Sunday, February 2, 2014


I think we get to a place where we're fed up...
Fed up with the life we've lived and are ready for change.
Sure we think about change and the "oh yea, I'll make healthier choices tomorrow" 
BUT what's wrong with today?
My weight and food held me back from so many things in life.
I was afraid of change because it was the only life I knew.  

The more I speak with women and listen to their struggles with their health, weight and image 
I find that we're all similar in many ways.  
Our battles may be different but I do know that we need help taking that leap...we want to know that someone else has struggled and fought back.
We want to know that things are better when we put our health as a priority, that things are better when exercise and nutrition are balanced! 
And once we know these things it makes that change a bit easier to handle.  
A bit easier to fight for!

Take back your life today!
As I look back on my life, I can only hope that my experiences were all to help other women know that although the journey can be scary and tough, it is ALL WORTH IT!

I love that quote at the top, means so much to me because often times as I was losing weight and gaining my life back, I felt alone.  Sure I had support but change can also be lonely.  You can feel singled out for taking the time to focus on your health and that feeling can be scary.  It will make you feel like quitting but don't.  Find supportive people that will help, not hurt you on this journey. 

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jillconyers said...

Love the quote image! It's so true. Most of us know what we have to do. We need to just do it!

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