Monday, March 3, 2014

Motivation on this CHILLY Monday...

Here in Texas it was high 70's over the weekend and now we're back to 30's with a windchill in the teens...

So to keep our motivation going in these chilly temps, 
sometimes we have to dig deep and focus on what we want to accomplish?
I'm at a place right now where I realize how much work I have put in to get where I am today and I REFUSE to fall back.  I've worked too hard, put in the sweat and tears and I MUST keep pushing forward.
The weekend was tough. 
Full of temptation at Opening Day for baseball surrounded by BBQ, sweets and other eats.  
How did I stay positive?  I stayed prepared.  Packed snacks and grabbed Subway for lunch.  
I packed almonds, PB, rice cakes, an apple, some berries and an orange.  And it worked.  
Kept me on track and focused throughout that busy day.  Then yesterday was two birthday parties, one that was family which always has amazing foods out on display...
BUT must I always skip out on these foods?  Absolutely not!!  
It's another example of BALANCE.  
I chose to stay focused this weekend because it's almost Spring Break and I know I'll be enjoying some not-so-perfect foods while camping so I made the choice to skip out over the weekend.  

Just a little reminder that WE ARE IN CONTROL.  YOU ARE IN CONTROL.  
The food doesn't win.  It's only food and should not and will not be given more credit than that.  
That food is only food.  And just because we are celebrating a birthday, milestone, accomplishment, baseball season...whatever, it does not mean we must fall into our old ways, selling ourselves short and feeling as though we have failed.  
We pick ourselves up and keep pushing.  

Frozen Banana Crackers-
Ritz crackers
banana slices
Peanut Butter
Place PB on cracker, top with banana.  
Pop in freezer covered in wax paper for about 2 hours.  

Salt-free marinated crockpot chicken-
Mrs. Dash marinade was a HIT!
3lbs boneless skinless chicken breasts
3/4 container of Mrs Dash marinade, we used Garlic Herb.
Set to low 8 hours until cooked.
It will fall apart and SO tender and juicy!
We serve this on salad, in a wrap, or shredded with a little onion and plain Greek yogurt.  
DELICIOUS :) our weekly go-to protein source!

And look what I found??!
Haven't tried these yet but I'm sure these would taste great making my Greek ranch.  Use large container plain Greek yogurt and one packet of these, mix and enjoy for veggie dipping!  This is GREAT for parties...your guests will NEVER know it's not sour cream ;)  shhhhhh!

The variations on a bowl of oatmeal are endless and that's what I love about them!
This one is 1/2 cup oats, handful raspberries and 1/2 banana sliced and then sprinkled with cinnamon!  Yum!  Filling and tastes great.

Here's an example of that crockpot chicken turned into a variation of chicken salad.  To 5oz chicken shredded, I added a little chopped purple onion, garlic and 1 tbs plain Greek yogurt.  Served on a tortilla with a bed of spinach.  Sliced apples and raspberries on the side.  
A major key to success is variety!  Keep changing things up until they are just the way you like them...there's a whole world of healthy eats just waiting to be discovered!  Trust me!

This man is my life.  The day I met him, my life was forever changed.  He's my other half, my best friend and I can't imagine life without him.  He holds our family together and is the best Dad in the world.  He puts US first in his life always and that means the world to me.  
One day back in 2009, he went in for routine testing at his work.  His blood pressure was high.  So high that they were unable to finish the test, he was sent home and asked to return the following day.  He was terrified.  Realized that the little extra weight we carried in high school was getting out of control.  But how do you flip the switch? He was eating fast food on his way to work, drinking Dr. Pepper like it was water and getting little to no exercise each day.  
He went back to his screening, barely passed his test and came home asking for help.  I had never seen him so concerned and worried.  It was his wake up call.  
He wanted us to both start REALLY paying attention to our bodies.  I had the knowledge and the degree, it was time to practice what I preached once and for all...
Ya see, I had dropped weight and changed my life before I met him.  But as most couples do, we found ourselves comfortable.  Instead of spending 3 hours at the gym as I once did, I wanted to spend more time with him and our boys so gradually some of my weight was creeping back and his weight gain was becoming more drastic as well.  BUT NOT ANYMORE...
With the healthy eating and no more fast food or sodas, he started to drop weight.
Then with his confidence building, he started to walk/run.  Very little at first.  Then his minutes turned into major mileage.  He was gaining speed and strength.  
Before we knew it he went from 305 to 205!  YES, 100lbs LOST!!!  
He has taken his life back.
His life has changed.  He is no longer that person afraid of change.  He takes his health VERY seriously and helps be the example for our boys.  They look up to their dad and are proud that his running has taken on a whole new level.  He qualified two years in a row for Houston half with the time of 1:46.  He amazes me!  We have completed FIVE half marathons together and he waits to give me and hug and a kiss at each finish line :)
His blood pressure is AMAZING these days.  
With the exception of a few pounds here and there, he has kept the weight off for over 3 years!
Does he indulge?  Absolutely.  We both do.  But we focus on BALANCE.  
If we splurge on this meal then we cut back on "that" meal...give and take.  
We removed trigger foods from our home 90% of the time and if it does make its way home, it is removed the following day!  
Because we both struggled with weight throughout our lives, we both value the importance of our health, taking care of ourselves and making sure our children are aware of being healthy and that they understand how to take care of their heart as well.  We strive to keep exercise FUN!  We are active as a family!  We explain that Mommy and Daddy didn't always choose the right foods and didn't always put exercise as a priority, we were unhealthy and now that we are healthy we want to make sure they know the right way to take care of their bodies as well!  
Don't allow fear to control you.  Do not fear change. 
Trust the process and know that YOU deserve to be healthy and happy.  
At our healthiest we can conquer the world, so why not be able to enjoy that right here and now?


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

so so so over the cold!! it is 37 degrees here right now which is 60+ degrees warmer than it was when I got up yesterday! I am excited to get out and run..yay!

kimert said...

You and your hubby have come so far. It really is such a huge inspiration. Way to go, both of you!

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