Monday, October 5, 2015

a sneak peak into my eats!

Many wonder how a girl who was overweight and was an emotional eater as I was has learned to balance her life and remain focused through good days and bad?  

I post MANY of my daily eats on Instagram: @moveitmarissa 
and my Facebook page: 
and this is not only to help all of you with meal ideas but it is there to hold ME accountable!  
YES, I still struggle and have days where I am not feeling the "healthy living" lifestyle...Shocking right?  You probably think I have it all figured out but I am human and struggle like every one else so accountability and setting goals OFTEN is what keeps me on track.  
Wanting to change is great but if you don't believe that you can change, then the "want" is a big waste of time.  You can't depend on someone else to carry you to that finish line, to the next and so on.  Sure it's necessary to have support and guidance but dependence is an entirely different thing.  
People could have told me until they were blue in the face that I was unhealthy.  Loved ones could have told me they loved me, that I was overweight and that I needed help.  I could have been called "fat" or "the big girl" a million times but all of this only left only surface damage.  I KNEW all of these things, I mean I wasn't blind.  I used food to cope, which caused me to gain weight so I'd get heavier and use food to cope even more...see the cycle? 

SO while I wanted change in a big way, I didn't believe that I could change so I stayed stuck and that held me back from living life.  FEAR held me back, lack of confidence and doubt held me back...I let THAT win.  I let those feelings take over my life until I was just numb to everything else.  Something even more upsetting?  I'm now in a place to help others NOT make my mistakes yet I see it happen so often and there's absolutely NOTHING I can do about it.  
So they "want to be healthy"
Great, but do they believe that they can be healthy?  
Even when I believe in them, it's not enough to carry them through those tough days...
This explains why I'd start a "diet", do so well and hang in there for quite a bit.  I'd see big improvements but ONE, itty bitty setback and I was finished...threw in the towel and it was the nearest drive thru I could find!  Grrrr!  
But why you ask?
Well the second doubt would roll in or I became fearful or doubted what I was doing, I'd give up.  I'd give in because I didn't believe in myself AT ALL.
If I did believe, then those tough situations would come and go but I would not let those moments define or defeat me because I deserved this and believed I could do it!  THAT'S WHAT FINALLY CLICKED and I wish I could cook up some magic potion and sell it nationwide but know that the "want" only carries you so far...the "belief" is what carries you through life's mountains and valleys...the good times and bad!  It's the ONLY way to find long-term success with your health, I promise!  I've tried everything else...

The key to finding healthy options and not getting bored from repetition is to change things up OFTEN! Be creative and once you find some favorite combos, keep creating healthy alternatives to your all-time favorite junk foods...YES, it's possible!!! 
My Move It Mommas just finished up a 7 day challenge where they were given a meal plan created by me and were asked to follow it as well as increase water intake and have no other drink options other than lowfat milk/Almond milk.  THEY DID IT!  
Most lost a minimum of 3lbs with some losing as much as 6lbs!  Wow!!  I was blown away and so inspired by their dedication to this process.  
The key was reducing the amount of processed junk, increasing water intake and limiting sugars as the day wrapped up.  They ate 5 meals, all balanced and portions were single servings only-as it should be!  
The bombshell that I dropped on them today as the challenge wrapped up?
THIS is how we should be eating YEAR ROUND!  Many took this challenge as a jumping off point and now there's no stopping them!  They didn't even hesitate when I asked if they were in for another 7 days!  They went grocery shopping and are ready to conquer new goals!  Why is this so successful?  I believe that giving them short-term goals to reach each week helps them get through each day, even each hour of the week! 

THE BEST feedback I received from them?  THE BLOATING AND FATIGUE WAS GONE!
Yes.  It's the part that feels so great when going from eating so poorly to eating so healthy...the bloating and tired feeling goes away almost immediately.  So how about that for proof that diet plays a HUGE factor with your health and quality of life!!  

My results: I lost 3.5 pounds!  Wooohoooooo!  

I want to share some options I shared with them this past week but there are plenty more on The Move It Momma Facebook page :)  

PLEASE feel free to comment with questions or concerns, meal ideas or questions regarding our 7 day challenge, I am HERE TO HELP!!!  
"Like" my Facebook page and message me there as well!  I LOVE helping, so please never feel like it's a burden!  

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Iloinen Iini said...

Hi! What an inspiring post! I noticed earlier that you were doing a challenge, but could not find the instructions. Did you have them posted somewhere?
I understand what you mean by having something click. My problem has been that there are times when everything makes sense and being healthy is "easy", but then something happens and once again I find myself stuck in my old ways. How could I stop this vicious cycle and the self sabotage that goes with it? If I "do good" for a while and see progress, the next thing I know is I hindering the whole process again and find myself were I started.

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