Saturday, January 5, 2013

a few things!

Let's Get Roasted!  
Try roasting your veggies!  It makes a great snack that gives you that crunch, satisfies and leaves you feeling fuller, longer!  Try it!
 You'll Need:
15oz can drained and rinsed Garbanzo beans (chick peas)
drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, garlic powder or salt and pepper.  I tossed them in these ingredients before spreading them onto a baking sheet sprayed with oil.
Bake at 400 for 35-45 minutes until toasty!
Watch out!  These are good!  I munched on them yesterday and had to stop myself!  Try this with cauliflower too and it'll make you Ohh and Ahh, I PROMISE :)

Was anybody else watching Dr. Oz yesterday?  My three favorite trainers!  I'm SO excited that they've finally got it right!  I am happy with these trio and think this season will be the best one yet ESPECIALLY since they are tackling childhood obesity, which is a huge passion of mine that is close to my heart.  Can't wait to see what this season brings, what about you?  Are you a BL fan?  

Dinner Tonight:  Turkey meatball stew!  It's chilly and rainy here for another day...seems like it's been this way the entire Christmas vacation!  ugh!  Anyway, this weather called for a yummy soup packed with veggies!  
Turkey Meatballs
1 bag raw carrots
1 frozen pkg broccoli and cauliflower
1 1/2 cans diced tomatoes-no sugar added/low sodium 
1/2 onion chopped finely
1 jar gravy-I chose the low sodium beef...if there's a way to keep this out, I would since it's not the healthiest but it makes it taste so good, so I figure it could be WAY worse!

Day 4-Green Smoothie was in a Spiderman cup...gotta love my boys!  It was DELICIOUS as usual but this one was my own, little variation and was soooo good!  
2 c spinach
1/2 banana
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
3 strawberries
8 purple grapes
water.  Mix the spinach and water until liquid.  Add other ingredients and ENJOY!!!  It was really good and I'm happy that both my husband and I are sticking to this on top of kicking up our workouts AND eating really clean!  We have done really well and are enjoying our results ALREADY, after only 5 days!  How incredible is that.  Not that we don't usually eat healthy and watch our portions, but we lacked the veggies, fruit and protein.  Basically we had gotten lazy and had less protein than normal, more processed snacks(argh!!!) and not as many of the OUTSIDE OF THE GROCERY STORE!  Well, this time we've got it flipped.  Most of our shopping was from the outside and although it's a work in progress, I know we'll keep putting ourselves in check.  That's the beauty of having each other's back and holding each other accountable!
 Today's Workout:  LOTS of intervals at home and a kickboxing workout compliments of Xfinity(OnDemand).  We were drenched and sadly, already sore.  Guess we've been focusing so much on running that we've slacked off when it comes to strength training!  Whew!  
here's one of the workouts we did x 3

I'm gonna miss these!  Kodiak Cakes whole wheat waffle mix!  Mix with water and enjoy!  SO easy and my children loved them.  Last night was breakfast for dinner and we each had a waffle topped with egg white/egg scrambled with turkey!  It was so good and the eggs were stacked high!  YUM!!!  I must say I'm a really good egg scrambler so it made it even better :)  

Seriously, if you see these near you, grab a box...or two!

My best words of advice when working toward a healthier lifestyle, losing weight, becoming fit, stick with it.  It's going to take work, you'll have to push yourself and it might get really difficult at times but the journey is SO worth it!  There's no finish line and it's something you will always have to work at, BUT it's fun.  It makes life interesting.  You are bettering yourself and your family because of it.  You will be stronger, faster, motivating, a role model for your children and SO much more!  Go after what you want in 2013 and here's hoping you're headed toward reaching and exceeding all of your goals!  

There was never a time when I was overweight, inactive, stuffing my face and guzzling soft drinks that I felt proud, that I felt strong and powerful.  I felt quite the opposite.  Sad and disappointed.  More like a failure and my body would physically ache.  Good news is that can all CHANGE!  It did for me, it did for my husband and it can for YOU!  Make the time NOW!  


April Westerhold said...

So excited about the roasted chickpeas! We LOVE them at our house and I add them to just about every dish. Can't wait to try this!

Hollie said...

Another one I have to try, roasted peas! I love the biggest loser! I can't wait until tomorrow night. I am excited Jillian's back and that they kept Dolvett. I think with all these three trainers it will be a great season.

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