Thursday, December 27, 2012

Commit. and a cool app too!

Have you found the location near you?

If this race hasn't grabbed your attention yet, what about this pretty cool swag?
 and a Commitment Day journal to keep you on track in 2013!

The race begins at 10am on 01.01.13 so that means even if you have FUN late night plans on NYE you'll still have time to sleep in and make the 10am start time!  Come on!  NO EXCUSES!!!  The t-shirt and journals will be handed out at the finish line, so what are you waiting for?  
Sounds like a great, healthy way to start off 2013!  We can't wait for this race and I think the boys will enjoy it too...I want them to see families out there making the commitment to get fit next year! We are making the commitment together and I hope your family will too :)

If you're like me and workout at home, Obstacles XRT app might be for you!!
Heard of it?
"Transform wherever you are into an extreme obstacle course! Say goodbye to boring sit-ups and jumping jacks. With Obstacles XRT, you’ll be trekking over tires, escaping perilous quicksand, and sneaking under fences. All in your living room – no equipment needed!"
You can check out their website here
Go to the video link and you'll see a clip from a sample workout!  It looks pretty cool and you can choose beginner, intermediate and advanced obstacles/workouts.  T
hey also ask for height, weight and gender among other personalized options.  

An intense workout from your doesn't get any cooler than that! 
 I will be giving it a try soon, but if you don't want to wait for my review, it's available now at the iTunes Apple Store! 

Today's Workout:  3 mile run while my boys rode their bikes.  The only bad thing about working out at home with my kids is that they can't really go more than 3 miles...I mean, my six year old could hang, but I don't think having my three year old go 5-6 miles is appropriate!  LOL!  However I enjoy being with them and hearing them tell me that they like working out with Momma and they usually tell me to run faster or to keep on pushing little personal trainers, always there for motivation and support!  
*I'm thinking tomorrow we'll run 2 miles and then come home and try out this 
new Obstacles XRT app!  


Bridie Sellers said...

This summer I really need to get my 4 yr old comfortable riding his bike. Unfortunately we live at the top of a hill, so that makes it more difficult! I do pretty well with my treadmill at home, the kids are usually pretty patient while I run there.

Lilwelly5 said...

I love how you refer to your boys as your little personal trainers. My boys do the same thing. It is great when you can get them excited and involved in fitness. I need to get my 3 1/2 year old riding a bike. Pushing him in the stroller is getting harder and harder! Keep up the great work!!

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