Sunday, December 2, 2012

it goes with EVERYTHING

Steamed Edamame!!
It doesn't matter what I'm preparing for dinner, my boys want it with Edamame!  
Our favorite:  Seapoint Farms brand from Sam's in the steamable pouch!   
Tastes the best and is very budget friendly!
Since Edamame is a big hit with the whole family, I usually steam a pouch while dinner is finishing up and I want my family settled at the dinner table!  It's a way to get them munching and visiting about their day while still keeping the calories low and adding protein to their diet!  
My favorite combo with this tasty treat-Miso Soup!  
So if you guys know of any pouches that aren't loaded down with sodium or a quick Miso Soup recipe...PLEASE SHARE!!!  I've searched grocery store shelves and haven't found anything that comes close to tasting great :(  I had found a brand at a local Japanese market in downtown Houston but for weekly grocery shopping, it's not worth the trip!  

What's your favorite healthy, super simple snack choice??

To my readers, 
I'm truly amazed by my readers and fellow bloggers, so thank you! 
   It seems we all have a story to tell.  Whether its trying to lose weight, struggling as an overweight Mom, losing weight and finding success, helping others achieve goals, running marathons, helping fight childhood obesity, and the list goes on and on.  I am proud to be part of this blogging community.  
   I receive emails frequently from my readers talking about how my site has helped them jump start their weight loss or helped them find the tools they need for success on their workout/weight-loss journey and it brings tears to my eyes.    
   I visit their blog, read their journey or story and I'm overwhelmed with emotion.  SO many of us have felt that feeling of hopelessness, of regret, of failure.  Many of us started that diet on Monday, only to fail by Tuesday.
   How is it that we all share those same struggles?  We fought hard and we succeeded.  We are all able to help others through sharing our own stories, our journey's.  How incredible is that?  
I am one, proud health blogger today and every day!  
Thank you for allowing me to share my story and learn, grow and achieve new goals along with all of you!  
The "Move It Momma"

Recent Workouts: Today I was able to hit 5 miles which may not sound like much, but it's a HUGE improvement on mileage for me :)  I was happy!  I had dates messed up and instead of the run being this past weekend, it's this coming weekend so we're looking forward to it and my son says he wants to run/walk his first 5K there!  Yay!  He's super excited about it, so we'll see how it goes!  I'm just happy and proud that he ENJOYS exercise and will hopefully continue to enjoy it as he grows.  
My man and I after our run the other day!  
You can't see in the pic, but I was DRENCHED in sweat...
he's SO fast, it took everything in me to try and keep up!


Samantha said...

I love edamame!!! I just found this big bag that contained individual serving steam pouches in it for pretty cheap!! Perfect for just me and hubby!

Elle said...

Nice pic of you and your husband!

I love steamed edamame too... found them several years ago and they are the perfect snack.

I buy them at Costco now in steamable bags, too.

fancy nancy said...

Love the pic!! I love steamed edamame! I like to put it in stir fry too! Great job on your 5 miles and inspiring so rock!!!

Mandee said...

You look great Marissa! I have missed seeing your face! I need to make more time to stop by more often! I have been doing the Shaklee Cinch diet for the past 6 months and have lost almost 30 pounds! I need to stop by more for your tips and recipes! :)

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