Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Paying It Forward!

What good is a passion if you are unable to share it?
What good is overcoming obstacles if you can't learn from them and help others not make those same mistakes and poor choices?

Once I made the decision to change my college major, I had lost a bit o weight with minimal effort and I loved learning about it so I thought, why not try something different? 
I remember sitting in my college courses soaking up all there was to know about health, the body, the mind and movement.  I LOVED IT! 
I could write papers and ace a test on nutrition but wouldn't follow my own advice.  I could exercise for HOURS yet throw it all away on one, bad meal.  And sure, I had lost weight at that point on my journey but I wasn't healthy...nowhere near it!!!  

So I first had to learn that I was worth taking even better care of myself.  
Then I had to learn to STOP making excuses for why I knew this information but didn't apply it to my own life.  
Next, I had to make up my mind once and for all and DO IT...

so I did. 

And I still do it every day.  It's a choice.  

I wake up every day with that same determination and focus. 

And on the days where nothing is going my way and I'm ready to give up?
I think about how far I've come, how lousy I felt at the bottom and 
how great I feel each day that I rise to the top!   

My journey is forever changing and evolving with new goals and things that I want for myself...but what good was this journey if I couldn't share it to help and inspire others??!  

These women count on me...
What they may not know is that I count on them just as much.  
Sure I have days where I don't want to exercise or eat healthy...my gosh, who wouldn't?
BUT their energy, their determination and their fight keeps me coming back for more within myself and each of them!  

But wait, what about the children?

I love working with the Mommas but our children cannot be left behind to figure it out alone.  We must encourage and push our children to WANT to be healthy!  Healthy is the MAIN goal for children and if they see YOU pushing your health aside, chances are they'll do the same.  
Do you want that for them??  
But on the other side of that, if they see you STRONG and making an effort, they'll be your biggest fan and be right by your side, learning and growing into a healthy adult like their Momma! And what a feeling!!  

I'm the coach of a running club at my boys' school.  Oh how they LOVE this club.  

I'm inspired by these kids...
They showed up ready and EAGER to exercise!  Crazy isn't it?  
They are PROUD of what they do on that track and they should be.  

MY journey is so much bigger than me these days and I LOVE THAT!
What good is a dream if we don't go out and make a difference.  My challenges with my health growing up led me to helping people...all people, young and old! It is my main focus to help ALL people find joy in taking care of their bodies, joy in proper nutrition, and joy in living life to the fullest because you can!  And we all appreciate it MUCH more when we have to work for it.  If it came easy, then we wouldn't respect the journey and the journey is what changes the paths of our lives...pretty cool, isn't it?  

If you meet people that knew me growing up, their jaws would probably drop WIDE OPEN if you told them that I was in charge of a local workout group, a healthy living blog, a former PE and health teacher, a fitness/health Ambassador for the state of TX and a school Running Club/Fun and Fit program!!!  Yea, just mention ANY of those and they'd fall on the floor because I was the FURTHEST thing from athletic, healthy, or fit...FURTHEST!!  

But I trusted the path of my life and my journey...
it has introduced fantastic people into my life. It has inspired my children, my family and friends...and hopefully it is only the beginning!  

I will not rest until our nation is full of fit, strong and healthy women of ALL AGES!!!!  
That is how I'll PAY IT FORWARD!!!!!  

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