Sunday, December 23, 2012

runs for 2013!

We know themed-runs have been all the rage lately but now, according to the Active Network 2013 will bring even more exciting runs your way, 

5. Live your comic book fantasy.
Hurdling obstacles as you run for your life from brain gobbling zombies? Ruckus Sports successfully brought fantasy to reality with its Walking Dead Escape.
4. Act fast.
The Color Run saw its Washington DC event sell out in record time – 2 hours flat. You better register early if you want to get in on the happiest 5K on earth.
3. Experience less mud, less miles, no mercy.
Alpha Warrior is pure adrenaline. Get out of the gym, stay out of the dirt and challenge yourself to these tough courses. We accepted the challenge, will you?
2. Participate any time. Day or night.
Forget the days of waking up at the crack of dawn to participate– events are now held at any hour of the day or night! 10,000+ participants outfitted themselves in glowing neon gear to participate in the inaugural Electric Run, a party-like nighttime

Walking Dead:
Color Run:
Alpha Warrior:
Electric Run:
Ragnar Relay Series:
Spartan Race:!

What exciting races do you have planned for 2013?  
The great thing about these races is that they are for ALL fitness levels, so grab those family members that need the added motivation or the co-workers that say they aren't ready for a 5K and show them how much fun racing can truly be!  
Getting family and friends active in the New Year is a huge part of my 2013 goals!  What about you?  I know that as I hit the road running this holiday season, I'll be sure to pressure my family and friends into trying these with me!  As far as what's to come...we have the Commitment Day race on 01.01.13 in Houston and then it's Feb 2's, Color In Motion but the races listed above sound like so much fun, I'm sure I'll be adding some of them to our 2013 race calendar!  

I'm not a competitive runner by ANY means, however I run to stay healthy.  To live healthy.  To be an example for my family and my boys.  I love the feeling I get from running.  From accomplishing something that I didn't think possible.  I love setting goals, reaching them and exceeding them.  That is why I RUN.  And if running isn't your workout of choice, you probably have a feeling you get from lifting weights, CrossFit, boot camp workouts, spinning, kickboxing, yoga, etc...and that's great!  If you've found the workout that makes you feel good-then you've won the battle!  Woohoo!  I sometimes doubt myself because I am not the winner of the 5K race or the one with a super fast pace BUT I am getting out there, making a difference for myself, staying healthy and doing what I can to fight heart disease and to show my family that staying healthy is key.  
Looking toward the New Year,
My husband and I want 2013 to reflect growth when it comes to running.  We have noticeable slacked off since our half marathon last year, BUT setting goals for the future will only bring more exciting challenges for the both of us.  We are looking forward to running TOGETHER a lot this coming year.  

I did not receive compensation for posting about these upcoming races, I received the information/links via email.  All opinions are 100% mine.  

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