Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It's RAINING intervals!

Whew! Why is running in the pouring rain SO much fun?! I have been working on intervals with my running and have noticed a HUGE difference. Probably a lot to do with a combination of our Green Smoothies, clean eating and adding strength training to our daily routine! Honestly, I haven't felt this good in years! No lie!! My husband and I have both lost weight and can already visibly see our bodies changing!! How amazing is that? We set great goals each year for the new year but don't think we've ever devoted as much time and energy as we are this year! What about you!? Sticking to your running goals? Weight loss goals?

Today's workout: an AWESOME interval run in the rain as I said before! It was so freeing! There is no stress relief quite like that! Had a run like that? Why is it that you only get that feeling from a GOOD run? There is no massage, alcohol, drug ANYTHING that feels that good! Why don't all people want to experience THAT feeling?? I encourage you to push at least one person you know to step out of their comfort zone this year! Have them find THAT workout that gives them that feeling of euphoria, of feeling unstoppable! Woohoo!!!!! Can ya feel my excitement??

Zucchini meal prepping!
I will post full meal prep picks later but for now ill leave you with my super easy & delicious zucchini!
4-5 zucchini sliced
1/2 chopped onion
Extra Virgin olive oil
Sauté olive oil and onion and the. Add zucchini, cover until softened and add pepper to taste! We ate our portions and packed the rest in single serving containers! We're on Day 8 of green smoothies and clean eating!!! Let the journey continue :-)


Run with Jess said...

Look how GREAT you look!!

Anonymous said...

Yummy, I love zucchini! I'll try this out! And you are looking good there! Keep it up!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Yay for awesome intervals! I had some pretty awesome ones today also. I also am wishing I didn't have to drive 30 minutes to the grocery store just to get the zucchini you just made me crave.

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