Sunday, January 6, 2013

Going STRONG and a great premiere!

Well BL season 14 premiere? It was awesome! Right? I love the childhood obesity reminders throughout and the three kids are so neat, very inspiring to all ;-) I know I say it too much but I LOVE THAT SHOW! I find myself following all of the former contestants on Instagram! So many of them making a difference
In so many ways!! Awesome!

As for hubby and I on Day 5 of the challenge by, we are on a roll! We leave for our Disney cruise in two, short weeks so we're trying to figure out how we're going to blend while on the ship?? Suggestions?

What do you do while on vacation to stay motivated and accountable?
I used to make smoothies a huge part of my life in the beginning and middle of my weight loss journey, but life gets busy(EXCUSE!) and I allowed myself to slack off, but good news is that I know healthy, clean eating and a diet rich in fruits and veggies is what WORKS! It's the key to healthy living and I'm on board more than ever to show that the tools I have(degree, experience and passion) to help me, help others in 2013! Woohoo and what a feeling! A great Bob Harper ultimate cardio is what worked us out tonight and it was awesome! Felt the burn!

What's working for you?

Day 5 smoothie(best one yet), my own creation:
2c fresh spinach
Mix then add,
8 grapes, I scoop protein vanilla, 1/4 c blueberries, splash oj and enjoy! Mmm!! My new favorite ;-)
Amazing how great you feel after only a few days! CRAZY GOOD! Gotta stay on track and having my husband on board too helps more than you know! Gotta find that support!

We are looking for a great spring race to sign up for? Suggestions?

And while I'm asking all of my wonderful readers, I need some food prepping skills?! I'd love some advice on this one, I know it will make eating clean MUCH easier!


christina said...

i will be following thecomments for prepping tips... gosh knows i need them! I just got a juicer and want to make a green veggie drink daily but the clean up everyday has stopped me

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Such a pretty green smoothie!
I am excited to watch this season of the BL and see how those kids do. Child obesity is so sad to me.

fancy nancy said...

Oh my word!!! I love BL!!! Those kids were so adorable and so strong! I can't help but cry when I hear everyone's stories! There is so much pain there! I do all my food prep on Sunday. I cook and portion out all my lunches so I can just grab them and throw them in my lunch box. I also take my things and portion them out. Like if I have a jar of almonds, I will portion the whole thing out into baggies again so I can just grab and go. I try to cook a big package of chicken and at least 2 packages of ground turkey to use in quick meals. I also chop any veggies that I am going to use for dinners for the week. This way I can cook dinner much faster. I have found that food prep really just has to do with finding a system that works for you and planning your whole week ahead.

Anonymous said...

I loved the show last night and the kids are too cute! I love them! It is so inspiring, that's for sure! Have fun on your cruise! Can you bring food with you? If so, bring some protein bars, almonds,rice cakes, things like that so you have a couple of healthy choices.

Hollie said...

I loved the premiere especially the kids! I love this smoothie. It's what I had tonight.

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