Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Younger (Sexier) You" review!

Well, this is a healthy living blog dedicated to helping us find total wellness and part of that is...well, SEX! Yep, I said it! I was asked to review Eric Braverman M.D. latest book and I must say, it was great! This book is one of those you begin and can't seem to put down! He writes the book in a way that's easily understood and helps us understand our body! Not only is exercise and healthy eating important in our lives as we get older, so are other things and if we don't dedicate time to ourselves completely, our health suffers. Thank you Dr. Braverman for writing this book and allowing women to feel sexy once again :) I can't say that I feel sexier after reading it, but I'm working on it. I've had MAJOR self-esteem issues since before my weight-loss journey and success, so like anything else, I take it one step at a time!
Top 5 Tips From Dr. Braverman’s YOUNGER (SEXIER) YOU:
Dr. Braverman is a professor of integrative medicine in neurological surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College and the best-selling author of Younger You and the Younger (thinner) You Diet.

1. Good sex and good health reinforce each other. Sex keeps us younger because it decreases stress, enhances intimacy and helps form personal relationships.
2. Great sex starts with your brain, but sometimes it needs to be cleared and rebooted. There are two ways to reboot your brain – by turning it on, (exercising) or by turning it off (relaxing).
3. Asparagus, Bananas, Cabbage, Celery, Figs, and Oysters are some of the best foods that can be prescribed to give a person a sexual boost!
4. Women treating menopause can go from wanting to have sex once a month to looking forward to having sex three times a week or more!
5. In most cases, declining hormone levels are not permanent. You can reverse hormone related aging and turn your sex life back on, creating a younger you, full of vigorous health and a rejuvenated sex life.
I'm sure you've all heard of his New York Time's Best Seller, YOUNGER THINNER YOU DIET. I know that's the one I'll be reading next! I'm curious to see what that book is all about!!
disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% mine and no other compensation was received.

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Hayley said...

oh lord! let's have this talk over dinner in front of the guys!!! ha ha ha!!! let me read that book...i need some rejuvenation!!!

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