Friday, January 11, 2013

A beautiful day in more ways than one

Day 10!!! We are 10 days in with our smoothie challenge and clean eating and I feel AH-MAZING!!! No lie! Preparation is definitely key to success, being able to open our fridge or pantry and grab a pre portioned snack that's ready to go HELPS tremendously. I'd choose a few days a week to prep your meals. It is working for us without allowing the meals to get boring, repetitive and it keeps them fresh when only preparing 3-4 days at a time. But I'm sure other ways work well too.

If you are trying this smoothie challenge with us, keep in mind that this is meant to replace one of six, small balanced meals. Meaning high protein/vegetables and fruits, small amount of complex carb(fiber-rich). Use a smaller plate that way your mind thinks you're filling up on more foods and raw foods will always leave you feeling fuller longer as opposed to ANY processed food. WATCH OUT for reduced fat, fat free, chances are they e added something in there to compensate for the fat, which sometimes makes it far worse and WATCH PORTIONS! Most items need to be fist-size or size of a deck of cards, no larger.

Here's breakfast from today and since I had this meal three hours ago, it's time for my smoothie which this time I'm adding romaine lettuce with the spinach to expand the leafy greens I'm consuming in these smoothies. And those are frozen grapes pictured! Delicious and so refreshing! If you've never tried frozen grapes, I suggest you pop some in your freezer right now. A great snack for kids too!

With my runs, I feel unstoppable, my workouts are much more intense and my husband and I have both LOST 7lbs!!!! Crazy right? And we were healthy eaters and watched our diet beforehand so imagine the results for those that have never w improved their diet or those who do not exercise regularly. Their results would probably blow ours away!!

An important reminder: NOBODY is responsible for yourself except YOU! Hold yourself accountable. Do not allow others to discourage you or tell you a lifestyle change will be too much work. It IS hard work, it takes dedication and focus but it can and will be done and worth every second. See the thing is, you'll never regret a healthy life...ever! You'll never regret losing weight, you will never regret setting exercise goals and reaching them! You will not regret crossing the finish line of your first race. I get VERY emotional with each race crossing the finish line of so many obstacles through life that held me back...I send it all away! The regrets, the fear, the intimidation...all of it!

What is your main goal and focus this coming week?!
Mine, to stay on track with our foods, workouts, spend some great quality time with my family on this rainy, upcoming weekend! Means time for lots of snuggles in our pj's!!

And I have been asked by many of you about how our boys are adapting to this new way of eating? They are both drinking the green smoothies, while our picky three year old refuses for his to be "green" I just sneak in more berries to make his look different! Their foods are what we are eating but I jazz theirs up a bit by adding cheese, a tortilla, bun etc. our boys have always eaten healthy foods because it is what they know. They are used to steamed edamame for snacks, whole wheat bread as opposed to white. We are their parents and they won't know what we don't buy. I mean of course kids need treats and fun things BUT when they understand those foods are treats, they'll treat them as such and not expect it daily.


fancy nancy said...

I'm so glad this is going so great for you both and that you are feeling so awesome!! I agree about are in charge! Our daughter actually prefers wheat or Ezekial bread over white! Way to be raising some clean eating boys!

Hollie said...

I am going to try changing up and following your six small meals and see how it goes with green smoothies.

Courtney said...

Sounds like your nutrition is going very well!! Great job!! Keep up the good work!!

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