Tuesday, January 8, 2013

make it a habit!

On day 7 of the Simple Green Smoothie challenge and we're going strong!  Paired with this challenge, we have set a goal to eat very clean, or very healthy.  Now, there's a difference between healthy eating and HEALTHY eating.
Allow me to explain,
I am a healthy eater trying to become a clean eater!  Ha, have I confused you yet?  Basically I feed my family healthy foods, meats, fruits and vegetables and whole grain carbs...did ya catch it?  CARBS!  Now not all carbs are bad and if you have good will power, you can manage this healthy eating style and be perfectly healthy and lean!  For me, it's too difficult to stop at 10 baked, whole wheat crackers so while eating healthy, I was consuming too much of the whole grain/wheat carbohydrates.  too much of a good thing, can be a bad thing too.  Unfortunately.  Like when I was unhealthy, 15 potato chips was a serving, but I'd reach my hand in the bag, once, twice...uh, how many times was that because the bag is empty??!  Uh oh!  Same went for me with whole wheat crackers, sandwich bread etc. So for me it MUST be extremely structured.  Now keep in mind this many not be everyone's way, but it's our way and what works for myself and my husband to stay our healthiest and on track.

For 2013, we have started on a clean slate.  No more EXCUSES on prepping either...hopefully ya'll can offer suggestions on this one because I wanna be prepared so we don't get off track EVER.
Back in 2001, I lived alone in an apartment. I shopped by myself for groceries and it was me, my smoothie stuff, water bottles, milk, eggs, turkey, cheese, fish and my George Foreman!  My day consisted of college classes, gym workouts and teaching aerobics for 2 hours each day!  Whew, what a tough life huh?  I'm not making an excuse but it is hard once you add a husband, two active boys, a house full of foods etc.  While I keep our house free of JUNK FOOD, SOFT DRINKS, I have a weakness to all carbs, good and bad!  Goldfish, crackers, you name it-I'm munch on it!  So although my intentions were good, I'd pack the boys lunches and grab a few crackers for myself...and a few would lead to about 30!  Yikes!  There's that cycle coming back to haunt me!  So we've put on the brakes in this house...if we go back to six, small meals that are filling and they are there for me at all times, it's harder for me to get off course!  Not impossible, but harder.  But let's face it, temptation is EVERYWHERE!!!  EVERYWHERE!  And we all know it.  It's how we deal with it that sets us apart.

Now I will say after only 7 days of this, including our green smoothies for one of the 6 small, high protein veggie meals I FEEL LIKE I DID WHEN I FIRST LOST THE WEIGHT.  I'm not tired, not bloated, I can workout for HOURS without becoming tired.  It's CRAZY!! And you know I wouldn't lie.

I challenge you to think about the triggers in your life and what's holding you back from your healthiest life?


Hollie said...

Diet soda seemed to be mine. I haven't had one in a while and I feel so much better. I also feel like my cravings for all the junk is much more manageable lately.

I know what you mean about the crackers/chips. Even though I buy the healthier version it's still about my portions. I just quit buying them too.

Bridie Sellers said...

I definitely have to allow balance. If I get too restrictive, I either start getting major anxiety around food OR I just go on a complete binge after a while. What works for me has really been using My Fitness Pal. I weigh all those snack foods that are easy to over indulge on, weigh out a single portion (or however many calories of it I am allowing myself to have) and then put the bag away. I do find that I need a fair amount of carbs, if my macro ratio of carbs is less than about 60% for too long, I get really bad headaches, and get sluggish and tired and have no energy to work out. Isn't it strange our individual chemistry and how we metabolize things??

Ramie Babcock said...

Spot on with our house. We don't have pop or junk, but the occasional brownies or cookies. But I buy goldfish and cheese-itz and pb and j sandwiches....and I graze. It all ends now! I've been logging in MyFitnessPal and it helps a TON! Good to know I'm not the only one! You bringing your smoothie to chapel?? Ha! See ya in the morning!

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