Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm proud, are you?

There are definitely ups and downs will all aspects of life. 
And that especially goes for working out and eating healthy.  

I have times where I really focus on my diet and work out hard and there are other times where we slip up and fall short.  I think that's okay.  Don't you?  But if we let those falling short moments take control, we can end up in a really bad cycle that will never end.  That's the tricky part and it goes back to what I always say about FINDING BALANCE.  I believe that is true for all of us.  

It's what makes us human BUT we have to make sure those "down" times don't get out of control...I have put myself in check, my husband has too and we're doing good and feeling great!  

Now I'm not sure about this silly pose, but hey I WAS PROUD!  Just finished a great 4 mile run in the 80+ degree & humid temps so can't I make a silly cheerleader pose?! 
I think I deserve it!  Ha!  Wow that is REALLY cheesy!!!

and for those of you stuck in that rut that you can't seem to shake, tell yourself this...

 Make today the day for change!  
Commit to it and the sky is the limit!  
There is nothing you can't do once you make up your mind! The body will follow, I promise!  
Get a support system, find what works for YOU because we are all different when it comes to weight loss and fitness!  
What are your goals and successes for the week?

...and now if that little pep talk wasn't enough to get you motivated, check this out: :-)

Gyms Across the Country Will Open Their Doors to Readers for Free Day of Fitness

Celeb Trainers Jackie Warner, Billy Blanks, Harley Pasternak, Beto Perez & Jim Karas
FITNESS Magazine is launching their first-ever Free-For-All on May 1, teaming up with gyms across the country including Bally Total Fitness, Crunch, Gold’s Gym, Boston Sports Clubs, New York Sports Clubs, Philadelphia Sports Clubs, Washington Sports Clubs, 24 Hour Fitness and select YMCA locations, to celebrate the brand’s 20th Anniversary by offering readers a Free Day of Fitness.

Along with free access to gyms across the country, FITNESS is also hosting five V.I.P. workout events with celebrity trainers Jackie Warner, Harley Pasternak, Billy Blanks, Jim Karas and Beto Perez.  The trainers will be teaching exclusive classes for FITNESS readers who respond to calls to action via Facebook and Twitter.  The events will be held in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami and New York City.  For more details about signing up for events, follow FITNESS on Twitter!/FitnessMagazine and like the brand at
“We’re so excited to be turning 20! To thank our amazing readers for their continued support and commitment to fitness—their own as well as the magazine—over the last two decades, we couldn’t think of a better way than to offer them a free day at the gym and a chance to work out with some of the best trainers in the business,” says FITNESS Editor-in-Chief, Betty Wong.

Visit to find all participating gym locations and to download a free pass to enjoy a day of workouts on FITNESS.


Runner Maybe said...

Great cheerleader pose!

Kathy said...

you should be proud! Love the pose!

hiker mom said...

You look great! Way to get your mileage in!

Elle said...

Hey, you look goooood, Mama!

You should be very proud of your efforts and the way you are being a role model for your kids. You and your DH, both.

Great news about the Fitness day.

Bridie said...

umm...your legs look awesome, way to go momma!

We all slip up. This week I have been majorly stressed, realized I am a stress eater, and have generally been feeling sorry for myself and not getting my butt to the gym in the am. I could have let that set the tone for the whole week, but the last two days I realized I could decide to throw the whole week down the toilet, or I could end it better than it started. That's just what I did, and it's true that you will never regret getting up and doing that workout! I'm no less tired than if I had tossed and turned for another hour in bed, and I feel good about myself to boot.

Samantha said...

You look awesome!! We all have slipups, it's how we recover that really counts!!

Christy MyDirtRoadAnthem said...

Love it! I say yes embrace the pride, I mean we work hard for it, why shouldn't we!
I know there are I to es I stop and think, hey I look good!

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