Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Day 1

For the first day of the challenge, we chose the Strawberry, Banana, Blueberry Green Smoothie which can be found here.  
(On my to-do list, some better smoothie glasses such as the suggested, mason jars! ) 
This smoothie was surprisingly delicious!  I know I've written about wanting to try GREEN smoothies but had been afraid of the color!  Ha, I guess it's like green eggs and ham...just a little frightening!  It was really good and can't wait to try a new variation tomorrow :)  This also means knocking one goal off the list..."to try a green smoothie"!  WooHoo!  Off to a good start!

Today's Workout:  I actually did an old school bootcamp workout video since it's still rainy around here!  My husband has made some HUGE running goals for 2013, so he ran 5.4 miles in the rain!  such a trooper!  Some of my new year goals are to incorporate strength training into my workouts. In college when I first found my love for health and fitness, I focused purely on strength training and now I really focus on running, so for this year I'd love to mesh the two of them and see what happens!  I'm thinking I'll see a huge change...hopefully!  

Looking for some INSTAration (inspiration) in 2013?  
I suggest looking to Instagram!  I can be found at, Move It Marissa I believe I was searching recipes for about 2 hours this morning!  I was able to find my fellow FitFluential Ambassadors and their daily recipe pics are amazing!  It's like motivation through pictures!  Knowing they're creating perfect meals, it makes you stop and focus on what we're putting into our bodies.  

I consider my family healthy eaters!  We love to workout and incorporate fitness into as much of our lives as possible, especially to our children!  We limit our processed foods and try to eat high protein/fiber and lower simple/sugar carbs HOWEVER, there's always room for improvement right?  RIGHT!!!  And that's why one of our huge goals for the new year is to EAT CLEAN!!!  Maybe not perfectly, but we're going to aim high!  
Thanks to my fellow health bloggers, we will never run out of recipe ideas and motivation so if you're looking for that extra push, I suggest looking there!  

Also, I suggest motivating your friends in 2013!  At the race we did on New Years Day, we saw sooo many people putting themselves out there.  They were afraid, intimidated and had never run a 5K in their life.  They were scared and felt vulnerable but they pushed through.  They had family or friends behind them and they were determined to make this year different.  No more excuses.  No more saying they don't have time or that getting healthy was too hard.  They were doing it.  They crossed that finish line with smiles on their faces and that was a really cool thing for my husband and I to witness.  Very cool.  I know I'm going to bug the heck outta my friends and family this year to GET MOVING!  I will do my best and I hope you will spread the word of healthy living with your family and friends too :)  That is my hope for all of us this coming find just one person that wants to change their life and start living healthy! (hopefully more than one!)


jillconyers said...

Rarely is there a day that I don't have a green smoothie! Enjoy the challenge! Mason jars are my favorite smoothie glasses :)

Courtney said...

I have never tried a green smoothie, maybe one day I will. I love to hear that you want to spread the word of getting fit. I feel the same way. I also love to see people run their first 5K because it brings back all the memories of mine!I can't wait to follow your journey!!

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