Monday, April 23, 2012

introducing iTrain and fun with my boy!

iTRAIN combines the experienced queuing of Hollywood personal trainers utilizing the hottest music entertainment in one package. Workouts are delivered directly to your MP3 player!
Each workout has the trainer’s voice providing step by step instructions with music in the background guiding and motivating throughout your workout session. The exercise instructions are available via video and PDF format. The PDF format instructions can be downloaded to your computer and display the positions and directions on how to perform the movements.
How will iTRAIN help me? 
It is an answer to transportable fitness, weight loss, keeps you going longer and stronger, has the best variety, best instruction, best voices, is fun and makes time fly and features the best music to run, climb, dance, cycle, lift and stretch to!
Who is iTRAIN for? 
iTRAIN is for everyone and every level. Each of their trainers gives you step by step guidance, technique, and safety tips to get you through your workout. All workouts are created for all levels.
What do I need to get started? 
You need a computer, an internet connection (broadband recommended) and an MP3 player. However, if you don’t own an mp3 player, you can download the workouts to your computer and either play from it directly or burn into a cd and use with a walkman, for those a bit more old-school!

 How does iTRAIN change/update the workouts? 
iTRAIN now has a library of 250+ workouts. From time to time, they will release a new original program or regimen of programs. They also communicate thru their newsletter and eBlasts to let customers know when something is new.
How does the pricing work? 
iTRAIN offers three plans to accommodate their members needs.   
  • The A La Carte plan allows you to purchase any workout whenever you like paying the listed price tag, which usually ranges from $0.99 USD to $99.99 USD. 
  • The Monthly Motivator plan (, is a subscription plan and you will be charged $15.99 USD every month and gives you 3 credits a month to be used towards a download of any workout under any price tag. Credits are valid for 365 days. The first 3 months are charged up front together at the discounted price of $44.99 and the fourth month is offered for free. The recurring billing will kick in the fifth month but you can always cancel before with our 30-day notice policy.
  • The Unlimited Resolutions Package ( is a yearly plan and gives you great savings. The cost is $179.99 a year and gives you unlimited downloads for 12 months (1 credit = 1 program or workout so basically $0.72 USD if you download the whole iTrain library of 250+ workouts)... Less than a single song on iTunes!! Credits are valid for 365 days. Albums are free with this plan. ATRM DVDs and Gift Certificates are not part of this plan.

And because iTrain seems like such a great way to change up your fitness goals and workouts, they'd like to offer a $50 giftcard to one of my lucky readers!!!  
 How does that sound?  And they'll ship the gift card directly to YOU!!
 With workouts ranging from $1 - $29.99, that's a lot of workouts with your free gift card!  
Mandatory Entry:  
You must be a follower of my blog and then Tell me what type of workout you'd try with iTrain? 
Extra Entries (+1 each)- 
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Good luck!  I'll choose a random winner on Monday, April 30th!

And now I'll share with my oldest son and I do after my workouts these days!  We grab my phone, lay down and I call out the expression and we make the funny faces, snapping pics like crazy and laughing hysterically!  Yes, I'm a total dorky Mom and think it's hilarious!  
and judging from his expressions and giggles, I guess he thinks it's pretty fun too!  

Today's Workout: Yesterday was an evening run, followed by a 40 min. boot camp video and 10 min abs class in my living room, led by ME!  Ha!  
Today is a 30 min run, Jillian's 6 week 6 pack and some stretching because I'm actually a bit sore from yesterday's core work!  Sore is a good thing, right?  Tell me that as I grunt while getting out of bed!  

As for our Paleo-istic (meaning we're doing a lot of the Paleo way with some of our own mix thrown in there) way of's going fabulous!  We've actually never felt better.  We do eat cheese with some meals, because let's face it-we love cheese in this house!  I've said it before, but honestly clean eating feels so good!  

We've both lost 4lbs and funny that it seems we keep gaining and losing those same 4lbs, we're hopefully going to break through and lose MORE this time!!  Ha!

We stocked up on local fruits and veggies and although I usually shop at the big grocery stores, local is SO much better!  Don't you agree?  The fruits taste much better and sweeter, the veggies are so fresh and delicious...and tonight I'm trying out Bridie @ Healthy Living suggestion to make Zucchini Chips using canola spray and a little seasoning, bake and enjoy!  Sounds pretty good, right?  I'll let ya know how it turns out!

Would you love to win the $50 iTrain gift card?

Do you enjoy locally grown fruits and veggies or are you fine with the large, grocery store chains?


Lydia Criss Mays said...

Perhaps I need a bit of i train myself. I mean, I need to be trained. This post was so helpful in orienting the wonderful components of iTrain. I'm going to look into it now. wonderful resource!

Happy seeing beautiful!

Samantha said...

I will def need an I train after baby!!

I love going to farmers'a markets during summer but usually use big chains for winter produce. Those zucchini chips sound awesome! Let us know how they turn out!!

jillconyers said...

I'd love to win the GC to try iTrain. Sounds like a perfect way to add variety to my workouts.

We join a Community Supported Agriculture every year that gives us a weekly pickup of locally grow produce. It's the next best thing to growing it myself. Locally grown is so much better than the grocery store.

hiker mom said...

I follow you! I would use itrain to help strengthen my upper body. As a runner, my upper body is undertrained:)

Bridie said...

I follow you - I would love to try the spin workouts to do on my own.

Anonymous said...

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