Tuesday, January 15, 2013

seeing IS believing...

*I would like to say thank you to my readers (family too!) who have emailed me asking for help on their journey to fitness and health.  It is my TRUE passion to help others reach their weight loss and fitness goals. I am so thankful that so many of you somehow relate and gain hope and are inspired by my words and actions.  We are all on a journey, together.  I am here to make that road seem easier and although it will be one of the hardest things you've ever done, every drop of sweat and counted calorie will be worth it!  

We are on Day 14 of clean eating and the green smoothie challenge, which is so hard to believe!  It is my husband and I's wedding Anniversary too, so what a great day!  So much to be thankful for.  I had forgotten how wonderful it felt to fuel my body with only the key nutrients and not dumping those empty calories in there like they were hot cakes!  Whoops!
As for me, SEEING IS BELIEVING!  I am starting to see a true transformation of myself taking place.  Both on the inside and out.  Honest.  
*After a great Bob Harper workout, Ultimate Cardio Body + Glute Challenge...whew!
 For me, I am taking progress pictures every few days so that I am able to truly "see" the new me as it happens.  It helps me focus on how far I've come rather than become frustrated at the journey ahead of us.  And I'm sure those pictures will be shared when appropriate, but as for now with me and my insecurities, I'm just not quite ready to reveal that part of myself.  Soon...very soon.  

So often we dwell on the long battle ahead instead of focusing on where we've been and how far we've come.  Aren't we all guilty of that at some point?   We should all try and evaluate each day as a stepping stone in life and I believe it will help us all stay focused on living our healthiest life!  

Watching those children last night on the Biggest Loser, I felt so much compassion for them and I started to cry.  I'm not even sure why.  I think partly because of all of the obstacles that faced them every day just by simply walking into their own kitchen.  Their home should be a safe place, not a place where they felt overwhelmed and threatened.  It was a constant battle with food.  How awful.  I hope America will see how badly our children need us and want help.  They want to be healthy.  They want to fit in and do things that normal kids and teenagers do.  How sad that our obesity rate in children has tripled and so much of America isn't sure how to deal with it.  
I hope that all of us, not only the people that struggle with weight or the ones who have overweight children...I hope we ALL watched and our eyes opened a little bit more to the crisis in our nation.  
What did you think about last night's episode?  

Last night's dinner was phenomenal and the best part?  Both of my children, yes even my picky 3 year old ate it up!  My husband said it was incredible and ya ready for what it was?
Turkey Meatloaf, edamame and cauliflower "mashed potatoes"!  
The entire meal, served on an appetizer plate was to.die.for good!  
Ready for the recipe? 

I made mini meatloaves this way we'd eat our portion and be done!  
Woohoo, no overeating allowed!

Cauliflower "mashed potatoes"

1 head cauliflower, rinsed and cut into florets with part of stems attached.
Bring 2 cups water to a boil with 4 cloves of chopped garlic.  Add cauliflower pieces.
Once cooked-about 20 minutes.  Drain and set aside.  I mashed with my potato masher and added extra virgin olive oil, 1 tbs unsalted butter and garlic powder-it wasn't quite enough garlic flavor without it.  Maybe next time I'd add more chopped, fresh garlic. Also i added 2tbs neutfchael cheese for creaminess but dont think it needed it!  
Once mashed, I sprinkled with black pepper and served!  Yum, Yum, YUM!  

Turkey Meatloaf-
1 lb 99% lean ground turkey
1/2 onion, chopped
pepper and a sprinkle of sea salt
2 slices whole wheat bread of choice-cut into cubes
2% milk-1 cup
1 egg
1 clove garlic, chopped

Mix turkey with onion, garlic and sprinkle with pepper and sea salt.  Soak 2 slices of bread cubes in 1 c milk and allow to absorb, about 4-5 minutes and stir around a bit to saturate bread.  Drain remaining milk off bread and then add bread to turkey mixture.  Add beaten egg and combine.  I used a fork to really get the moisture into the meat.  When forming loaves, do not mash the meat together.  Form with a fork or spoon and lightly form loaf, this allows moisture and will keep the meat from drying out...this is a big step, don't MASH!  It made five mini loaves.  I topped with small amount tomato paste-no salt added just for added flavor.  I put oven at 400 for 35-40 minutes or until cooked.  Served with steamed edamame, and my mashed cauliflower.  
My children never knew the difference...never even asked.  I PROMISE!  

Throughout these 14 days, automatically my children have improved their diet.  Not that they ate terribly and they have always only had water and milk as their drink choices on most occasions  
BUT they are eating more fruits and vegetables, probably because it's what stuffed in our fridge in massive quantities!  Ha!  My husband and I have noticed a change in our moods, our behaviors and in our workouts.  It's incredible when you put all of the pieces to the equation together, at the same time.  It's like your body begins to work at ITS BEST.  amazing.  

I am hoping this journey continues to take flight, especially with us leaving on Friday for vacation.   There is a running track, workout facility, spa and many healthy food options so we should be good to go while making memories with my family :)  Wish us luck because although we'll keep on track with most things, our smoothies will take a back seat since we aren't bringing our blender on the ship!  Ha!  And while we're gone, I will be turning 33 years old...Boo.  I mean, a year older is not a huge deal but it's still another year older.  We will be in Nassau, Bahamas on the day of my b-day so I'm sure I won't have time to be depressed about it!  I'll be laying on the beach, soaking up some better weather than what's been here in Texas lately!  


Runner Maybe said...

I like to make my cauliflower mash with Chicken stalk....adds a little flavor. I also tend to mix in some red pepper flakes at the end for a kick.

Hollie said...

More great looking recipes! Thanks for sharing . Your vacation sounds great and I can't wait to hear about it. We've been wanting to do a Disney cruise.

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