Sunday, September 11, 2011

recipe searching?

There are MANY times where I have no clue as to what will be on our dinner table in the evening. On days like these, I count on a few websites to help me figure out something healthy and simple to prepare! I've told myself to create a weekly meal plan but still haven't dedicated the time each week to actually doing it. Oops. That's definitely something I need to work on, because if the family has a set eating plan, it will leave less room for adding junk food and empty calories into the weekly routine. A very smart idea that I MUST make time for very soon.

Eating Well- a great site where you'll find healthy recipes, ways to make your favorite foods lower in calories but have that same great taste, tips on losing weight from their professionals, quick snack ideas and much more! I have their site saved as a favorite and when I'm not sure what to cook, I can usually find something great and even make my own adjustments to make the meal even HEALTHIER!

Good Eating, Good Living- I've mentioned this before on my site because this might be my favorite! This Kraft Diabetes site is dedicated to finding healthy meal options for those with diabetes, but every meal that is shared is very calorie, fat and carbohydrate balanced and they always turn out perfectly! All of the recipes listed are sure to keep your blood sugar in check and guaranteed to be delicious...there hasn't been one recipe I've made that hasn't and that's the truth!

Do you have a favorite healthy recipe website? Do you follow a weekly meal plan?

Today's Workout: There was NO workout today, sad but true. I was a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding and busy all weekend, so I haven't had a good workout since Friday morning. Yes, I need to kick it up this week! Now that her wedding has passed(it was a beautiful wedding!), I am ready to focus on my training plan for the Houston half, January 15th! Get ready because I'm sure going to need a lot of help and encouragement to accomplish this goal I have set for myself!


Anonymous said...

I'll have to check those sites out today. Being in a wedding can feel like a marathon, so I'm sure you got plenty of exercise from running around in high-heeled shoes.

jillconyers said...

Yes. I follow a weekly menu and I have many favorite sites. Lately it's Martha Stewart's Whole Living. Great recipes!

Take a peek at this week's menu. Several links to a few favorite Whole Living recipes :)

On the Menu

Today was a rest day for me which means P90X Stretch X. Beginning to taper for Chicago!!

cooperl788 said...

I do follow a weekly menu, and it has changed our life for the better in so many ways. We only buy the essentials now, and we almost never eat out. When I'm looking for a good meal, I usually head over to Everyday Paleo's blog, and she always has something tasty cooking up. I also collect cookbooks, so I'm frequently trying out new recipes from there. Hope all is well!

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