Friday, September 30, 2011

Everyday Health TV show...I'm watching, are you?

This TV show was brought to my attention the other day! How had I not heard of this before? It is so great to know that shows like this are taking place and helping keep people informed about staying healthy and fit! They are also providing the resources to help improve the viewers' quality of life. How incredible is that?

Here's a little about the show:

About Everyday Health TV
Hosted by a trio of health ambassadors--Laila Ali, a world-class, elite athlete; Ethan Zohn, a former professional soccer player and humanitarian; and Jenna Morasca, champion of Survivor: The Amazon--Everyday Health profiles people who are either facing a health crisis or are close to someone facing a life-altering health event, and they are not wasting time helping others in a similar situation. Everyday Health helps these people take their dream of helping others become a reality. Each program addresses a medical condition, sometimes includes a celebrity guest, and always provides a surprise reveal for the person profiled. provides additional content and supporting materials for each episode. The show is brought to you by the leading online health site, Everyday Health, and premiered as part of Litton’s Weekend Adventure, on Saturday, September 3, 2011.

I plan on tuning in this week to see what it's all about! This upcoming episode sounds amazing and what an incredible girl who is helping her community live healthier lives! I can't think of anything better than that...

WHO: Ellie Krieger, a New York Times bestselling author and host of the Food Network’s “Healthy Appetite” on Cooking Channel and Everyday Health’s Diet & Nutrition Expert
Known for her expertise in healthy cooking, Ellie surprises a community in need and cooks a nutritious meal for a from foods harvested at the local Katie’s Krops community garden as part of upcoming episode of Everyday Health co-hosted by Ethan Zohn, Jenna Morasca and Laila Ali.
WHAT: In this episode, show co-hosts Ethan and Jenna call upon Ellie Krieger to be the celebrity guest to surprise young philanthropist, Katie Stagliano.

Katie, who in third grade grew a 40 pound cabbage and donated to a local soup kitchen where they used it to feed over 275 people in need. Since, Katie founded Katie’s Krops and her organization’s mission is to provide healthy, well-balanced meals to those less fortunate. The local community kitchen closed and Katie is looking to create a spectacular evening and 5-star meal for those who were once served by the kitchen in Summerville, SC.

Ellie Krieger hears about Katie’s Krops and shows up in Summerville, SC and surprises Katie with a once in a lifetime opportunity. Ellie leads Katie, Ethan and Jenna in a cooking lesson. She then challenges them to recreate the meal from their cooking lesson—tune in to see who won that fast kitchen challenge!

With a cooking lesson under their belt they harvest the vegetables from the local garden, and Ellie leads the three in creating and serving a 5-star, nutritious and delicious meal for those in need within the community of Summerville, SC. By the end of the episode, they’ve accomplished their mission and fed over 100 people.

WHERE: ABC Affiliates nationwide; check local listings or visit

WHEN: Weekend of October 1-2, 2011

I love to see things happening like this. We all must work together to get our nation in better shape, physically and mentally! If we arm them with the resources for success, they are more likely to make changes that will impact their lives and the lives of others around them! Everyday Health TV is something I will keep up with and I will share my experiences with all of you.

Today's Workout: Nice, 3 mile run in the 70 degree temps! Woo! Felt great and we're ready for a great 5K race near NASA this weekend :)
Have a happy, healthy weekend!
Move It Momma


Kjirsten- Balanced Healthy Life said...

I'll have to check this out! I'm so for healthy living tv programs! Not only do I learn a lot, they also help me stay focused and reaffirm my decision of healthy living!

dreambake said...

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