Thursday, September 8, 2011

Did you watch?

Family Fat Night on ABC News last night?
It was part of their "My (extra)ordinary Life" series and it had me glued to the television.
If you missed it, you will find it HERE.
I've said it before, my true passion is helping others reach their weight loss, fitness goals AND to help all of us raise a healthy family. So many times food is "quick and easy", which usually means "fattening and unhealthy" and this show scares me for our country. It was over eaters, under eaters, and all very sad. Is there such thing as food addiction? I think so, but there is a very fine line. As one of the doctors stated on the show, she doesn't find people addicted to broccoli its usually greasy, processed, high fat foods. Why is that?

I would love to work/run a facility like this. Helping people find their way. Helping them understand how/why they allowed food to take control in the first place. I felt for these people, all of them. Didn't matter their story, I understood them. I knew what it felt like to lose that battle with food millions of times. That feeling of helplessness. Where do they find hope? Thinking they will find satisfaction through what they're eating, when in the end they feel worse, much worse.
Then they also highlighted those on the OTHER side. The ones that were terrified to get "fat", would exercise for hours and eat nothing. If they ate, it came right up. I felt for those just as much. Its that same vicious cycle.
I couldn't help but think, how would I help someone that was in their situation? What do you say, what do you do?
If you watched this, what were YOUR thoughts? This show actually opened my eyes to how much more I could be doing to help this obesity crisis. I want to play an active role in helping others escape this growing epidemic. But how? You better believe I'll be brainstorming ways to make a difference until I come up with something brilliant.


kimert said...

Missed it! I didn't even sit down lat night until after 11 pm when I finally crawled into bed. AND I didn't even go to the gym. :( Gah!
I wonder if this is on again sometime?

Anonymous said...

It's hard because as someone who is overweight, I don't want people to feel free to come up and criticize me, but I think that obesity is such a taboo subject in our society that no one feels like they can push the subject with someone that needs help. I also felt like I had trouble finding resources about working out and eating right, which may or may not have actually been the case.

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I have not seen the show but will have to check it out.

misszippy said...

Sounds like a great show to watch! I think the hardest thing is getting people to want to change...there are still plenty out there that just don't want to make the effort to eat well, to exercise, etc. How do we reach them?

Katie @ Will Race for Carbs said...

I think you are doing one of the best things to help people who are struggling with weight. By telling your story and giving people resources you are letting them know that change is possible! I know a turning point for me with weight was realizing I could actually do something about it. Realizing you have the power to change, that you are not a prisoner to your genetics or past choices is half the battle! Keep encouraging because I think that you motivate a lot of people...myself included!

jillconyers said...

Haven't seen the show but I'll check it out. Thanks!

Bridie said...

to answer your question about why we are addicted to junk food, read "The End of Overeating"

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