Monday, January 28, 2013

Wake up, America!

     It's no secret that I am extremely passionate about childhood obesity and the growing epidemic with today's youth.  It's frightening to me that our children are so unhealthy.  Now, this isn't all children by any means.  There are many families out there doing it right.  They are valuing their children's health and putting it as a family priority.  
     But when I receive the latest stats when it comes to sugary beverages that our children are consuming EACH DAY, you can't help but be frightened for the future generations...

About 70% of children and teens are drinking at least one soft drink or sugary drink every day.  
One in three consume at least THREE sodas or more per day.  
And if that's not enough, the statistics for adults and their consumption is far worse.  

     These sugary drinks are like second nature for some children.  They are easily available and always around. Look for the nearest vending machine or friends' pantry and there they are!  Now, not all children are overweight/obese so does that make it okay for those children to consume these beverages daily?  Absolutely not.  That amount of sugar is not good for any person or child and that's in one soda, not two or three.  
     For instance, on our cruise we would watch as children and teens would head to the "beverage station" (where you could fill up with water, milk, coffee, tea and sodas...TONS of sodas) they would get refill after refill and not think twice.  At that same time, we'd watch adults with a plate full of fatty foods filling a cup of soda, drink it at the station and then top it off to go with their meal.  Yikes people.  We all need a wake up call with this one.  
     Of course when you're drinking it, you aren't thinking about the sugar in each drink but maybe we all should?  
     I know for me, my issue as an overweight teen was never really soft drinks.  Did I drink them?  YES.  But I wouldn't consider the sugary drinks my real problem.  Of course I'd grab a DP with my high fat/high calorie lunch and not think anything of it but it was never an issue where I'd have to have one to function.  Just wasn't my red flag-I preferred over sized portions and chips!
     For my family, we don't bring soft drinks in our home.  If it's a special occasion or very rarely I'll ask my kids if they'd like a soft drink BUT since it's not something that's second nature in our home, they almost always choose water, milk or fresh-squeezed lemonade.  

**please keep in mind**     
I am not judging anyone for choosing to give their children these drinks.  It's your choice, we all have a choice for what we want for our children.  But I do ask you to think about it and understand the crisis we are dealing with when it comes to diabetes and obesity with our children.  
It's very alarming and it's only getting worse.  

Today's Workout: 55 minute interval training combining cardio and strength training!  
I was DRENCHED!  It felt so good!

Today's Smoothie:  1 c spinach 2 c kale, water, almond milk, ice, protein powder, blueberries and raspberries

Today's eats:  I did a lot of food prepping this morning, getting us ready for the week!  
2 zucchini, 1 can kidney beans-drained, 1 can black beans-drained, 1/2 onion-chopped.  
Saute zucchini and onion, sprinkled a little cumin and chili powder.  Dump beans.  
Serve with a spoonful of plain Greek yogurt.  

I am so excited for Biggest Loser tonight!  I look forward to it each week and we watched last week's episode last night to get caught up from vacation!  
As for me, I've lost 10lbs now and although on vacation I didn't lose any, I also didn't gain any so I'll take that!  

And to all of us, 
Stay focused.  Stay on track.  Stay committed.  Go for what you want.  Life is too short to not be living it to the fullest.  When you fuel your body with whole foods, your body recognizes it and positively reacts!  We only have one life, one heart so why not take care of it to the best of your abilities to be there for yourself and for your family.  

And speaking of our hearts, 
On the same topic of sugary soft drinks, we must understand the effect that the sugar has on the heart muscle.   
Take a stand on February 1st for your family and make the commitment to make your home a heart-healthy one!  
The mission of Go Red for Women is simple, to build healthier lives free of cardiovascular disease and stroke.  Heart disease still kills more women than all cancers combined.  
I am very passionate about this movement and always take pride in participating to show my support for my family and my grandmother-who lost her life to congestive heart failure several years ago.  
This year they are asking you to "paint your town red" to show your support and help others join in the movement and raising heart disease awareness and helping all of us become more heart-healthy!  
In a perfect world, I'd send an email to my family and friends and we'd all meet up, wearing RED and would walk/run a 5K together!  I'd feel proud that we did our part for heart disease and stroke BUT in all reality, people have other things.  We are all busy people, but I ask that this year you take the time on Friday, February 1st to show your support.  
Think of your own lives and see if there are ways you can make your family more heart-healthy? There's always room for improvement even if it's small steps?  Those count too, ya know!

When I think of Go Red, one moment sticks out for me,
    I was teaching P.E. and sent an email asking for staff and students to participate in this movement, I had included heart disease statistics and why they should take part.  Sadly, I didn't expect much from it but knew my fellow coaches would take part after much pushing from me!  To my surprise, I walked in on Go Red Day and EVERY.SINGLE. student and staff member wore RED!  I cried...and kept crying.  Woohoo!  We all stood in the shape of a heart after school and had one of our electricians stand on a huge ladder and take our picture from high was the coolest!  To this day, that picture is part of that districts main web page for our school!  How cool is that?  See, all things are possible if you just have a passion and share that passion with the world and those close to you.  


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Yum - those beans look good. I'm going to have to try that.

So awesome to hear about the success of Go Red Day!

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