Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"If only"

Each of us deal with our own challenges each day.  To say that we can totally relate to what each of us are going through is a myth.  Can we relate?  Sure.  Can we support one another?  Yes.  But as we deal with our emotional connections to health or physical appearance, it surprises me that no matter what our struggles, we tend to deal in similar ways.  We sometimes use self-doubt? Or am I alone?  

We bring up the "If only's" and things come crumbling down around us...self-doubt, fear, defeat and the list goes on and on...

An average-looking woman, fairly fit by appearance can seem to be everything that we want.  We admire her, but we do not know the battles that she fights each day.  She may have a list a mile long of insecurities but is hiding...
The overweight child.  We judge her, do we not?  We wonder how a child can be overweight ALREADY? Here's where I fell for many years.  Always larger, stood out among my peers but why?  I should be burning calories as a growing, young woman...why was I packing on the pounds so early in life?  Do we judge the parents?  It must be their fault for having these foods around?  BUT do we know what that family or child is dealing with?  No. 

We must take a step back and realize that self-doubt is on you and me.  It is not our place to judge another person's struggles.  Or to act as though we understand exactly what they are going through.  NOTHING HURT more than the person that said, "just stop eating it." "Do you really need seconds?" "You always complain about being heavy, but do nothing about it."...REALLY???!  As if I didn't know.  
My mom was a fantastic mother, did everything for me.  Unfortunately I put my emotions into food.  Food was there for me to provide comfort in a less than perfect world.  It helped me "cope" with my father leaving at a young age where it's crucial for a Daddy to be in a daughter's life.  I gave food far more credit than it deserved...FOR YEARS.  I still do.  I saw my mom doing everything she could to make our lives better and when I couldn't help her stay strong, I ate.  Again, giving FOOD far more credit than it needs.  Food is Food.  For so long I allowed it to be my friend, my crutch, my support system, my "therapy" and it does not deserve that...EVER.  

The self doubt that some of us face can lead to self sabotage.  
I doubted myself for years...I still have times where I wonder if the hard work, dedication and effort is all worth it?  
I wouldn't trade the strength I find within each day, for anything in this world!
I feel powerful and strong.
I have weaknesses, sure we all do.  
But I have learned to fight through them with a positive outcome, instead of my old ways of reverting back to self-doubt, fear and defeat.  
I no longer fear failure because it is no longer an option!

Stop doubting yourself before giving yourself a chance.  And please stop judging people by appearance.  It is much healthier to support and encourage one another than to try and "fix" what's wrong.  Many times we just want someone to listen. To relate but not always have the answer.  Encourage without giving up on us.

The challenge is in full swing and hope you're joining in wherever you may be.  
I have lost 3lbs and feel leaner and stronger.  It's about continuing to fight, reach and exceed new goals to better our health EVERY day!  My Move It Mommas are making remarkable progress...losing inches, weight and putting on those "skinny jeans" they had almost given up on.  Woohoo!  EACH step is worth celebrating...big or small!  

Egg Salad TACO?  Heck yes!
Single Serving Egg Salad:
2 eggs-hard boiled, peeled and chopped
1 tbs plain Greek yogurt
1 tsp mustard, or a little more!
Stir and enjoy on salad or in a TACO!
My taco was an Ole brand high fiber/low carb tortilla that I popped into the toaster oven Baked at 450 until crispy and brown on the edges, folded it over and filled it with my egg salad, served with the salad below:
Mixed greens, spinach, handful raspberries, purple onion, 1 tbs Feta

Breakfast option:
Egg casserole-eggs, turkey bacon and prepared ahead of time for quick meal ideas
1/2 Ole tortilla and a clementine orange

Lunch idea below:  Same side salad with strawberries, 1/2 cup long grain brown rice, 4oz chicken.  This chicken is amazing, thanks to my friend Stephanie I.  

-5-6 boneless skinless chicken breasts, 1/2 bottle Italian dressing in crockpot on low 6 hours...that's it and when it's finished, it flakes with a fork-tender and juicy!  
GREAT FOR MEAL PREPPING!  Husband and kid-approved :)  

And my Move It Mommas!  My goodness I love these strong, determined ladies.  If I haven't said it enough, which I'm sure I have :)  I LOVE EACH OF THEM.  They make me stronger, healthier and happier every day.  They are a symbol of hope for one another.  They have the NEVER QUIT attitude, they are supportive and encouraging, never judging!  I wish you all could meet them in person, hear their stories of triumph, their struggles and be inspired as I am EACH DAY!  
Love you ladies :)...and many are missing from this particular photo but they know who they are...


hiker mom said...

This is so true Marissa and I admit to thinking some of these things:( We never know what struggles are going on in someone's life. Great reminder!

Daniel Efosa Uyi said...

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I'm hoping to hear from you too and quickly, you've got a great blog here.


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

So true, It is so easy to judge people in just a quick glance. I think the older I get and the more I struggle with things in life the more I learn not to. I have had so many people tell me I am so lucky to have a great metabolism and be skinny. I tell them I WORK for it, I gained weight in college and had to work to get it off and keep it off, struggling a bit with that this winter in fact. All that food looks yummy!

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