Friday, April 13, 2012


If we allow ourselves to make excuses, we'll come up with a million of them, won't we?

I have found what works for me.  I tell myself, NO MATTER WHAT I will exercise!  Nothing will get in my way!  Nothing.  But as I'm working out, what keeps me going are the beautiful things in my life.  
My husband, my boys, my family and friends!  What better way to help me focus on my workout!  I'm telling you, it helps me get down to business and GET IT DONE!
What about you? 
what helps you focus on your workout and leave no room for excuses?  

We have a friend that is battling a brain aneurysm and the power of prayer has been amazing for her and their family and friends.  She seems to be defying the odds and is a strong woman ready to see her children again, hopefully soon.  She is pushing through everything that is thrown at her, so to me, that's one strong fighter who is making no excuses.  She's allowing NOTHING to get in her way. ** her story and website dedicated to her recovery can be found HERE **

And I can't help but think how short life truly is, we MUST make the best of the time that we have.  I want to live it as a healthy woman.  A woman that is working on raising a healthy, happy family!  The impact you have on your children is HUGE, keep that in mind always.  
The impact we are making on our children amazes me.  My youngest son, the pickiest eater asked for broccoli the other night with his dinner.  He continued by saying, "broccoli is good for my heart muscle, right?" and after I said YES, he ate all that was on his plate!  seriously?  It's those little thing like seeing his mom, dad and brother eating healthy veggies, that made an impact and he decided on his own that he wanted some too!  Ah, wonderful.  I'm so easily pleased!

Your time is now.  Make NO excuses.  If you want to change, let nothing stop you.  

How do you lead a life with NO excuses?


hiker mom said...

I love this! Thanks for the positivity this morning. I needed it:)

Laura Boll said...

Great post, Marissa! Like you, I've found that I have to make working out a top priority, even if it means a slightly messier house or less sleep or whatever. Love what a great example you are to your boys!

Bridie said...

Great post! I think as women, we find it hard to make ourselves a priority. Once I decided that I am more important than all those little tasks, it was pretty easy to make time for me. And I am selfish about it. My husband knows that when I say "I need to run xx miles today" or "I need an hour and a half to hit the gym", that I NEED to do it.

And really, the other stuff will get done. Your kids won't go to school naked, and you won't eat dinner off the floor. The other stuff all gets done around the edges because it has to. I find that I'm just a lot more efficient these days - like I'm usually eating meals standing up, unloading the dishwasher at the same time.

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