Friday, March 7, 2014


Is where I am headed.
I know I have mentioned in quite a few posts that people and things in life...those "bumps" in the road try and drag us down.
When we meet challenges like these, we have a few options.
We can stay true to who we are, what we believe and FIGHT.
Or we can let that "bump" take over our entire life.
This week was rough.  From a person that puts others first, in all aspects.  
It hurt to feel attacked by someone that doesn't know me...doesn't know me at all.  
Dirty laundry will not be aired in order for me to move forward BUT I do know that it tested me.
My strength.  My weaknesses.
I allowed the walls to cave in around me over one person and their thoughts.  
Why am I sharing this?  Because it is important to know that in life, people and things will try to drag you down, try to test your strength and it is how we push forward that measures our strength and the kind of person that we are.  
As a parent and former teacher, we put children first.  No matter what.  When someone doesn't have our child's best interest at heart, we get ANGRY.  An anger that sometimes we've never felt because they are our world, our lives...
What I learned is that I cannot be intimidated by fear OF ANYTHING. 
Not only with fear of failing at healthy living, weight loss, Head "Move It Momma" for my women, but for all aspects of life.  
I was tested, felt defeated but NOW I'M BACK!
Whew it feels good to know who I am, what I stand for and that I did what was right in a very drawn out, awful situation.  
And while all of you have NO clue what I am talking about, I know you may be able to relate to life's "bumps" and maybe you will define your strength once again by knowing you came out and did what was right.

My boy!
Running Club and he reached 18 laps!  That's almost FOUR MILES before school!
My pride is with these boys.  Our strength is shown through our children.  We show them how to grow up with awareness of others, knowing they must take care of their bodies through exercise and the foods that we eat.  I never focused on that, so I want the opposite for my children.  I want their lives to be full of opportunity.  Nothing standing in their way.  I hid for so long behind my weight and troubles with food.  While I enjoyed life, I still let that intimidation limit my life in so many ways.  I was tired of that.  BE TIRED OF THE LIMITS...FIGHT BACK AND show your strength!  These boys see my husband and I fighting back each day. They pay attention and they want the same...most of the time!  Ha!  The best we can do is BE THE EXAMPLE.  We want to raise children that know how to be strong and healthy, stand up for what's right and help others do the same.  We must share our gifts!  My struggles mean something.  They always will.  I may not know exactly what people are going through and we should never assume that we do. But the gift to "relate" can be just as important sometimes.  I have to gift to relate to that middle school child afraid to "dress out" in PE, I can relate to those afraid that people will stare as they put on that bathing suit having zero confidence, I can relate to trying to find the strength to fight for your life EVERY day, I can relate to each of you craving a new, healthy life but are afraid of change, afraid to live that new life full of opportunity and feeling good, having energy, being there side by side with our children as they explore the world.  Relating can be powerful and it will help us see things from another point of view. Life is short, full of obstacles & challenges SO always fight for YOU! 
Today I choose to push forward, no matter what "bump" tries to drag me down...and I hope you will too!


fancy nancy said...

Keep your head up!! You are such a sincere and inspiring person! Live your life in a way that brings you joy and don't let anyone steal that! I know it hurts when others lash out...either in jealousy or not understanding. Hang tight!!!

Elle said...

So happy that you pushed through your problem, and kept true to yourself and your principles. Kudos to your son on his progress.

Awesome post. Have a wonderful weekend!

You ARE a shining light.

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