Thursday, July 22, 2010

something to try!

Jacob doing some lunges, along with Mommy and Daddy!
I have two boys and NO GYM MEMBERSHIP!
So, I have to be creative with my workouts. Lately, I have been trying to get my three year old involved...he'll try some push-ups here and there, practice his squats - it's precious! Also, I try to spend 30 minutes indoors, and then take the boys in the jogging stroller for another 30! It's a great way to get us all outdoors in the evening, and a great way to include them in my workouts! I want them to understand the importance of exercise, so why not have them join in?!
It's fun, so give it a try sometime!
Happy Thursday :)

1 comment:

ParaJunkee said...

What kind of jogging stroller are you using? I'm thinking about purchasing one...but I was going for the big daddy one that you can pull behind the bike also.

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