Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ta Da! We've food prepped!

A huge step for me to dirty my ENTIRE kitchen but good news is that it all cleaned up quickly! I'm a bit of a neat freak when it comes to things being all over my counters/sinks etc! We are set for the next few days to simply grab & go most of our meals. Especially my husband who leaves for work at 4am, he had to be prepared in order to stick to us eating small, balanced meals every four hours!

The first few pictures are of us slicing veggies to toss onto our salads, wraps and with our eggs! Just a way to easily have them there to grab! There's cucumber, carrot, sweet potato diced, bell pepper, broccoli, and onion. I bought a large Greek Yogurt plain and split it into 2 containers. Mixed one with powder ranch to create a dressing for salad or a dip for the veggies! *if you d never tried it, it's so good. I only use a little of the powder mix and it goes far in the yogurt! The other half of the yogurt will be toppings to our meals for added protein.

In one of the photos you'll see a mixture with avocado turkey meat? That's a dish we created last night that was so yummy! Made with the pre-cooked(by us!) lean ground turkey, add chick peas drained and rinsed, black beans, cumin & chili powder and simmer. Serve on whole wheat/low carb tortilla( that I browned in oven at 350 for 10min & spray w cooking spray for crispy)-pictured below. I made turkey mixture on tortilla/tostada and we topped with avocado slices, purple onion, lettuce, Greek yogurt! SO good! I served the boys same but kept their tortilla(regular) not crispy! They even dipped them in the yogurt! Sneaky Momma!!

So those are some meal prep picks-will add more! And some "what we are eating" pics too! Including the green smoothie from Simple Green Smoothie challenge which jump started our goal to eat clean and healthier in 2013! We are on Day 9 and going strong! As I've said before, never felt better but it does take preparation, commitment and hard work! But hey, I'm used to that, had just slacked off a bit.

We are still concerned(yet happy) because our vacation is in 9 days and although we are usually really good about making the healthy choice, it might be hard to be THIS structured! I'm thinking with a little discipline we should stay on track and speaking of track, there's a huge one there and a workout facility! NO EXCUSES!!!


Anonymous said...

Look at you go! Great job on the food prep, it makes life so much easier sometimes! Keep at it!

Hollie said...

Looks great! My daughter is loving the green smoothies too. We've made a few this week.

I love Greek yogurt! I make ranch dip like yours too. Sometimes I add a little cumin and spicy seasoning instead of ranch for toppings on wraps.

I made the avocado hummus! Absolutely delicious! Thank you!

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