Thursday, December 27, 2012

Commit. and a cool app too!

Have you found the location near you?

If this race hasn't grabbed your attention yet, what about this pretty cool swag?
 and a Commitment Day journal to keep you on track in 2013!

The race begins at 10am on 01.01.13 so that means even if you have FUN late night plans on NYE you'll still have time to sleep in and make the 10am start time!  Come on!  NO EXCUSES!!!  The t-shirt and journals will be handed out at the finish line, so what are you waiting for?  
Sounds like a great, healthy way to start off 2013!  We can't wait for this race and I think the boys will enjoy it too...I want them to see families out there making the commitment to get fit next year! We are making the commitment together and I hope your family will too :)

If you're like me and workout at home, Obstacles XRT app might be for you!!
Heard of it?
"Transform wherever you are into an extreme obstacle course! Say goodbye to boring sit-ups and jumping jacks. With Obstacles XRT, you’ll be trekking over tires, escaping perilous quicksand, and sneaking under fences. All in your living room – no equipment needed!"
You can check out their website here
Go to the video link and you'll see a clip from a sample workout!  It looks pretty cool and you can choose beginner, intermediate and advanced obstacles/workouts.  T
hey also ask for height, weight and gender among other personalized options.  

An intense workout from your doesn't get any cooler than that! 
 I will be giving it a try soon, but if you don't want to wait for my review, it's available now at the iTunes Apple Store! 

Today's Workout:  3 mile run while my boys rode their bikes.  The only bad thing about working out at home with my kids is that they can't really go more than 3 miles...I mean, my six year old could hang, but I don't think having my three year old go 5-6 miles is appropriate!  LOL!  However I enjoy being with them and hearing them tell me that they like working out with Momma and they usually tell me to run faster or to keep on pushing little personal trainers, always there for motivation and support!  
*I'm thinking tomorrow we'll run 2 miles and then come home and try out this 
new Obstacles XRT app!  

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

hot or cold?

Christmas Eve, I was running in shorts...came back and was drenched!  
Temps were mid 80's and humid!  We honestly could have jumped in a pool or set up our gigantic water slide!  Yea, it was THAT warm!

This morning we wake up to freezing temps with the wind blowing like CRAZY!  It's in the low 30's and we're bundled up by the fireplace!  Hmm Texas, I'm CONFUSED!  I've lived here my entire life so I should be used to this crazy weather, but I can't seem to figure out which weather I prefer...I'd love a snowy Christmas around here, but I've given up on making that happen Mother Nature!  So for now we'll deal with beach weather on Christmas Eve followed by chilly, cold weather the day after!  UGHHH!  
But for today's workout, we'll bundle up and head outside for a run!  My boys will be riding their new bikes so I know they'll be excited!  
Christmas Day workout was the Wii Just Dance(Just Sweat version) game for an hour...seriously it's SO much fun!  Maybe because I enjoy running around the house singing and acting a fool on most days, so a game that allows me to do that on purpose...I'm all for that!  

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas filled with the love and laughter of your family and friends.  I love this time of year...something so magical about all of it!  I hope as you visit with your family and make memories that you focus on your goals for 2013.  I know after our Commitment Day race, my husband and I are sitting down and setting our 2013 goals TOGETHER.  We are looking forward to kicking it up a notch nest year!!!  And I hope you are too :)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

runs for 2013!

We know themed-runs have been all the rage lately but now, according to the Active Network 2013 will bring even more exciting runs your way, 

5. Live your comic book fantasy.
Hurdling obstacles as you run for your life from brain gobbling zombies? Ruckus Sports successfully brought fantasy to reality with its Walking Dead Escape.
4. Act fast.
The Color Run saw its Washington DC event sell out in record time – 2 hours flat. You better register early if you want to get in on the happiest 5K on earth.
3. Experience less mud, less miles, no mercy.
Alpha Warrior is pure adrenaline. Get out of the gym, stay out of the dirt and challenge yourself to these tough courses. We accepted the challenge, will you?
2. Participate any time. Day or night.
Forget the days of waking up at the crack of dawn to participate– events are now held at any hour of the day or night! 10,000+ participants outfitted themselves in glowing neon gear to participate in the inaugural Electric Run, a party-like nighttime

Walking Dead:
Color Run:
Alpha Warrior:
Electric Run:
Ragnar Relay Series:
Spartan Race:!

What exciting races do you have planned for 2013?  
The great thing about these races is that they are for ALL fitness levels, so grab those family members that need the added motivation or the co-workers that say they aren't ready for a 5K and show them how much fun racing can truly be!  
Getting family and friends active in the New Year is a huge part of my 2013 goals!  What about you?  I know that as I hit the road running this holiday season, I'll be sure to pressure my family and friends into trying these with me!  As far as what's to come...we have the Commitment Day race on 01.01.13 in Houston and then it's Feb 2's, Color In Motion but the races listed above sound like so much fun, I'm sure I'll be adding some of them to our 2013 race calendar!  

I'm not a competitive runner by ANY means, however I run to stay healthy.  To live healthy.  To be an example for my family and my boys.  I love the feeling I get from running.  From accomplishing something that I didn't think possible.  I love setting goals, reaching them and exceeding them.  That is why I RUN.  And if running isn't your workout of choice, you probably have a feeling you get from lifting weights, CrossFit, boot camp workouts, spinning, kickboxing, yoga, etc...and that's great!  If you've found the workout that makes you feel good-then you've won the battle!  Woohoo!  I sometimes doubt myself because I am not the winner of the 5K race or the one with a super fast pace BUT I am getting out there, making a difference for myself, staying healthy and doing what I can to fight heart disease and to show my family that staying healthy is key.  
Looking toward the New Year,
My husband and I want 2013 to reflect growth when it comes to running.  We have noticeable slacked off since our half marathon last year, BUT setting goals for the future will only bring more exciting challenges for the both of us.  We are looking forward to running TOGETHER a lot this coming year.  

I did not receive compensation for posting about these upcoming races, I received the information/links via email.  All opinions are 100% mine.  

Monday, December 17, 2012

Got a smoothie?

I wanted to share my little gifts for my son's P.E teachers!
Gift Cards from our local Smoothie joint!  
Perfect for a healthy treat after a long day!  I think they'll love them!  
I want them to know I appreciate and know that they are impacting my child!  

P.E is a pretty big deal for me, obviously...but it's much deeper than that,
My son who is in kindergarten LOVES P.E  He thinks it's so cool that his teachers talk about healthy foods that we eat at home.  He loves that they warm up with crunches and jumping jacks...he's amazed that we do that stuff at home all of the time and now he's doing it at school!  I am so happy that he loves it on his terms.  He shows a huge interest in anything fitness/healthy and that makes me very proud.

It is very different from myself growing up,
My experience with gym/P.E is a HUGE part of my motivation to teach.  It was AWFUL.  I felt insecure.  Never wanted to "dress out" in front of my friends.  Hated running, fitness testing, etc.  Why?  I was overweight.  I was so unhealthy.  It was embarrassing.  I still remember taking our weight in P.E, I wanted to cry.  I was popular and the funny girl, so I used laughter to distract from the # on my paper :(  Ugh.  
With teaching P.E I made sure ALL children felt comfortable and confident to achieve fitness goals at their pace and level.  I didn't push, just guided and helped them see that exercise can be fun and not intimidating.  It was a main focus for me because those are the children that need exercise and want to be healthier.  I did not want a child to feel left out because of his/her weight or fitness level.  That's not fair.  I believe that's why so many men and women are intimidated by the gym.  I know it was hard for me because it brought back those fears from school...putting on the shorts and t-shirt and showing my skills or lack-there-of :( 
I guess you could say I brought a different angle to physical education.  Most P.E teachers are former athletes.  They were soccer stars or volleyball players for most of their life, sports and fitness is all they know.  For me, it was the TOTAL opposite.  I was the unhealthy, fat and funny girl that coordinated the weekend parties.  Yep, that was me.  After my weight-loss success in college, I decided I could impact lives from the other side.  I could relate to the children that weren't the star athletes.  And while being the star is AWESOME and having huge athletic abilities is amazing, it often leaves other children in physical education in the dust.  I am talking about the children that won't move on to athletics for 1st and 7th period.  The ones that'll get lost in the crowd of children.  ALL children deserve to live a healthy life.  And a lot of kids had their stuff together.  They were awesome athletes that rocked at their sport while eating a balanced diet!  Ah, great to know there are parents out there with it together!!  My teaching philosophy was that I want all children to find a passion for healthy living.  Find something active that they enjoy doing.  They don't have to be GREAT at it, just enjoy it and get moving!  

And after writing that I have ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE WHAT POINT I WAS TRYING TO MAKE.  The beauty of blogging is that we can use our voices to make a difference...To tell you about my past experiences?  Maybe it was to tell you to take care of your elective teachers this Christmas?  Or maybe to tell you why I became a P.E teacher?  Hmmm, I HAVE NO IDEA!!!!!  

*But good news is today's workout ROCKED!  I kept up with my husband until the end when he sprinted off in front of me, but I'm feeling it now.  Sore feels great because you know you've worked hard, but I'm like physically walking sideways!  Ha!  Totally worth it :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

lots of goodies just in time for Christmas!

Lots of goodies have been arriving in the mail for us to try and here are just a few, 

Kodiak Cakes Frontier Flapjack and Waffle Mix...
 and it's delicious!!!  My boys requested to be the taste testers this morning and they LOVED these.  Made with whole wheat, oats and honey.  We tried the waffles and it doesn't get easier...mix + water and pour into your heated waffle iron!  Yum!  I added 2 tbs flaxseed meal to the mix!  We topped them with peanut butter and the boys dipped in a little syrup!  Here's my youngest enjoying them this morning...

And for the party gals, some CountryGirl low calorie cocktail mixes!  With a slogan like, "everyone likes a Country Girl", what's not to love!  I will be sampling Sweet Tea and Margarita flavors and look at these super cute cups!  FUN!  It's always great when they make an adult beverage that's low on calories but great on taste and it doesn't hurt that these bottles are SO super cute!  Look at the little cowgirls!  Nice touch!  

And what about Williams Sonoma and their new line of superfood mixers!  
That's right, Williams-Sonoma and Navitas Naturals have partnered up to launch new superfood mixers and I'll be sampling Protein and Power Snack!  Mmm, looks pretty yummy!

All of these products would make great gifts for your health-enthusiast family and friends!  The smoothie mixers are sold in a 3-pack including Protein, Antioxidants and Omega-3.  

I can't wait to share with you my thoughts and experiences with these new products...

What new products are you loving right now?  
I'd love for you to share!  

Today's Workout: quick, 2 mile run with my littlest man!  I know we can't make excuses but honestly between picking up my youngest from preschool, we had to squeeze in a quick workout before picking up my oldest from kindergarten!  Better luck tomorrow, but I had to use this time today for some Christmas shopping without the kiddos :(  Such a lame excuse, but I had to use it today!  Bummed, but I'll make up for it tomorrow...with these nice, chilly temps in Texas I'm able to get more miles in at a faster pace without passing out from the humidity or heat!  Woohoo!!  

Monday, December 10, 2012

Fitness can be a Family affair

It's probably the P.E teacher in me, but I always love finding ways to make exercise fun, motivating and HEALTHY for the whole family!  

If you've looked at the statistics lately: 

If one parent is obese, there is a 50% chance that the child will also be obese.  

According to the Alliance for a Healthier Generation (a great non profit organization aimed at reducing childhood obesity by 2015), "1 in 3 children and youth, ages 2-19 in the United States are already overweight or obese."  These children are already at risk for heart disease, asthma and Type 2 diabetes.  


I've created 8 steps to help turn your 
family's fitness into a family affair!

  1. Change it up.  Adults can often forget that playing is exercise!  Bowling one day, a family walk the next...possibilities are endless.  Anything that gets your family moving counts as exercise, keep that in mind.  
  2. Keep track.  Make a calendar and if you have a family that enjoys healthy competition, mark miles ran/walked, best record times, games won, etc.  A great way to keep your kids motivated while having fun!
  3. Get outdoors and away from electronics!  Play in the backyard or at the park.  Walk around the neighborhood.  Fresh air and exercise are always remedies for a great mood and workout too!
  4. Run/Walk for a cause.  This can really get your family motivated, especially if it's something that's close to your heart.  Find a local organization that's hosting a fun run/walk, get your family and friends to join in too.  
  5. Make a schedule.  A structured workout schedule will work great for your family.  Set times/days of the week and write it down.  This is also a time to put down the computer, iPad, gaming devices, etc.  This way it doesn't interfere with other sports, school functions, etc.  If you've planned something that can't fit in the time allowed, turn on some jams and have a living room dance party!!!  Be flexible!
  6. Write it down.  Make your family commit by signing a contract or the schedule.  If it's weight loss, write it down.  It will hold the entire family accountable!
  7. Get ideas from your kids!  Ask the children what they'd like to do to get moving or for exercise.  Then the family does whatever that child chooses that's active.  It also helps the child associate certain things as being fit and active!  Chances are, they'll have some fun ideas in their head so listen up!
  8. Keep it interesting and FUN!  Do something you guys wouldn't normally do.  Set up your very own field day in the backyard.  Rock climbing or a family football game.   My kids even love jumping rope when I make it a game and we count together....but this would work well with older children/teens too!  Ya know your teen would love to out-jump rope you!  

How my family stays fit?  

We run together.  Ride bikes together.  Go camping together and explore the outdoors!  My boys think exercise is FUN and that is a goal I intend to keep for myself as a mother and a wife.  I want my family to continue making HEALTHY memories together!  I know we'll have our challenges as they grow older, but I've made a promise to myself that I'll always remember that they will cherish these memories for a lifetime and hopefully develop some healthy habits that will stick with them for a lifetime.  
My oldest son has already found a love for running and bike riding.  He loves to run fast and always talks about how he's working his heart muscle with every activity that he does.  We learn the healthy foods and not-so-healthy foods.  We teach them moderation and portion control with all foods, especially the junk foods!  I know that I must allow them to make decisions on their own and if they want chips or cookies, I give in but explain that those foods are good on occasion, not all of the time and they know that now!

Part of my issues growing up were that I didn't understand portion control AT ALL.  I'd come home from school, while my Mother was still at work and I'd raid the pantry like I hadn't eaten in days.  I believe it is a VERY fine line that can be crossed when it comes to helping your children, you don't want to deprive them and then they turn to junk food always and can't stop.  I'd feel horribly guilty after eating that way, because I wanted to lose weight and look like my classmates and friends BUT I felt trapped.  I'd uncontrollably eat, feel awful, cry and then eat to cover the emotions...what a vicious cycle for a growing teenager.  

Do you make fitness a family affair?  

Sunday, December 9, 2012


 Have you made the commitment?  

What is Commitment Day?
It's 300,000 + people
30+ cities
The mission is life a healthy lifestyle and it all begins 01.01.13

You can commit to a healthy way of life with your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers...anyone who is willing to commit!  It's important to remember that it is not a race, it's a movement!  You can run, walk or whatever gets you moving!  
What are you waiting for, find the Commitment Day race near you!  

It is about taking the first step toward a healthy way of life.  Make that time NOW!

All participants will receive a t-shirt and a commitment journal to help keep you on track in 2013!  
My family of four will be running and I hope you will too!  

*The Houston event will take place at 10:00am at BVAA Compass Stadium.  

All children 17-and under are free with paid adult, so bring your entire family!
And if that wasn't enough, if you sign up you'll receive a free LifetimeRUN 5K training plan.  These plans are available in three levels-beginner, intermediate and advanced.  

Will you Commit on 01.01.13?  

And a side note!  I'm beyond proud of my 6 year old that ran his first official 5K yesterday!  He ran alongside Daddy and never stopped.  He LOVED it!  He had a smile on his face, even while breathing heavy and said he wanted to race like that all of the time and win medals!  
That's my boy!  
The race was to benefit our friend, Eileen that was hurt in a tragic boating accident a few months ago.  We raised money to help pay her medical expenses since she is still in ICU.  It was pouring during most of the race, but we all pushed through, even my Mom-hats off to ya MeMe for running a bit with your grandson!  

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

a time to reflect...and make a difference!

It's December and if I know my readers, some of us are already busy setting goals for 2013 
Am I right?  
Before we think too far ahead, let's set a few goals prior to the upcoming New Year!  
This way they can carry over and we're sure to stay on track throughout the Christmas season!  

My personal end-of-year goals:
1. Focus on healthy eating
2. Add more strength training to my workouts
3. Run 6.2 in under an hour
4. Run races as a family of four! We have one set for this coming Saturday :)
5. Finally taste a Green Smoothie-yea, I know I should have already done this!
(-your recipes for Goal #5 are needed!)

Your turn!

I love organizations that put children's health as a priority!  We want healthy children that ENJOY getting outside, being active and living a healthy lifestyle, so any company or organization that promotes that way of life gets two thumbs up from me!  
I have an exciting way for you to help make a difference before 2012 comes to an end and it's hosted by a great company and an incredible organization...

We all know Athleta- Women's activewear that fits absolutely perfectly!  They make activewear for ALL sports, so check them out at a location near you or online!  
Just in time for the New Year, Athleta has teamed up with Girls on the Run, 

What is Girls on the Run?  
"We inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running." -Girls on the Run

Here's a little about the program and how you can help make a difference, 
Athleta will be engaging women to finish their 2012 strong by inspiring users to share their remaining 2012 aspirations and goals and encourage them to realize them before the year’s out.  In the spirit of community, the efforts made across Athleta’s Twitter and Facebook will collectively result in inspiring and empowering young girls (through the amazing organization Girls on the Run) to do the same. 

How it Works
Housed on Athleta’s Facebook page, Athleta will ask, “How will you Finish Strong in 2012?”. When an individual makes a pledge to themselves, it is published to their Facebook wall and then aggregated with other responses to form an inspirational mosaic of pledges within the application.  With every action (pledge, share or like), Athleta will donate $1 to Girls on the Run.

In addition to entering goal pledges through the Facebook app, users can participate via Twitter by tweeting their goal with the hashtag #FinishStrong2012.

The Facebook app will pull in all tweets with this hashtag and display them on a randomly selected background. Each use of the hashtag will drive a $1 donation for Girls on the Run.

I received this information to share with my readers.  All opinions are 100% mine.  No compensation was received.  

Sunday, December 2, 2012

it goes with EVERYTHING

Steamed Edamame!!
It doesn't matter what I'm preparing for dinner, my boys want it with Edamame!  
Our favorite:  Seapoint Farms brand from Sam's in the steamable pouch!   
Tastes the best and is very budget friendly!
Since Edamame is a big hit with the whole family, I usually steam a pouch while dinner is finishing up and I want my family settled at the dinner table!  It's a way to get them munching and visiting about their day while still keeping the calories low and adding protein to their diet!  
My favorite combo with this tasty treat-Miso Soup!  
So if you guys know of any pouches that aren't loaded down with sodium or a quick Miso Soup recipe...PLEASE SHARE!!!  I've searched grocery store shelves and haven't found anything that comes close to tasting great :(  I had found a brand at a local Japanese market in downtown Houston but for weekly grocery shopping, it's not worth the trip!  

What's your favorite healthy, super simple snack choice??

To my readers, 
I'm truly amazed by my readers and fellow bloggers, so thank you! 
   It seems we all have a story to tell.  Whether its trying to lose weight, struggling as an overweight Mom, losing weight and finding success, helping others achieve goals, running marathons, helping fight childhood obesity, and the list goes on and on.  I am proud to be part of this blogging community.  
   I receive emails frequently from my readers talking about how my site has helped them jump start their weight loss or helped them find the tools they need for success on their workout/weight-loss journey and it brings tears to my eyes.    
   I visit their blog, read their journey or story and I'm overwhelmed with emotion.  SO many of us have felt that feeling of hopelessness, of regret, of failure.  Many of us started that diet on Monday, only to fail by Tuesday.
   How is it that we all share those same struggles?  We fought hard and we succeeded.  We are all able to help others through sharing our own stories, our journey's.  How incredible is that?  
I am one, proud health blogger today and every day!  
Thank you for allowing me to share my story and learn, grow and achieve new goals along with all of you!  
The "Move It Momma"

Recent Workouts: Today I was able to hit 5 miles which may not sound like much, but it's a HUGE improvement on mileage for me :)  I was happy!  I had dates messed up and instead of the run being this past weekend, it's this coming weekend so we're looking forward to it and my son says he wants to run/walk his first 5K there!  Yay!  He's super excited about it, so we'll see how it goes!  I'm just happy and proud that he ENJOYS exercise and will hopefully continue to enjoy it as he grows.  
My man and I after our run the other day!  
You can't see in the pic, but I was DRENCHED in sweat...
he's SO fast, it took everything in me to try and keep up!

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