great for the torso. Today I was thinking that I am going to get back into it this winter. Good for you.

Mommy Minded said...

Yum! We did find a fall work out friend this week! Your GSP is getting awesome! lol

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