Thursday, February 6, 2014

Strength in YOU!

I cannot stress the importance of believing in yourself! You may think you know your limitations, think you know all that you are capable of achieving but truth is YOU DON'T...
This past year has been a huge reflection for me. I have been able to understand my journey now more than ever. I've learned to reach deeper, push further and not sell myself short...
While I now focus on BALANCE in all aspects of my life, I know that goals are meant to be set and achieved FREQUENTLY! Set one-reach it-celebrate...and then set another. 

Rachael, winner of Biggest Loser this season has been receiving quite a bit of negative feedback for her weight loss but something she said during her triathlon that strikes a cord with me and my personal journey, "I kept telling myself run for your life Rachael"
Every workout, every healthy food consumed for me symbolizes 
It's my fuel.
It's what pushes me. PROGRESS IS PROGRESS no matter how large or small. It all counts. It all holds significance on our journey. Let those little moments shine too!
For me "Running for my life means":
I stopped allowing fast food to control me and my emotions.
I lost over 90lbs.
I quit smoking.
I started running.
I took my life back.
I have completed four half marathons, 3 10k's and countless 5K's.
I earned my degree so that I can help others achieve their health and fitness goals.
I started Move It Momma's to create a positive, encouraging atmosphere for ALL women, all shapes, sizes and fitness levels! 
Married the man of my dreams, helped him conquer his health and fitness goals.
We raise our beautiful boys with a strong emphasis on having FUN, being active, taking care of our body and eating healthy.
...can't wait for my journey to continue. Always reaching and conquering new goals and fears! 
Are you "running for your life"? 

 These women fight back EVERY DAY! 
Amazing, strong, beautiful and fearless women...who are losing weight, inches, gaining a healthier life and inspiring others ;) that's what it's all about! 

1 slice sprouted bread, toasted
Fresh berries
Egg fluffed in microwave! 
-spray dish w coconut oil spray, beat egg and cover with paper towel. Microwave in 15 sec intervals-stirring between until cooked! Fluff with fork and ENJOY! 

Favorite lunch on the go:
PANERA BREAD Fuji apple salad with dressing on the side! 

Make your weekend count! Stop taking two steps forward and three steps back...

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Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I love the picture with all the women planking and the little girl. Awesome! :)

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