Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Commitment Day 5K recap!

Happy 2013!!! We are busy setting our year goals and our Commitment Day swag makes it easier(an awesome journal to set weekly and monthly goals!)
Today, my husband and I woke up and headed to downtown Houston for the Commitment Day 5K! It was cold, rainy and windy but we set our minds to running a great race and WE DID! It was a blast and was incredible being around so many people that put healthy living as a priority...plus the kids! SO many kids were there with their parents, how awesome is that!! Even those that had never run a 5k, they were motivated, pushing themselves to better their future, their families! There's something extremely powerful about being in a crowd like that :-) LOVE!!!
Our boys stayed with my mom ONLY because we all had a late NYE night and the weather but once we arrived, we wanted to drive back and get them...even in the rain! My husband ran the race at a slower pace so he didn't leave me in the dust(I told him he didn't have to) so he finished in 28 minutes and myself, 32min! I was PROUD!

For 2013 goals, my husband and I set most of them together...
1.Smoothie a Day challenge so that means FINALLY trying a green smoothie! Thanks to simplegreensmoothies.com for hosting!
2. A race a month! At least one 5k, 10k or other distance once a month
3. EAT CLEAN! This is a big one for us, we usually eat healthy but we're kicking it WAY up in 2013!!
...your turn!! What are your 2013 goals?


Runner Maybe said...

Great job getting out there today! I ended up doing a 5K on thre treadmill tonight

Bridie Sellers said...

Great job on your first race of 2013!! Love your goals for the year....I am off to check out the smoothie challenge.

Courtney said...

Congrats on your 5K!! You did awesome!! It's hard to commit to a race on New Years Day!! You never know what the weather is going to be like or what the evening before is going to be like. LOL!! My Goals are to complete a half ironman this year, eat clean, lose weight, lift weights, and to blog more to connect with others going thru the same things. It's nice meeting you and I enjoyed reading your blog!! Best of luck in 2013!!

Lili J said...

Came across your blog from a friend of mine's instagram. Love your weight loss journey and 2013 goals. I am a new follower! Check me out sometime www.jacobsjambalaya.blogspot.com

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